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My car is idling hard and it feels like it wants to cut off when I'm at a light. It also feels as if its not getting enough gas at times.
everytime i hit the horn, the horn fuse burn out
What size oil pan wrench is required to remove the plug from a 1997 Lexus 300ES and where can it be purchased?
How do you change the cabin air filter in a 1994 Lexus ES300. The air is affecting my lungs and throat.
I can't roll down any of my power windows or unlock my power doors.
At first it would not start, I had it diagnosed last week at the Lexus dealership and they said I needed to replace my throttle body . So I replaced it and now the car cuts off when I put it into gear.
Unable to open front doors from the outside
where is the starter
I am trying to find a diagram for the 95 lexus es300 and cant seem to find one anywhere. We are replacing the motor in our car and this is the last thing we need to do. please help.....
Im asking how 2 change knock sensor 4 2000 es300
track off light is on
Went to turn on a/c ~ NOTHING: no sound, no LCD showing for a/c, heat, defrost, and cig lighter ~ none of those features work AT ALL. Have checked fuses...PLEASE tell me it's going to be an easy fix....please, pleas...
how much does it cost to have spark plugs replaced with new ones.
Total failure of electrical system. Initially instrument panel lights and possibly all electrical function failed (no headlights or interior electrical functions) for a second while driving but was restored. Now there...
it seems like this car has poor gas mileage is this common for this car being a v-6 engine.
My 2003 lexus es 300 had a bad battery that the acid from the bad battery ate part of the main wire connected to the battery. that wire has since been reconsructed and the car is starting once and a while. Sometimes...
we bought our car two days ago...and the speedometer, odometer are not much u ya think it would cost...
when driving at night, interior light do not come on when headlights are on..
car only starts when accel. is pressed and it shuts off when I release the pedal
Would a bad mas be a reason the car would not shift into overdrive?
When the left front and rear wheels hit a bump there is a jingling noise like something is loose but the suspention has been inspectd but no visual problem exists, please shed some light on this problem.
car stering shaking when stopping
my car had a major 90,000 mile service now it has 144,000 when should i do another major service
When I start my car, I hear a loud whining sound form the front for about 30 seconds and then no more, except occassionally will hear it when I stop a drive in restaurants. I thought maybe the fan belt, but then I can...
what is a good tire choice for my 1997 es300
The radio volume does not come out of the large speakers in my '93 Lexus Es 300. Volume only comes out the mid range speakers, How can I correct this problem?
what octane gas should a 1997 es300 be using for best operation
1997 es300 does not start in morning, might try 4 to 8 times it cranks sometime or otherwise just clicks when trying to start for some reason only in morning when cold it will start after trying for awhile