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When AC is not on it doesnt run hot, why? The engine seems to die down some when AC is on

Will the whining noise stop after the break in period of a new power steering pump?

My brakes shutter when i press on them?

When i step on the brakes they flutter, why?

My traction control/ABS light never goes off?

We put in front and rear struts conversion kit system.
It says to go to the air suspension ECU to cut a wire to
disarm the suspension light. It is suppose to be behind
the glove box. We have taken some screws out, but it won't
come out.

sunroof open but wont close all the way, how do i close it manually.

The lamp is on the side of the car.

Fluid levels are good in the radiator, water pump seems to be working fine, fluids ae being circulated. Dont know where to start from here. Heater core is not leaking.

i need to know how to set the timing marks

Low milage always garaged 96 Lexus LS400. When we drive the car for over 1 hour on the freeway at an avg speed of 65mph, then either you slow down for traffic or taking a exit, the motor turns off. No warning, very dangerous as the power steering and brakes obviously don't work easily. It's been to the Lexus Dealer shop twice, once for two weeks and they could not find anything wrong?

Excellent condition low mileage, always garaged parents car with all service done at dealer. After driving for an hour or so on freeways at over 65mph, then when traffic backs up and you need to slow to low rate of speed, car turns itself off. Also same situation when exiting freeway offramp, car unexpectly stalls to stop. Looses all power steering and braking even though car is still coasting, very dangerous for our new 18 year old driver to experience!

I need to add power steering fluid the hose is leaking.

I also would like to know if the oil temperature light is on does that mean Im losing oil or I may have a problem with the oil pump or oil line. I aslo like to know what I must do to fix the problem need repair work done to fix

Car starts normally. No colored smoke from exhaust.

I have been driving my LS 400 for about 11 trouble free yrs. 8-10,000 miles ago it began shifting late when cold. The dealer said the transmission filter needed to be changed so I had that done. No change in the shifting. Could this be a computer problem?

I feel a sudden shock (jump) when I shift from N to D
This problem happens only when the car is stopped and I shift from N to D
This is not happening every time, sometimes the shifting from N to D is smooth
Otherwise. the transmission is shifting very smoothly between all gears at all times
Thanks for your help

and my 1999 Lexus LS 400

It starts when turned on. tarter recently replaced

How much will it cost me? It says either not properly installed or needs replacement. Who can I trust for this?
Is 2nd hand/pulled out parts will do?

All of the other parts of the cluster is working fine except the fuel level gauge.

cheaper to fix the switch or get a trunk key made

Wheels stop turning when braking. Suspension keeps going. Repair shop says Bushings.


It's going through a lot of power steering, but it's not leaking on the ground and I can't find the leak.

So much smoke comes out of the exhaust, that when I leave the area it looks like there was a fire in the area. It happens when I start the car or when I accelerate.

as the new caretaker of a pristine 1990 lexus LS400 I somehow managed to turn the door key in such a way that three doors lock/unlock but the drivers door does not open...not even from the inside...I spayed some wd-40 in the lock but no I called a locksmith who had some tools that I wasn't comfortable with him using (two srewdrivers!) Is there an easy way to get the door panel or upper panel off? .... or do I just head to the dealership?

driver seatbelt does not recoil fully

do i need to replace entire line or just hose

it stalled when i tried to restart it it turned over but wouldnt start the engine got wet a little