Since the snow has melted & rain has hit the mid-west, I am seeing water on the floor board. It is on the drivers side front and back and on the passengers side front also. What could be causing this?

i need to change all 4 struts. the car is bouncing a lot. One tech told me I also need to change the mounts. The other one says no mounts but I need to change springs. 85K miles. This is my wife's car. She drives by herself just locally on good roads. no overload. 85K miles.
Should I really to change mounts or springs or both if they are not broken.

i bought a new oxygen sensor,deleted code,after 2 days it came back on, same code,i did it again with a better one still came back p 135 why every one thinks the same but they all wrong?

why would my flashers come on when i take my key out

The lower dash and console lights do not illuminate. I've checked all of the fuses and they are okay. Is there a connector that may have come Loose?

How often, if ever, do I need to change the power steering fluid? It is a closed system, but the dealership noted that it was dirty or contaminated and should be changed.

check engine light came on took it to autozone codes po171 p1150 p1130 came up what does this mean

hit a huge bump and my lexus lowered 4 inches, mechanic says all springs are shot, broken

I own a 99 Gs400. Having a bit of a problem. Firstly, the stiring wheel no longer goes in nor comes out when I insert the key. Secondly, I no longer have control of the windows from the driver's door. The interion light wont come on when doors are opened and finally, the indicator lights wont come on, only when starting the engine...the only light that shows is the emergency brake light. Help

Just had oil changed, noise starts at 30 mph plus, it stops when we get slower than 30 mph. Thought maybe hose had been kicked loose, couldn'd confirm that. Noise sounds like the speedometer cable is going bad (tap tap tap) Not really sure if this car even has a sp. cable. I think its electric. Any ideas?

transmission needs replacement

my car has upper and lower valve gaskets that neeed replacement. Is the estimate you are giving me for both or only one? I do not Have email call me at 281-392-7482.

i would like to know where is fuse lokation on 1999 lexus es 300 ?

After some testing,and evualation. It was determented that both cats were bad, they have just been replaced, along with new plugs, and wires. The car has a very slow accelration. What next?

where is it located ?

Typically change oil every 3,000 miles. I've heard though that you can go longer.....?!

I just change the water pump and timing belt but the car still over heats y is that

How do I remove and replace the complete rear tail light assembly on a 1996 lexus es 300

car jerks hard on take off

Since December, I noticed that that there has been a water leak leak on the passenger side of the car below the car seat. I notice that the rug was soaked and ever since, I have not been able to identify the source of the leak, whether it's coming from the roof and through the frame, one of the windows, or below the frame. My suspicion that the water source is from the rain since it does not have a distinct odor. I have also not noticed any obvious leaks from inside the car coming in from the windshields. If there is any further clarification I can provide, I can emmediately follow up with you. Any suggstionos or answers?

During a rain storm we find that water is leaking into the car, which is a Lexis R300. Is this a problem that has led to a recall. How do you repair this leak. What does it cost if taken to a garage? Do you have steps to solve this leaking.
I think that water moves into the inside from the roof and ends up near the right side post and pools under the seat and the post.
Thank you for any help you can give.

Everything else seems to work fine.Its just like the mute is on.Also when you push the agree button to activate the GPS the ding noise does not sound now

im trying to figure out wat is the name of the part that conn to the air filter housing and the throttle body that has 3 hoses.

will the engine from a 2002 swap without issues?

truck started then died! tried restart acted like dead batt. hooked up charger on boost will not crank. horn and lights work. batt cks good with meter. all guage needles [speed, tach, oil pres. etc FLASH off and on?????

what do i need to remove in order to replace the thermostat on 1994 Lexus E300

How do i replace the thermostat on a 1994 Lexus e300

how to replace right side mirror

car staling while driving today was driving fine then it wont go but when you turn the car off it will go but repeat the same thing over again. transmission has beenchecked no problem there

Research, have not brought yet.