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relay.and how hard is it to replace

replace heater fan

Everything was working fine until my battery died. I jump started it and everything was fine again except that the instrument cluster is dead - none of the gauges move at all and there is no light. I checked the computer using a car doctor device diagnostic code and it indicated the car was fine.

now the engine light goes on and the air flow meter runs like poop but when i disconect the mas flow meter it runs a lot better and cuts out once in a while thank you foe your time

now the engine light goes on and the air flow meter runs like poop but when i disconect the mas flow meter it runs a lot better and cuts out once in a while thank you foe your time

/the cable adjustment

like i said everytime i press the brakes light turn on and delay of stopping like a 1sec delay... i knw its the transmission but b4 i take it to the dealer or mechanic i just wanna knw what is the ecxact problem... thanks...

changed the engine and harness what all do we need to check when replacing engine for as electrical

I seems To Come On A Lot earlier Than It Used To

car ck engine light
would not come on durring smog test failed

idle is to high

my speedomter does not work at low speed only when I reach high speed, has there been a recall on thismodel? once it reaches high speed it works fine until I drive it again ususlly a few days later.

It wont move back or forward and now the stering cloum wont work

it seems to be oil from around where the filter is, can a filter leak on cranking like this?

Replaced the alternator,battery,& power steering pump. Warning lights still come on. Will this harm the car's electrical system? Another question- lcd light that displays the temp & clock does not work, but the auto temp does work the ac though. Any suggestions. The local auto parts places do not run the system check below 1995. Thanks for the feed-back.

changed all filters .total tune up don't know what to do next will oxgyen sensor cause this what is oxgyen sensor and where is it located. what could i check next

Instrument panel lights staying on, was wondering if this is caused by the fluid leaking into the alt. I appreciate any feed-back.

change motor

I have multiple lights going out at once, the running lights attached to the trunk lid are no problem, but i'm having a bit of difficulty accessing the brake light under the marker light

i have replaced the passenger side catalytic converter, replaced the injectors,replaced the timing chain and the car still gets glowing after only a short period of time.What is causing this problem?

I can't get the coil to come out

car wont start already replaced fuel filter

Located on ceiling with sun roof control.

When should i replace it?

There is a smell of burnt oil when i park .

Car starts but runs like its out if timming wont idle. Any thoughts on what code 13 is_

Had already replaced Fuel pump, replaced the ECM with a rebuilt/Repair
Tested the battery, and tested all the fuses within the Main Fuse board and the Dash Fuse board, all is well

Could not think of anything else to try.
If any suggestions would greatly appreciate the help
It has power to the car, when I trys to start it up, it will run for a few secs when you Press the gas pedal to accelerate after doing that, and when you let go the gas pedal then the car will immediately stop from running

I am considering buying car from dealer $1995 the driver side window control panel is sketchy what is repair cost?

I have a 1990 ls400 and it 26 inch rims on it i had to go get the car lifted in oakland ca but recently my left rear strut is out of place it made some knocking noise and when i pulled over the strut and sping is not in place like the other side so i really dont know what to do now. i know that the place that lift my car for big rims welding some extra parts to the strut to make the lift high but i hope its a cheap fix.

my air bag light is on and my brights wont work when i turn them on.