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There is obviously something wrong other than the battery. What can be draining the battery?
I think its cam or crankshaft sensor cause after going 40mph engine starts shaking then it stops ,on and off. Also got 3 other codes P1133, P1153, P1155 I think there oxygen sensors but hopefully they'll go away after...
My Lexus starting overheating after about 15 min. of driving. I added antifreeze to the car and now the temp doesnt reach the point of overheating but it still runs hotter than it should and I cant figure out why
How much should I pay to change power steering fluid pump?
The car drove fine then started to dump fuel and thick white smoke came from tailpipe along with gas. It also seemed not to be getting any power. I change the injectors and the fuel regulator prior to looking online t...
On moderate acceleration, if I stop accelerating at 40 mph, the tranny seems not to be able to decide whether to shift into overdrive or not. I just had snows put on last week also. Are the two factors related? If not...
My car is making an extremely loud sound each time I accelerate and bounces up and down when I hit a pot hole or go over bumps. I was told to have the struts replaced also. Overall what am I looking at as far as p...
35k miles. Hear knock near firewall @ idle w/trans in gear. Engine sounds fine in P and N. Don't feel loss of acceleration. Never driven hard. Loose flex plate bolts or torque converter?
I am suspecting maybe the struts are worn out. It happens when riding over rough road, or coming down over a speed hump.
Thank you all, Before replaced the throttle sensor, the idle slowly goes down to 0 and engine Off. Then I tried to replaced the sensor, but I didn't taking off the battery. After that, I turn the engine on the Idl...
I did replaced the throttle sensor for es3000 year 2002 without take off the battery power. Do you think it might kill the sensor?
I believe it to be a bad bank one oxygen sensor question is,is it upstream or downstream and is the downstream sensor the one behind the engine.P1135 tells me its a fuel sensor heating circuit malfunction
Radiator fluid is spewing out of white plastic reserve tank (cracked). Is this busted water pump or t-stat or what?
fuel relay ,fuel pump good .fuses good no power to fuel pump
or shut off sometimes if i try to take off it cuts offbut if i stay below 60 it do anybody know the problem
We fallowed the hoses n can't find the water pump either
could it be the engine transmission sensor ????
its leaking from spare holes on front side of the bell housing. it will only go in revers and I have to give it high rpms for it to move. all four forward gears will not work. please help
The trac light stays on all the time while the care is running,pushing the button below the dash does not turn it off. but when it is not running and the key is on ACC the switch under the dash will turn it on and off...
engine shuts off after very short run time.will restart when it cools off.have code p-1300. been checking coil packs and wires, can only reach four of them.ignitor gets very hot in a short can i confirm that ...
Cant take your foot off the gas (doesnt do it all the time)
how to replace drivers side mirror on 1997 lexus e300
Dealership has said I need to replace the charcoal canister on car since check engine light continues to come on and the gas cap and throttle body have already been replaced.
A/c light flashes and no cold air. every time I take it in to shop it works. Cold air seems to fail after heavy rains and extremely humid condition's. Please tell me there is a relay or something besides the control h...
When I took it in for last oil change, I was given a list by the shop of things that will need to fixed in the near future. 1. P/S reservoir, leaking, will monitor 2. rack and pinon leaking will monitor 3. L/F axel...
i crossed the battery terminals for 10 seconds to clear the computer and drove the car at speed for approximately 25 miles and it still stalls when i stop. help car is a 2003 es300 with 125ooo miles
what is the radiator capacity of 2001 Lexus ES300?