Changed number 6 coil it was bad number 1 was fine when driving car is sputtering and has hesitation check engine light is flashing on and off

Hi, I have a 1998 Lexus ES300 has a power steering problem, it's hard to steer an has poor return. I bled the system the problem went away for a few hours, now the problem is back. I've checked the system for leaks but found none I’ve never had to add PSF to it and it is at the right level, what do you think is wrong?

The dome light cover, I think, can be pried off; I don't know if it pries off from the end (or ends), or from the center. I don't want to break it. Thanks.

The dash emergency brake indicator light started coming on an now just stays on

I 'd like to replace a cabin filter, where is it?

the car is hard to start but once sarted runs fine

We had the oil changed in our car at an oil shop. Immediately after I got in the car, I noticed the strong smell of raw gas, but I figured that since the car was in the shop, it was from the shop.

Later, that day the smell got stronger so the next day, we took the car back to the shop. By the time we got there the gas smell was gone, but they looked over the car from top to bottom and couldn't find anything. For the next 2 days, the car ran fine and then that smell came back again! So, we took the car to another mechanic, but by the time we made it there, the smell was gone again.

Now, the smell is back better than ever. It literally smells like someone has spilled gasoline in the car. I noticed the smell is coming from under the hood and appears to be on the passenger side between the timing belt cover and the engine. We are taking it to the dealer in the morning, but quite frankly I'm scared to death because I have no idea how much they will want to fix it or even what it is.

There are no visible leaks (we park in a garage so we would see a gas leak). The car still drives the same and the exhaust is clean smelling. Help!!!

I replaced bulbs a while back, outside lens is fairly clear...the inner "dome like" lens that bulbs inserts into is cloudy. My left light puts out very little light. Is the inner lens suppose to be cloudy (opaque) or how do you clean it?

I have a rough idleing problem the previous owner says its a blown head gasket i havent ran any test yet to see if its the reason, and if not the head gasket what could it be also it has a water leak under the intake below the filler cap under the intake manifold

Where is the cabin filter and how do I replace it?

I have no turn signals or emergency flasher.
where is the turn signal flasher switch located?

I have a 2003 Lexus ES300 with 92,000 miles. I have a rear oil leak and plan on trying the Bar's Oil Additive before spending $2000 to have the Rear Main Seal repaired at the dealership. However, in the last few days, the car has lost acceleration from complete stops...just no pep. Never had a problem until now. No warning lights are coming on. The car starts right up, idles fine, just feels like it's hesitating. However, when it starts, a huge cloud of thick white smoke comes out the exhaust and then clears up. Could this problem be related to the oil leak or just coincidence? Any ideas?

How do you replace the license plate bulbs on the 2003 Lexus es300? It looks like they are way up in the trunk lid. I got two of the liner snaps near the latch off but don't know how to get more of the liner off without messing something up (I'm good at that :))

the clutch stucked in park and will not gear to drive. i was told by my sis that it might be transmission. How much will it cost to replace the transmission? Is it worth just get a newer car? HELP

my car runs but it does not go in reverse

i have a 96 lexus es300, a week ago check engine light comes on and the car lost power. when i started the car again the car didn't have the check engine light, and the car drive fine. but today, when i started the car, check engine light is on, and the car do not accelerate. no power. a friend of mine has a scan tool,but it couldn't comunicate. 15 minutes later start the car again and check engine light it's gone and the car drives fine, and the scan tool can comunicate, but it has no codes. pls help me......... than'xxxxxx

the button on my gear shift will not push in all the way to take it out of park. it started doing it for a couple days but after a couple minutes would work and now it just wont go in all the way so i cant pull it out of park to put it in reverse,drive.

When I turn my car off, the engine pings for a while. I'm putting "Super" gas in the car so I don't understand what could be causing this and whether or not I need to take it to the shop. Thank you.

How do I replace the right signal bulb (behind drivers side) on my Lexus?

are th front plugs under plastic cover, and the rear one i cant see

About (2) years ago, my power antenna gear (the one in the mast) became stripped. I removed the antenna assembly and replaced it with the rubber type. Due to continued poor reception, I wanted to install an original equipment one. ( dealer cost $500+ retail) I purchased (2) used assemblies that were working before their removal and tried them. No luck. I used the original wiring and its connections. I then, purchased an aftermarket assembly and it will not work either. I had a local shop replace some instrument lamps about a year ago. I was wondering if they could have unhooked something from the instrument panel, keeping the new antenna from working. All the new antenna needs is a chassis ground, permanent 12v and a wire from the radio switch. I purchased a complete write up on my car, in the past, with a schematic included. I have gone through the wiring in the trunk, however I need to remove the radio and check the wiring there. How is that accomplished ?

When I turn on my window washers they squirt but not very far I just want to know the safest way and what to use to unclog them. Thank You

why did the engine lock that had a full tank of oil

dashboard needle indicator for speedeometer is not lit

EGR code: My car intermittently has a high rev almost like it is going to cut off. Then a bad sulfur smell comes out.

noisy when going over 40mph.

slight pop when turning the steering wheel to the left about 1/3 of the way, just one small pop what is it? A u-joint?

had a bad gas leak. replaced all lines and injectors. It starts then stalls out. cant get to start. unplugged the battery to reset the computer, but some reason fuel not getting into the injector or maybe a vaccum problem. Any ideas?

ask for the price of the timing belt and replacement of the water bump.

We have a 2002 Lexus es300 with 37,700 miles. Today, an independent auto repair shop recommended replacing the timing belt because the car is more than 7 years old. Does this make sense?