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I don't no the model or year but it's quite new I just need a estimate and where to go
I just changed the key fab battery and it still won't unlock
really driving me crazy sounds like a brumming sound as i drive over a kinda bumping road
I check all my fuse boxes and fuses and all of them are ok. My AC wont turn ON or I cant see my radio stations as well? I can hear my radio but cant see my station. My Ac wont work as well can you help????
The screen is stuck on the caution screen and any touch isn't responding. Can someone fix this for a reasonable price?
Don't have any trouble codes. I want know the suspect area?
Heater not working.
On my screen says, " there was a problem reading a program please consult to a dealer."
Door was hit by bumper of other car so a bit of white paint is on door.
i changed the cam sensor with one from a is250 that i have as a parts car . no change same code . i visualy inspected the wiring and cant see any damage . i switched bank 1 sensor with bank 2 and it threw the bank 1...
it has 92000 miles and all highway miles but very loud and embarrasing when i start it. can shut it off and restart it and doesnt make the noise
I had the vehicle serviced at a Lexus dealer because of extreme noise when applying the brakes. After checking the brakes technician stated brake fluid needed to be replaced and no further brake work was required. Ac...
Hi I have a 2008 lexus is350, and the climate buttons and LCD screen is not working at all. I push the buttons and no respond, the LCD screen has power to it because i can see a light, lighting up in the background. I...
car jerks hard on take off
Lexus Is 350 is showing code p0051 o2 sensor (bank 2 sensor 1). Which side 02 sensor passenger or driver side.
the heater will blow cold air at stop lights but work again once the car is moving.
the vsc light of my car is on two days ago can i drive it?
My Rotors needed replacing at 40k miles and that seems a bit soon. I am a 50+ woman who doesn't drive like a race car driver and I don't need to stop on a dime. I have mostly freeway miles on my car. i had to pay over...
My 07 IS 350 has a push button start switch. Sometimes the starter does not disengage quickly enough after the motor fires causing a clicking sound. I was told this could possibly be caused by a weak battery. Before I...