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I had the light checked and the code was p0071 a temp sen question if i replace this would the light go off or could this code be a number of things.

What are thet and what should it cost?

Battery needed to be charged; turns but won't start. Prior to this,car ran perfect lexus has dual temp controls. Does the dash have to come out when replacing the blend door servo motor or does the dash only come out when its the passenger side. Also how many heater cores are on my car? I thought only one until today, confused. Thanks for any info. trying to verify some things I have been told before shoveling out more money.
Thanks again...:)

Took it to 3 places and heard everything from Blend Door, Servo Motor to Heater Core. Please help my feet are freezing.

have 99 gs 300 I took the Advanced auto part store for check engin lite they told me that I need oxygen sensor port one i did put new Denso in a couple hours check engin light come back again what causes of this thanks for help

im replacing my fuel pump & i need to know if i will have to remove the gas tank or can i get to it by removing the rear seat? thanks

On bumpy rodes only. the car has about 65,000 miles,but it has been doing this for at least 40,000 miles.

Do I need to take off the entire door panel to free the frozen button? The passenger side lift does work from the passenger side button.

In I got my tie rod fix in my right ball joint fix in a cuple days later my abs light in vsc in vscoff light came on

Just had oil changed & lubrication before going on a 600 mile trip. Have 88,600 miles on vehicle. Am I safe to drive it to a dealership? No odors or noises going on.

am removeing the engine

I finished setting the timing on my lexus gs300, 1994/
I used degereaser to clean off dirt and oil I beleave I got some degreaser and water in the alternator causing it not to charge the battery. If so what should I do? If this is not the problem causing the battery to die, what should I do?

Lexus GS300 sitting up for 3-4 years was working before sitting in garage. Put in a new battery head lamps came on no interior or dash lights, it attempted to start won't turn over. Only have the valet key so limited on some access like gas tank and trunk

I set the camshafts the way I was told. The crankshaft has two marking on it. I set it to one of them and the car starded up ok. But it is running hot. What should I do?

I replaced the seals behind both the camshaft pullies. I forgot to mark them before pulling them off. How do I set the timing to match up with the crankshaft?

my car jumps when i put it in d or reverse just change in 3 new mounts 2 engine 1transmission whats nex is there a 4 mounts

my car can't start,so after mecanic look over then
he said cause of oil pump bad it is true?

my car memory seat working before and now it not working anymore. how can i fix it

all at once my tilt stering seats windows trunk and fuel latch roof door locks stoped working all at once lost my owners manual checked fuses under dash all seem to be good what next need help

The car will not turn over with the key, only if you run a hot cable to the starter. Want to try replacing the ignition relay but can not locate the other box. I need HELP

My brake light warning light is coming on after hitting the brakes. I replaced the brake light switch completely, but it still comes on indicating something wrong with the rear lights. All the light bulbs are replaced, everything is working but still the brake warning light comes on and will not go out. Secondly, my check engine light is on intermediate. Most of the time it's on, occasionally it is off for about 2 day's then comes back on. My car is a OBD 1 so I tested the codes and code 71 comes up, meaning the EGR system, however, it just passed smog? so the EGR valve is working. Now, there are 2 wires connected to the EGR valve with a electrical connector, I was told that that is a oxygen sensor, could that be the problem, because I did cleaned out the EGR valve from all the carbon buildup. What could it be?

I posted this question a few days ago about my heater problems. Either I did not explain exactly what is going on, because the answer to my question was more related to my A/C not working, then to my heater problem. The A/C works fine, I put in a new receiver drier, a new compressor, had the system flushed, and finally vacuumed and recharged by a professional, and it works great. The real problem I have is the heater. It keeps blowing hot air, even with the system turned off? Also, if I want heat, now I have turn up the temperature to over 80F otherwise I will have no warm air at all. So in short, turning of the heater will still gives me warm air, turning it on I need to set it to over 80F to get hot air, anything lower results in cold air. The cutting out of the A/C only happens when the outside temperature is over 80F and I take off at a traffic light after coming to a full stop. I can turn of the A/C, then 5 seconds later I turn it back on, and it's nice and cold again. My thoughts where, considering that warm air is blowing in the system while the A/C is running as well, makes the A/C overheat and cuts out. So, the real problem is not the A/C, although it could be related, but it's the heater.

After turning down the climate control to 65F I still get hot air to my vents, especially if I turn the fan up. Secondly, I have the have the temp on around 80F to get warm air, lower then that it will blow cold air. To top it all of, my A/C cuts out when the ambient temp is around or over 80F, I have to turn of the A/C, wait 10 seconds then I can turn it back on and it will work again until I come to a stop in front of a traffic light. I think that the heater hot air is over heating my A/C.

compresser runs all the time, can not turn off with switch.

air condition runs all the time, can not turn it off with switch.

wheres the location of cam shaft sensor or just replace crankshaft sensor

I have a Lexus GS300 that runs extremely hot after 10-15 mins of driving. Replaced the head gasket, major service, termostat, coolant flush,,,can not seem to fix problem....please advise need to keep car


I changed the tires made allighnment replaced the RF lower radius armbut of no benifit
the car still shifting to the right on braking , what is the solution for this problem?
several mechanics kept searching for a solution but still no solution found