I can lock all doors from remote or from the inside , except the rear right door.

It has never been a problem this month. With this last rain I found the carpet very wet in the back seat area and a little wet on the front passenger side. Can't find leak in the sun roof.

Was driving to work the battery light came on, it was raining...defroster's, headlights, windshield wipers and stereo all were on...get off work sunny outside battery light still on..nothing else was on inside car all of the sudden all these lights come on I lose power and the car dies. Husband buys a new battery, battery light is still on? We went approx. 50 miles and it died again on the freeway at night. We coasted off the freeway . We sat for approx. 15 min. opened the door all lights were working inside and out took battery out to recharge and it showed 95% drain. Alternator? If so why were the lights all coming on?

why my gas mileage on my 2002 rx300 is going down, now to 14ml per gallon (from 16.9) even though i am changing oil, checking tires etc; water pomp, all belts have been changed and car has 95000 only
what could be done to improve
thank you for your help

I had my starter replaced and the shop could not figure out why car cut off when it was on and sitting. Called lexus they said the computer has to be reset. I drove alot of miles at 60 - 80 miles a hour. How do I reset computer is it a plug or button I can push?

Transmission will not shift down into 3rd gear. So when the car gets to about 50 mph the rpm's are still very high (4000 rpm) Is this something I can fix myself or is it a dealer onyl kind of thing?


can i put a 1993 lexus trans in my 1997 lexus?

How do I change the passenger side headlights?

Used some GumOut fuel cleaner in my 94 gs300 lexus, it loss power while driving and gas was coming out the air intake. Also a mechanic How do you fix fuel injectors that are considered stuck open?

When driving my RX300, just after going over a speed bump (almost stopped), then start to accelerate, I get a noise in the front right hand wheel area...kind of a bu, bu, bu,bu, quickly, like a shaft is slipping in splines all most...and when it does it, the car basically stops moving....Took it to a local Toyota dealership, and they said the traction control sensor had rust all over it. They cleaned it and "0" calibrated it?.....seemed ok at first, then about 6 miles from the dealership, it did it again (just once).....Did they over look something, or could I really have a real transmission issue??

How do you replace the cam seal on the drivers side? The cam seal is behind the drivers side valve cover facing the steering wheel.It is seeping alittle oil

Thank you Ron email ron_mcfarland11@yahoo.com

Transmission was rebuilt in August at 183k miles and ran great for 1st 10k miles now is not changing into the 3/4 gear. Solenoids were replaced as well as a (?)face plate. Still not changing properly. Now mechanic is saying to replace knock sensors at cost of $700. Does the knock sensors really control the transmission shifting? Don't want to keep throwing money at this car.

The check engine/trac off lights came on. Auto Zone said lean fuel code. Inspected and cleaned injectors and no problems noted, but light comes back on within minutes of driving.

129,000 miles, ABS light comes on and pulses when ever brakes are applied no matter what the road conditions. AT highway speed the light comes on with out using the brakes. once I slow to city driving again the light goes out.

just purchased 99 RX300. was slugish on accerlation, changed oil, oil filter, air fliters, idfferential fluids, tranmission fluid. added fuel injection cleaner. that took care of the sluggish acceleration but still has low, 12 MPG average, and high RPM (3000 @ 70 MPH) dealer told me that they replaced the Mass Air Flow Sensor. no check engine light ????

has a small oil leak under car

After having dealer perform 70K maint, I noticed the driver door/window panel did not function properly. It would only operate the driver window, not each door lock. Only after I start driving does the doors lock. I followed the procedures in the car manual to correct the auto operation of the window and doors but it did not work. Took car into dealer this evening. He switched out the entire electrical door panel (popped out and unpluged) with one that worked, then I was told the "master door panel needs replacing at $610. Is there a recall on this? Also, could there be just a fuse or switch that could fix problem?

May I "drain" the power from the c/d unit and get the Error 4 message off the screen and possibly the 6 c/d's back?

The inside lights on my car are fading on the left side. It started with the lights on the door/window buttons then progressed to the left side temperature display. My husband said someone told him it could be a crystal and is very expensive to replace. Does anyone know what could cause this?

Front passenger does not opens from inside, but opens from outside

2002 GS Lexus 300 Front passenger door cannot open from inside, but opens from outside


Am needing routine 90,000 mile service. Getting different opinions as to necessity of replacing water pump. Naturally the price goes up, but see the logic of getting the pump replaced while the car timing belt is being replaced. Should I have the pump replaced? Does a dealer need to do it?

Inserted a car seat and stroller in trunk of my 2003 LEXUS LS 430. The trunk is now jammed and I cannot unlock it with the key, interior unlock near the steering wheel or the inside latch on the trunk.

Auto Zone checked the codes and here is what they found: 1)Air/Fuel ratio sensor circuit response malfunction(bank 2 sensor1) 2)Air/Fuel sensor circuit range/performance malfunction(bank 2 sensor 1) 3)Camshaft Position sensor (CMP) "A" circuit - Bank 1 4)OCV circuit malfunction (bank 2) 5) Heated Oxygen sensor - bank 1 sensor 2 (HO2S12) circuit malfunction 6) System Too Lean - bank 1 7) Air/Fule Ratio Sensor Heater circuit malfunction (bank 2 sensor1) Jeeeeez !! The car runs fine and idles fine. Whats the deal??

Maintenance light came on. I have had the vehicle for 3 yrs. and think maybe its time for a tune up. Is it?

I need to remove the passenger side rear seat belt because my wife's dog ate it.

This vehicle has 250k miles but engine was replaced by Lexus at 100k. At approx. 140k car began to idle/run rough and not able to go into overdrive (OD)and bad exhaust/fuel smell. Had oxygen sensors replaced and problem went away for approx. 3 mos. but now back...had a check of codes and came back with the following --P0300, P0305, P0304 and P0446. What exactly do these codes represent and they pinpoint the real problem or just a starting point? I should also say that my check engine light is not on. Any help/guidance is appreciated.

I replaced o2 sensor one year back.now they said rear side sensor gone and 2 sensor will cost $500.00,also i have to change my engine pipe which cost 300 bucks. Is it real price?

my car was driving fine until one day i put it in reverse and sound like something was catching in the back. so now when i put it in drive its doing the same .it make seems like my car has hopped into netural