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code set after about 25 minutes of running time and after changing the spark plugs and oil... code cleared at shop and eluminated again after approx 25 more minutes. Solution?

On repair pal is there an area that will give you how many hours to repair

I need to replace the rear seat shoulder harness. Could use some advice on how to remove the molded interior parts covering the shoulder harness assembly so I can remove and replace it.

My car has been run for almost 40,000 klm now , the dealer told I have to change the both brake and disck,that costs me around $600,but I think the brakes are fine,those people behind me, so I want to know how often should I change my brakes and disck and how much does it cost

the telescoping steering column does not go up high enough

there is a beepig inside when the key is not in the ignition. all doors and the trunk has been doubled checked.

why does steering make noise when i make right or left turn

reaset oil maintenance light after oil change

Thank you!!!!! I went to autozone and I have 3 codes - po446, po171, po174 can you help?

My A/C is working, in the sense that it is blowing cold air. Yesterday while the car was running, it just randomly auto-changed (best way to describe it) and no longer responds to my changing of the knobs/desired output of A/C.
After some simple googling it seems it 'could' be the resistor? Or is it a problem with the digital display? Thank you.

What weight oil and how much does the 3.3 engine take?(no owners manual)

Had brakes replaced last night, today the trac off and engine light came on, what should I do?

the Lexus dealer tells me the front differential is leaking fluid. The vehicle has 120,000 miles. The offered solution is to reseal the front differential and replace the fluid. Service reps tell me this is quite a process on this particular vehicle. How long should it take and how much should it cost?

Each time I start the engine the left mirror housing hyperextends all the way(faces to the leftside). With some difficuly I can mannually bring it to the right position but after turning off the engine and start again it repeats the same problem.Is this reported before. What to do other than replacing the whole mirror unit. I wonder can this function be disabled. Thanks

Crank pulley is making noise. What is the cost of replacement.

i want to locate the nav disc player on my lexus so i can upgrade to the new version without going to the dealer

How much should it cost?

No ploblem, they just said it needed replacing. I'm trying to sell it. replace one torque rod

1994 Lexus SC400 running hot has 182,000 miles what could it be?

For the last 2 years sometimes the windows won't go up or down.Sometimes they are O.K. but more and more often they won't.

I store my Lexus every winter (live near PA) and jump it every spring without an issue. This year went to start it and it turns over fine, but as soon as it wants to start it stalls out. Any ideas?

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my windows stopped working need to know wat fuse go to it and where its at

The cup holder will Not close and hold. It stays open all the time. Can this be fixed by owner or does it require a Lexus tech to handle?

Wher is the port located to recharge the A/C

My transmission shifts hard.The speed of the vehicle doesn't seem to matter. Even when driving easy it shifts hard

Cylinder 2 4 6 gone bad replaced car still shaking not as bad and check engine light is still on as well as VCS light Just started maybe 5 days ago

My ABS and Brake lights came on in the dash. At the same time my shift intrlock, power window switches, sun roof switch, heated seat switches, the heater controls, and the rear defroster all quit working. Is there a common fix for this type of problem?

I am trying to find where the bulb or fuse is for my auto transmission shift, P,R,D,1,2 is out. How do I change it?

how much to fix a gps on lexus rx300

rough idol to stalling at red lights after driving the car for about 20min in town. i have also just clean the whole system myself and i am wanting to know why this is still a problem. my only guess could be is that is the sensor on the bottom of the egr valve? any help would make my life so much better=] because i love my lexus and want to keep it tell it dieds at 600,000 miles=] lol well thanks to all that can help