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i have replace my thermostat, but my car is still over heating. why is that
my airbag light is flashing on and off
where is lower cap located to fill resivoir on air I found High side but cant find lower side
How many are the clips to the turn signal light bulb assembly?
How do I gain access to the signal light bulb/
I have been having water on the floor on the driver seat been trying to find leak by inserting a towel on between the carpet and the middle console thinking is the a/c leaking'
Check engine light on. Already replaced (Myself) Mass Air Flow sensor. Before the MAF sensor replacement I had 3 codes: P1150, PO171, and P1155. Light came back on and now the P1155 code is the only one remaining. ...
no check engine light but the car failed low idle emission and passed high idle what to check? new air filter new pvc valve new oil change new plugs(bosch fusion) cant figure out why but u can smell the richness of th...
high beam on left not working replace bulb ok
I did replaced the battery and the remote still does not work. Help. I dont want to be charge per dealership.
car has been leaking oil for several months. With city driving I usually have to add a qt of oil every 400 miles or less.
Stopped car and put car in park and noticed antifreeze smell. All the antifreeze was on the ground and temp. gage read hot. Battery light came on. Could water pump need replaced?
I am about to replace both drive belts on our 2005 Lexus ES330. Before I commit to the tear down, I want to ensure I can properly reassemble. After visual inspection, I cannot determine how to retension the power stee...
When I am making a turn my car will somtimes depending on the speed and the sharpness of the turn to jump into that direction so much that I feel I have to correct it. My husband thinks it might be the rack and pinion...
where is the oil pressure switch located
my ac works but the fan won't come on or change speed when you go up or down with the control. when you drive cool air does come through. Can someone help me with some answers, thank you
signal for bad brake lights is on.I checked bulbs, replaced 1.aignal wont go out even though all brake light bulbs are good. PLEASE HELP
the signal for brake light bulb replacement stays on.all bulbs have been checked.they(1)changed,all brake lights working. brake light signal still on.I think its a electrical problem. PLEASE HELP
My 1992 es300 is burning exessive gas that is causing grey smoke and fumes. What might be the problem?
I have been having my car regularly serviced by a local non-lexus mechanic that I trust. Is it necessary for me to replace the timing belt now (at 95,000 miles) and is it OK for him to do the work vs. the Lexus dealor?
Need location and specifics aanging tbout chiming belt, ft. drivers side window motor, water pump and thermostat
I took my car in for recommended service of timing belt,water pump and all belt replacement.Now cars running rough, so now they are telling me i need front crank shaft pulley. does this sound true if so how much to re...
i got a 1994 lexus gs 300 just start over heating cost radiador to exploude what shuold i check first
Was driving down the street and then all of a sudden I'm reving the engine and not going anywhere. Someone told me the transmissions go out in these cars after 100k mile and its going to cost me 5000.00 dollars. I c...
Have had issues with my '94 ES - basically, the car would start, engine light came on and then die. When it started fine...everything was o.k. Then it would happen again. Once, it started, but started in 'limp mode'...
what is the cost to replace the following on GS-300 1998 timing belt,ball joints for the front,gaskets,air filter radiator hood and trunk shocks
AC light blink on and off I thought it make be freon but it's not
This is coming 40 % of time
my car shows the check VSC and enginge signs come alonge as well as traction off when checked they said problem with carbon sanesor so what to do