Car only has 30,0000 miles on it even though it is 11 years old. does it need a new timing belt because of the age of the car?

sand and paint rear bumper, and paint front bumper

I was driving in street traffic. Car suddenly loses acceleration while in drive. Acts like it's in idle when I depress accelerator. Tow driver said he's never seen an ES300 do this...towed it to Lexus dealership, waiting to hear their diagnosis and estimate for repair.

I have a 95 lexus for only a few months and then the engine blew out, Triple A told me it would cost about 1800 bucks to repair, is this a fare price?? get back to me RP fam.

Needs a Tune Up where should I go & how much will it cost? The car has 90,000 miles on I need to know the best place & best cost for a tune up?

Car has been sitting for months and last time I drove it ran great. It fires right up and runs good buy after it warms up it starts to misfire or rough idle
any ideas?

the door will not open from the outside but will from the inside on the drivers side

brought car for a local dealership here in arlington,texas which the dealer brought from a renter car com. in florida. i kept up with oil changes and other maintenace even drover car to south texas this past may 2010 no problems until last week 11-26-2010 the car stop on my wife while she was driven to work. car never started up since. had a mach.dign. and was determined that engine was badly maintain due from lack of oil changes. i do have my domon my oil changes so please help me with a number to asst. me with this repair iam on disabillity and can use what have cause i this love this car


I want to have my dash recovered/reupholstered. Must remove and take to auto upholster shop. Is this something the average person can do? Lexus dealer wants $800.00 to do it.

what are the torque settings for the transmission pan

Where is the cabin filter and what is best method for removal and replacement?

Someone from the car shop told me that I have to go to a dealer and repair the part.

What is the cost of part?

el auto camina bien en manual pero no en automatico y tiene una luz flasheando

two of the wires came loose from the crimp fitting provided by mfg., the old plug has white,black purple,grey. the new sensor has blue,white,&(2) black

check the fuse seems to be ok changed anyway but still not heat

On my 1992 Lexus ES300, the mileage indicator needle no longer lights (as well as the rpm indicator). The numbers (mph) light - but not the needle. I can only tell with difficulty how fast I am going. Also - the radio/AC/clock/display does not show - you can tell that some numbers are there, but you can't read them. This would seem to be a fuse issue?? Where are they located...I have no manual, as I bought the car used about 10 years ago. It only recently began to have this issue - I was told it would be very expensive to fix.

Just bought a 1998 Lexus ES300 test drove it and didn't hear any noises coming from transmission. A day later I'm hearing a noise that is hard to describe. It's not real loud, it sounds kinda like a vibration or a whine. It only makes the sound when I start to accelerate then it goes away once the car gets up to speed.

The temp gauge went up to the top two days ago. I let it sit and tried again. After a few minutes of driving, the temp gauge started to climb. I turned the heater to max, but it is not blowing very hot. I turned around to go home, and then the gauge went back down and the heat kicked in briefly. However, after 30 seconds or so, the gauge started climbing again and the air from the heater was not hot. Is this a thermostat issue?

The VSC on and off lights come on and stay along with the check engine lights?

Torn boot on left front axle.


this usually happens once a month after a cold night. the dindows are down and the sunroof is opened, but the car is still locked

is the starter bad or could it be somsthing else.

i want to make sure it is an ignition switch the key does not turn in the ignition the key does turn and open the door. so there be any something else other then the ignition is it a way it can be tested to make sure that is the problem. the steering does turn I change the gears and the car didn't turn

When I start my car sometimes it idols low and cuts off I have to rev up the engine just to keep it on and put the car into gear. On the way home I only had to press the gas pedal twice because it would accelerate by itself and when I got stopped the rpms were between 3 and 4 and the engine sounded louder than usual and was making a winding noise. Once I got home and put the car in park it started revving up by itself. what could be wrong and how can I fix it?

what will it cost to replace a timing belt and water pump on a 1995 lexus es300?

I absolutly love this 1994 Lexus ES300.. I bought it in 2000 with 79K miles on it. I have done a fair share of repairs on it but I would suspect as many as with any other car of it's age. Timing belt, Tuneup, Alternator, Belts, O2 Sensors, Brakes,rear tortion or swaybar links, front and rear Struts, comlete exhaust sytem, except for Catylitic converter. My only problem now is a knock in the rear suspention, mostly noticeable just barly rolling and hit small cracks in the pavement or as driving in a grass feild parking lot. Just a small bump will cause a knock in the rear. Drives me crazy. I am sure it does it at highway speed but it is not noticeable because of road or wind noise, which in the vehicle is pretty minimal. The only other problem is a ABS brake light that will not reset, and an Air Bag light that will not go out. I am thinking fuse on the Air Bag but can't fine one.

there seems to a slight fluid leak under the hood.The service mechanic says my rear valve cover gasket is leaking. your repair directory talks only about valve cover gasket replacement(right and left side).Could you please tell me which side(right or left)is rear valve cover gasket. Thanks. my e-mail is

How to remove front drivers seat in a 2002 Lexus ES300