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I changed both speed sensors and is still not working, any clues
I used to hear a squealing noise (like a belt going bad) but, that was when AC was still working. The noise completely stopped and coincidently so did the cold air.... Is this my compressor? I hope it's something else...
Car will start but once put in gear will not accelerate. Also prior to car unable to accelerate, car would not start after driving long distance; after cooling off car would start but sputter while driving even lose s...
The ac light hasn't blinked any. This happened 1month ago.
the same codes came up + P0172 system to rich bank 1 please help me
I have no symptoms of any kind.The car does not veer in one direction when braking or accelerating,braking is ok,no noise,vibrations or uneven tires wear. The mechanic advised me that when changing the engine oil he ...
MY bf bought the 1992 engine from a mechanic who swore it would fit. After calling around after comparing the components on both we were told they are not compatible. Is there something we are missing?
my engine when reaches 60mph, I hear a noise in the motor. my rpms stay at a 4. It its shifting at a high speed. The OD button when pushed wouldn't work.
Car struggles a bit to start after sitting over night. Jerks on acceleration at times. Just replaced mass air flow sensor. Was told I need to replace the down stream sensor and either right or left up stream sensor? A...
I put the car for Drive clean test and it came out "not ready" I was instructed to do a "drive cycle" to reset the car's computer.
The car will go into gears but get stuck on the third gear. I took it to the auto shop store and had then place it on a machine and they stated the E solenoid has to be replaced
In the summer of 2014, i then had the lower valve hose replaced(think that is wht it's called) and tht workd fr a few mnths.I've learnd when to use the air so it doenst overheat. I got thru the summer refillg my coola...
can turn car off and restart light is removed
Specifically the front catalytic converter. My car's check engine light is on and it's jerking when I accelerate.