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I don't think the problem is my battery because when I turn my key, my dashboard lights, and radio comes on. That would also mean that my alternator is charging the battery ok. And my car doesn't make any kind of cl...
Engine stalls when slowing down or stopping
motor and tire bearings were replaced last year by previous owner new tires in, balanced and aligned 2 weeks ago
sensor does it need replacing if the air bags were deployed?i own a 1996 LEXUS ES 300
The low washer fluid warning message flashes nonstop in the dash even when the reservoir is full. The dealership told me it would be several hundred dollars to repair. Is it very difficult to replace on my own or can ...
Doors are open. Cannot open gas door or trunk. How can I open the hood to charge or replace the battery? The car has 130,000 miles on it and is a great car.
the car comes with a closed transmission. when should the transmission fluid be serviced/replced (if at al) , at what mileage, and what is the approx cost....???
i see the car takes 0w30 full synthetic. can you safely change this viscosity oil at 10k miles or what is the rec interval with a full synthetic?? 5k seems way too low which is what the owners manual indicates fo...
i changed the gaskets and oil is still getting into the spark plug tubes can anyone tell me why
My release to the gas cap inside car not release, and driver seat warm and air not working I'm asking what would be the cost to get these things repair
When accelerating the car hesitates feels like cars bout to shut off
The locks on the SUV have to be locked manually. None of them will open or close with the automatic unlock/lock function on the key. The only lock that works correctly is the tailgate lock. I have looked on other foru...