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In drive car will move but only if gas peddle is engaged. Even then car moves as if there's still resistance, as if somethings seized but not enough to hold back the ls400 power.
there is a dial almost like an on off switch located under the drivers side dash of my 1994 Lexus LS44 not sure what it is it is right next to the maintenence plug!!
I was told the solenoid shifter. It takes so long the first time we are ready to leave before it will shift into gear. I run the car, even rev up the engine.. then when it does it jolts out hard.
After having tranny repaired a couple of days later several things turned themselves on after driving about 4 blocks including heater. Stopped and car would not start. Jumped and no problems. After starting several mo...
92 LS 400 - Just started today, at any speed from idle/stopped to highway speeds, car won't accelerate and bogs down unless I floor it. When I do floor it, it jerks like it just suddenly got a blast of fuel and leaps...
Has never over-heated. When engine died smelled gasoline. Coolant was topped off way before. Engine Icon and Trac/off icon on.Today it started but could hear it missing . Slowly it smoothed itself out. Did NOT drive. ...
What's wrong with my car idle to low change plugs do you think i bought the wrong ones
car is still running hot, what could be the problem, there is water in the oil to make me think it's the head gasket
problem is that run mile two mile good after that eingen light come on car loos power dont move when u put gas car make a nose when u put low geer move very slow cat dont go farward and off drive light on off on we ...
1. I have replaced the starter, crank sensor, fuel pump and spark plugs and the car still wont crank what else could be the problem? 2. How many coil packs do I have on this vechical?
The car drives fine but it had become increasingly difficult to parallel park it. We were told it needed to have the power steering pump replaced. We paid $909 for the privilege but there is no difference, in fact, ...
My 1999 Lexus LS400 makes clunking noise under steering colum - main shaft assembly when going over bumps or uneven road at high/low speed. If driving on the paved road then no such noise come out.
Is it safe to clean your engine at the car wash?
When AC is not on it doesnt run hot, why? The engine seems to die down some when AC is on
Will the whining noise stop after the break in period of a new power steering pump?
My brakes shutter when i press on them?
My traction control/ABS light never goes off?
sunroof open but wont close all the way, how do i close it manually.
The lamp is on the side of the car.
Fluid levels are good in the radiator, water pump seems to be working fine, fluids ae being circulated. Dont know where to start from here. Heater core is not leaking.
Low milage always garaged 96 Lexus LS400. When we drive the car for over 1 hour on the freeway at an avg speed of 65mph, then either you slow down for traffic or taking a exit, the motor turns off. No warning, very ...
Excellent condition low mileage, always garaged parents car with all service done at dealer. After driving for an hour or so on freeways at over 65mph, then when traffic backs up and you need to slow to low rate of s...
I need to add power steering fluid the hose is leaking.