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when in high speed it starts to throw black smoke and it shuts down .
how to understand p1755 trouble code and diagnose
I have a 1999 Lexus GS300 with an automatic transmission. My check engine light is on and when I had the vehicle scanned the code was P1755 which is supposed to be for a problem with the shift solenoids in the transmi...
I have an '02 Lexus GS 300 W/143K miles. My ck. engine light is on and according to the repair shop the code is P0402.I've had them to replace the left upstream bank 02 sensor, the downstream upstream left 02 sensor h...
whats the best oil i can use for my gs 300 is synthetic oil better to use then the regular oil
worth buying? Should I anticipate many repair issues
ok i have a 94 lexus gs 300 and some one stole my sound system and in the process they removed everything in that area including the heat and all the controls but i still have the controls that control the heat ect......
I noticed a wet spot under my car i have had all oil leaks repaired now it looks like i have a transmission fluid leak. Any one had this before and what type of cost am I looking at . the spot is size of a small pla...
Want to do maitnes on 99 Lexus Gs 300 Engine Oil and Transmission fluid change what type of oil should use and how much is require to fill up ,thanks for help
p0430 is the code. the car will start and run for a while and you can press the gas half way down with no effect to the speed. HELP.
have 99 lexus gs 300 check engin light on has bad cat converter which one is a bank 2? there is two of them bolted on engine block or one looks like mufler right on center of the car thanks
on high way drive oil warning light comes on and off is it oil sensor problem or something else ,thanks
My engine light came on, so I had a Diagnostic done and it indicated Code #PO155. I had that oxygen sensor replaced, and after I drove for an hour, the light came back on. I did replace the original sensor with an Uni...
how often should brakes be inspected
Hi, I had a problem getting the door on the cup holder to close. I looked closer and found that a AA battery had fallen in between the cup holder door and the cup holder. My little newphew put it there. I tried to...
Approximate cost of replacing the timing belt on a 1998 Lexus GS300
my car can start up good 15 minute into driving the vcs light pops and the car seizes i have too disconnet the battery for a good 15 minutes for it to respond too the gas. i dont know what too do
How do you replace bulbs on shifter console?
i have no brakes the brake light is on and i have a warning bell going off
Recently when driving with my CD player on an electrical short begins. It appears everything starts to "reboot" yesterday when driving all of the warning lights came on and my car stalled. This is the 3rd time this ...
I have a wet spot on the drivers side front floorboard. It is about as big around as a CD. The area around it is not wet. It does not seem to have drained down. It is just in that one spot. It is garaged kept. N...
i need to no when to replace timming belt
rear driver side tail light out . Auto Zone tried new bulb and won't work. Maybe sensor?
Lexus GS 300 1993 Model engine does not switch off
Have not done major service since around 40.000 miles. Is it necessary to replace spark plugs & the timing belt. Thank you for your time & expertise
i have a 2001 lexus gs 300 and i have to manually open and lock the passanger and rear right doors by hand. the power switch works on the passenger door but only opens the driver and left rear door. even with the re...
how to replace
Is there a problem with the master key not turning when put in the ignition? This is the second time it has happened to me. Maybe the position of the steering wheel.
my vsc light is on and how do i fix it
When should timing belt be replaced?