oil pan was replaced on my 1993 Lexus ES300 and now the oil light comes on whenever driving on an incline - how do I reset the light?

Any suggestings on how to remove water from my headlights?I don't know how to do much hands on opstacles and dont really feel like messing my car up.


1999 Lexus es 300 transmission will not engage in reverse or low,but drive & second still pull but not good.

1.open or short circuit
2.poor electrical connection
3.faulty vent solenoid

where is this located so I can check it, and how should I determine if it is 1 or 3

Is $200. too much to replace?

what wrenches do i need to take off the front two fenders

RX330 AWD with P0766 code. Non-Lexus shop indicated a replacement of transmission is required and with other misc charges ($100 fluid, $175 TCM Program). Issue is new vs used trans? Labor charge of $1100?

After stoping from a highway run such as a rest area stop.
When I start the car I get a hudge cloud of white smoke.
This happens after highway runs and after the car sits for a short time.
If I come off the highway and go home and the car sits overnight I get the same problem.
I have used a crank case cleaning flush several times with no change.
Was thinking it may be valve guide seals but I think that should smoke after sitting all the time and also would be blue smoke?
Anybody have any thoughts?
Don B.


Replace rear bearing hub assembly

i changed three catilytic converters.new plugs.it will not get over 35 mph.converter gets red hot.

Some items listed like change brake fluid, etc. isnt it too early for that? Fluid still looks great.

When I start the car up I get a noise, kind of like a pop when a sterro is turned on, but I get no sound from the radio or cd player. I am able to tune the tuner and the volume control appears to work, but no sound.

how do you get the tire rod to turn down the spare tire

the passenger window failed 1st, few months later the driver window failed. I don't drive to school anymore cause the windows won't roll. What can I do. I was told it may cost $1800 to fix.

I took my Lexus in because the A/C wasn't cooling. I was told the Freon was at .3 and should be at 1.7 and the evaporator coil and expansion valve would need to be replaced. The repair will cost $2200. The SUV is 4.5 years old with 41,000 miles. Could this possibly be a defect and can you comment on the repair cost?

i cant figure out how to open and replace the engine air filter housing/box. it appears sealed with no clips or trap door. is this some facotry sealed type tthing? its never been replaced

my tranny seems to start out in high gear.Changed the tranny this one does the same.Shift to low gear tranny take of very strong.

When accelerating, it feels like a pulling a slow start. Once the speed is up to 30 or 40 car runs smooth

Can just the glass be replaced or must the whole unit be changed?

both headlight comes on when I turn one the light and when I start driving the left light goes out. Have changed the headlight hoping that would sovle the problem Still happens with the new one) Sometimes the electric windows will not operate and one back door lock can not be locked or opened electronically. Must lock it manually.

This has happened to me a few times now. After turning the ignition off for a short time I am unable to put the car in gear when restarting. The button on the side of the shift lever will not push in, as though a lock is not releasing. So far by waiting and trying again repeatedly I have been able to drive again. I don't think this has ever happened when I first start the car in the morning.

selenoid is okay rack is okay pump is okay but still hard steering

my car has some really small dents and scratches bumpers have to come off for painting and repair. has anyone used them?

Since the snow has melted & rain has hit the mid-west, I am seeing water on the floor board. It is on the drivers side front and back and on the passengers side front also. What could be causing this?

i need to change all 4 struts. the car is bouncing a lot. One tech told me I also need to change the mounts. The other one says no mounts but I need to change springs. 85K miles. This is my wife's car. She drives by herself just locally on good roads. no overload. 85K miles.
Should I really to change mounts or springs or both if they are not broken.

i bought a new oxygen sensor,deleted code,after 2 days it came back on, same code,i did it again with a better one still came back p 135 why every one thinks the same but they all wrong?

why would my flashers come on when i take my key out

The lower dash and console lights do not illuminate. I've checked all of the fuses and they are okay. Is there a connector that may have come Loose?