light stop working, never comes on enymore.all other lites come on when you turnkey on.

Car is 7 years old

I was told that this maintenance is a costly one because they advise changing the timing belt, etc. This has been garage kept and always receives the recommended maintenance on schedule. Is this really necessary...and if so, what should it cost?

How to reset airbag light? How to fix SRS restraint system?

This comes on, Intermittently and in on or off position

i changed my batt on my key my alarm was working then stopped now nothing with a ne batt in key need help

how to freeup a stuck valve no compression in #5

My check engine light just went on. I was told several months ago that I would be needing a transmission pan seal...could this be why the light went on?

I need to change my timing belt. I am told I will need to change my water pump as well. What will this cost?

Went in for scheduled oil change was told belt boot was ripped and leaking. Took in for repair and told entire rack and pinion needed to be replaced. Now car vibrates even more when reaching 75mph. Is this related?

What are the steps required to replace the engine air filter?

has anyone had their Lexus serviced at a Toyota dealer? Pricing out my 90,000 mile service and the Toyota dealer will do the same service at roughly about 60% of the Lexus dealer's price. Has anyone serviced their Lexus at Toyota dealers and had any problems? What about warranties?

While I was driving the check engine light turn on, Check VSC light was on. It felt like the car was about to turn off when I stop and it was idling ..then i turn the engine off then back on and everything was back to normal.

The track on the bottom of the window has slid forward and the motor arm has come out. I need to take the window out of the frame so I can slide the track back into place. What is the trick to removing the window from the frame?

Memory on the electric car seat (driver side) no longer will program.


04 rx330 a/c blows cold except at idle it starts blowing warm air. during winter it blew cold at idle.

My car has been radomly having issues when driving on the freeway. It gets sluggish, can't accelerate and then starts shaking violently and loses power. Finally auto service place almost got it to recreate problem and thinks it might be throttle body assembly. any other reported issues?

Car runs great but can't get light off. Did the mechanic do something wrong?

Can anyone give me details on how to replace a timing belt on my 2001 Lexus RX300 V6 SUV with all-wheel-drive and automatic? Email me at

Do you have to remove the dash to change an AC expansion valve? The compressor is blown and the system is contaminated, so I need a compressor, drier and expansion valve.

Front doors do not open with remote control. Can I fix the problem myself? What causes this? How do i fix the problem?


How much to fix a GSP system that's not working in a 2002 Lexus RX300? Thanks.

Sometimes, the brake pedal will go all the way to the floor.
The fuid is at the correct level and I see no leaks. I do not see a booster on the master cylinder. And how long should it a non-lexus shop to fix?

My wife was driving her car last night when all of a sudden it died on her and there was a burning smell under the hood. When I got there, she had absolutely no power to anything in the vehicle. I took the battery out and gave it a full charge. I put it back in the car and tried to start it, nothing. Not even dashboard lights, radio, etc. I put a multimeter across the terminal and it read zero. I disconnected the positive battery cable and the mult meter read 8-10. I had a light meter? that I clipped to the positive cable and then connected to the positive stem on the battery and the light lit up. Does this mean a fuse is blown? If so, where would that fuse be? Are there other tests I can do? Is the alternator bad? Please help.

I'm experiencing a pretty steady leak from my transmission. This leak is underneath, at the back of the engine, almost lining-up with back of the front wheel well. when I look under, where it's leaking, I see (I think) at least 2 larger bolts. Maybe I should try tightening those??

car vibrate when press gas while its in park

I decided to change my front and back brake rotors due to pulsating brakes. The fronts were easy, came right off. New Disc pads installed. The rear rotors won't come off. They appear to be stuck to the wheel and emergency brake shoes inside the rotor. I sprayed it with WD40 at the hub, tapped it A few times to set up some vibrations. Still stuck. ANy ideas or tricks to help free up the rear rotors? Brian

oil pan was replaced on my 1993 Lexus ES300 and now the oil light comes on whenever driving on an incline - how do I reset the light?

Any suggestings on how to remove water from my headlights?I don't know how to do much hands on opstacles and dont really feel like messing my car up.