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When the left front and rear wheels hit a bump there is a jingling noise like something is loose but the suspention has been inspectd but no visual problem exists, please shed some light on this problem.
car stering shaking when stopping
my car had a major 90,000 mile service now it has 144,000 when should i do another major service
When I start my car, I hear a loud whining sound form the front for about 30 seconds and then no more, except occassionally will hear it when I stop a drive in restaurants. I thought maybe the fan belt, but then I can...
what is a good tire choice for my 1997 es300
The radio volume does not come out of the large speakers in my '93 Lexus Es 300. Volume only comes out the mid range speakers, How can I correct this problem?
what octane gas should a 1997 es300 be using for best operation
1997 es300 does not start in morning, might try 4 to 8 times it cranks sometime or otherwise just clicks when trying to start for some reason only in morning when cold it will start after trying for awhile
My ABS light just went on. It goes on and off when you start the vehicle. The brakes work just fine. Any suggestions?
where can I get ac compresser rebuilt?
Transmission started smoking and losing fluid. Took it to several mechanics and they said it was the seal that attached the transmission to the engine and was VERY expensive and would take 3-5 days to fix. Pulling my ...
I had an automatic starter installed and ever since then then, the radio lights and shifter lights do no come on. Radio still works but it's difficult to dive and control radio at night. Any similar problems or solu...
when changing my oil what type of oil should i buy 10/30 or 20/30?
brakes slugish and brake peddle loses pressure.seems to only happen after driving for sometime. when car is cool the problem goes away.
i have owners manual, fuse for elec windows is listed as #14 P/W 30 amp, Instrument panel shows 1 thru 11 in cluster and #13-14-15 in top rt corner of panel. #13-14-15 are not where illustration shows, where are they ...
How do I replace the spark plugs on my 1996 Lexus ES300
I notice fuel smell in my garage after I fill up the gas tank. There is no fuel puddles on the floor and no visable evidence of fuel leakage. It does not smell if the tank is not full.
How do i replace the left front blinker bulb on my 1999 ES300
How do you find the instructions for replacing the Center Brake Light bulb in the 1993 Lexus ES300?
I just bought a 92 lexus es 300, it has a very loud engine knock it sounds like it's coming from under the valve train, we took the cover off and cranked the engine by hand it didn't look like anything was wrong, the ...
My 2002 ES 300 Lexus has 54,000 miles. Should I replace the timing belt now?
will a faulty radiator cap cause overheating in this car?
where is the thermostat on this 3.0 Liter engine ?
where is the thermostat on this engine. Will a bad radiator cap cause overheating?
the engine started overheating a few months ago, when it cooled off I replaced the top hose & that seemed to have worked. Then the other day it was overheating again so after checking the lower hose I replaced that. ...
my car has 82,000 miles..mechanic suggets I replace water pump and 7 belts...shall I do this? I have no problems with the car.
I have 82,000 miles no problem w water pump, mechanic suggests I replace water pump and 7 belts...shall I do this at this time?
When i start up my car in the morning, it seems to take over 5 minutes to really warm up. Then when I drive away, it seems like my car doesnt have as much power. I already had an Oxygen sensor replaced. Could this pos...
My Lexus has the check engine light on; when I have it checked they tolled me: catalyst efficiency below threshold bank 1, What is it, or how can I fix it Thanks