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master control light is on and vsc is off
When travelling at 55mph or more, there is a noise like a thudding or shudder sound in the rear when you let up off the gas to slow down. Must have something to do with the gas flow, but can't imagine what. Any ideas?
how matc oil for engine change
how do you replace the light foe the speedometer tach needle
how to remove spark plugs
need to replace bank 1 sensor 1 and bank 2 sensor 2 e-mail
i have a 2002 rx300 lexus i'm told i need to change the timing belt at 90000 miles is this true
The Ac blows cold air but not forcible no matter the fan speed setting is
I have trouble with the right power window. It goes down Ok, but coming up it's like there is no power.Clicking it several times then it comes up. This happens using the button on the drivers side as well as the pass...
I have some paint chipping on the front of my car but i cant find touch of paint anywhere for it. Whats the best thing to do or a duplicolor close to it? I dont want to spend a ton of money on it. Its white with gr...
When I use the remote to open the car doors, the inside lock buttons snap open normally but I am unable to open the drivers side door from the outside although the lock button snaps open. It feels like the door handl...
The check engine light has been turning on and off for the past month on my 2000 ES 300. Got it checked and said it was the transmission. Went to a transmission shop and they said I need to replace all my solenoids ...
Car is running great just have the engine light and VSC light on - wondering what this code could be??? Had timing belt and water pump replaced and this has been on ever since. Derek
The right side power window always goes down, but it it hit or miss getting it up. Is the a bad switch?? It a 2001 Lexus RX300
my ls400 has 110k miles. at what mileage is my next major tuneup due?
my idleing to low n keep turnin off
Recently had noisy blender motor replace. Now car is quiet, but I noticed when I turn air to lowest temperature it doesn't get very cold. It used to be icy. I was blasting air yesterday (In the the 90s outside) and ai...
What should I expect to have done/replaced at this milage? What about the transmission?
I live in Myrtle Beach and it is HOT now. When my Lexus RX 330 is in the "Hot Sun" for a period of time and I go to start it, It frequently will give a "Squeeking Noise" when I turn over the engine. It just does this ...
no juice gets to fuel pump
can i replace a 1993 LCD instrument panel with a 1991 LS400 panel????
I purchased this car and it won't start. Has no electrical spark to spark plugs.
The power antenna motor seems to be moving, however the antenna will not move up and down. You can pull antenna up, but you can't push it down by hand.
Power antenna will not move up and down, but motor seems to be turning.
The air conditioning light blinks - when this occurs, the a/c gets warmer - if I push the button off and on again, the a/c light stays steady and the a/c works - the compressor seems to kick on and off as is should - ...
I'm LX got very bouncy, was told the height sensor was bad. The "part" cost approx $1000. Turns out...there were 3 parts : Rt front, Lt front and rear it possible these ALL went bad at the s...
A warning light of the rear trunk area of the car is on but thelights all work, what can it mean?
My sterring wheel is stuck in a bad position the telescopic motor keeps a buzzing noise when I try to ajust it but it wont move at all.I would like to fix it myself if at all possible what do I need to do? any and all...