this problem just occured a few days ago with this strange noise like a chain rotating with alot of slack

My wife got her mothers Lexus and it drove awesome when we first got it, but not it seems to get really bad gas mileage. Just got brand new tires, Balanced etc... I don't know much about cars, but i wanted to see if i could get a new fuel filter to see if it improves. I don't know where to look and how to take off the old one and put a new one back in.

Just noticed a small drip circle approx.3" in diameter.It's not oil,but I believe possibly brake or transmission. Color is not red,nor does it smell. Everything up top is bone dry. Do I need to put it up on a rack?Can anyone give me an idea as to how to? (pfreliche@gmail.com) Thanks & Happy Holidays ,Paul.

Recently. Whistle metallic noise near fan pulley. As car
runs the noise reduces or disappear and reappear. Currently
there is no loss of radiator coolant.

What is it's purpose?

Car won't turn over. New battery. sOUNDS LIKE STARTER

put a new battery in accidentally hooked up terminals wrong i swithced them back now i have lost dash lights blinkers shifter wont move into gear power seats radio wont work but car starts right up.could it be the fusible link?

the car has 12v at the batterie ,the alarm works,all the power on the car works.when you start the car nothing happens .all fuses are good&relays .

What does the TRAC light indicator mean when it come one. It just started comming on. I think ABS sensor adjust or ABS issues. It occured on a highway trip. thanks

I have a 99 Lex gs300 and the check engine light is on. Just came on one day while driving. Nothing else major is happening with the car, but didn't pass emissions testing at DMV..what could this be?

my it svc light is on along with the check engine light.i had it diagnosed the computer came up with codes 20,21 . He replaced my gas throttle pedal. he thought it would work but it didnt .

how much should it cost to replace the front oil seal on my 1994 gs 300

i have a 2002 lexus gs 300 and the dash board lights went out and the gauges (speedometer ,gas and temp guages) are not coming on.The car runs fine what could be the problem?Thanks very much in advance

When operating in HEAT mode NO hot air comes out from any mode setting. What could this be?

The average miles per tank and miles to empty are supposed to reset every time the fuel door is opened.Mine all of suddon stopped working.The only way to reset it is to disconnect the battery terminal.What could it be?

In trying to replace the serpentine belt on my 1995 lexus GS300 I've come across a problem. I can't get it to fit.

Here's what I've tried: Loosening the tensioner bolt, this didn't seem to make any difference at all. There only appears to be one slide bolt behind the power steering pulley, do I need to loosen this in order to slip the belt on properly?

I need to change oxygen sensor on my car(B2O2 after catalytic converter). I can locate the sensor but not the plug. The plug goes upwards but I can't find it.
Thank you

head lamp stops working

My drivers side floor mat is wet?

Has anyone experienced any issues with water intrusion in rain storms.My GS300 takes on water during heavy rain and I'm being told that there is nothing they can do .

i have a 2002 lexus gs 300 and the dash board lights went out and the gauges (speedometer ,gas and temp guages) are not coming on.The car runs fine what could be the problem?Thanks very much in advance, Willie

Mechanic muffler shop replaced defec. cat that caused engine light to come on. Don't know which bank # he replaced. Seems rear most, easier to get to he said. Now after 500 miles light came on again, and check says def. bank 1 converter. Is this the same one or the other one possibly?

Where should each pulley from the timing belt be positioned when reinstalling it. I dint mark anything and now need help on steps to take to properly replace it.


What is a fair price for a 90,000 miles maintance on a 2004 Lexus GS300?

thinking about buying a GS300 the car has fuel issues and the guy said the starter went out to i fix cars but i don't know anything about lexus the guy say the car was running but you had to spry stater fluid to get it stated in the morning but then it would run find until the next day want to know if i should stay away from this car

When u put the car in gear it doesnt move . It was drivin before but not no more. Is it a vaccume problem.

i have a 2001 lexus gs300. i took my car to big o for wheel balancing and a tire rotation. after i got my car back, it made a creaky type of noise which seemed like it came from the rear driver side. i immediately took the car back to big o furious because my car was quiet when i took it in, it had no problems at all. They checked it and said they lubed the bushings in the rear control arms, later that same day it was making the same noise. i took it to les schwab and they couldn't find a problem. i even looked underneath it with my own mechanic and still couldn't find any problem wrong and all the bushings looked good. my mechanic told me that big o didn't lube the bushings cause they aren't zert? fitted so you can't lube them. finally i took it to lexus and they said they would have to take the bushing off the control arm and lube it. it only makes a noise when it wants to, i have showed so many people and the only way they believe me is when i push down on the trunk with force on the driver side it makes this squeky creaky noise, it does not make it all the time when im driving only sometimes, but it is annoying me. please help with any suggestions.

How do you replace the lower rear brake light on the drivers side?

How do you replace the bulb on the lower rear brake on drivers side?