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feels like the axel is loose, what are knckles in the rear end
car is all over swerves like rear axel is loose what are the knuckles
When I turn on the A/C the eng rpms go up, and makes the car idle rough.
The remote key housing broke and i'm not able to put the key on a key chain,the key still works, Can i purchase the housing , if yes please provide a vendor.
location of the ecm and heater core and how to repair
Hello my guages is not working properly.
Passenger side brake light shuts off when brake pedal stepped on. Double filament bulb is okay as checked on the driver side light lamp housing.
what is the hood support strut pressure strength for each strut
why my transmission does not shift at night with the lights on?
How often is this repair done(recommend mileage)? What is the manufacturers recommended time to change? An with all the other recommended repair that should be done at the same time as the timing belt what is the tota...
check engine light is on .had it diagnosted I was told the gas cap was causing problem,I changed cap and light is still on.
How do I change the rear taillight bulbs on my Lexus LS 400. The left and right rear . How do I access
its hard for me to put my car into gear and i world likr to know why thank you
i would like to know why my dasboard lights do not work and my reverse light comes on when i press my breaks why does this happen thank you
my 1991 lexus ls400 has a bad gas smell when i driving it and i would like to know what that is thank you
speed diameter stoped working
The cel came on on my lexus, and shows a code 13. I have since replaced the timing belt. It is timed correctly. The cam sensors both check out good on a resistance check. The car runs perfectly, with no symptoms at...
I have a 1993 Lexus LS400. It is only getting around 10 miles per gallon and we smell unburned or raw gas. It also has really bad acceleration. It runs good when it is up to speed but it takes forever getting there...
there is a beepig inside when the key is not in the ignition. all doors and the trunk has been doubled checked.
How much should it cost?
No ploblem, they just said it needed replacing. I'm trying to sell it. replace one torque rod
rough idol to stalling at red lights after driving the car for about 20min in town. i have also just clean the whole system myself and i am wanting to know why this is still a problem. my only guess could be is that i...
adjust parking brake
My tail lights do not work. However my brake lights do. The tail light fuse seems to be OK. Any suggestions?
do u need a spring decompresser to take the sturt n spring off
light stop working, never comes on enymore.all other lites come on when you turnkey on.
Car runs great but can't get light off. Did the mechanic do something wrong?
car vibrate when press gas while its in park
Says: or short circuit 2.poor electrical connection 3.faulty vent solenoid where is this located so I can check it, and how should I determine if it is 1 or 3