During a rain storm we find that water is leaking into the car, which is a Lexis R300. Is this a problem that has led to a recall. How do you repair this leak. What does it cost if taken to a garage? Do you have steps to solve this leaking.
I think that water moves into the inside from the roof and ends up near the right side post and pools under the seat and the post.
Thank you for any help you can give.

Everything else seems to work fine.Its just like the mute is on.Also when you push the agree button to activate the GPS the ding noise does not sound now

im trying to figure out wat is the name of the part that conn to the air filter housing and the throttle body that has 3 hoses.

will the engine from a 2002 swap without issues?

truck started then died! tried restart acted like dead batt. hooked up charger on boost will not crank. horn and lights work. batt cks good with meter. all guage needles [speed, tach, oil pres. etc FLASH off and on?????

what do i need to remove in order to replace the thermostat on 1994 Lexus E300

How do i replace the thermostat on a 1994 Lexus e300

how to replace right side mirror

car staling while driving today was driving fine then it wont go but when you turn the car off it will go but repeat the same thing over again. transmission has beenchecked no problem there

Research, have not brought yet.

dash and instrument cluster lights dont come on for about half an hour or so after car has been started. i have never seen anything like this can it be repaired is this a common problem how do i fix this thanks!

fuel gauge doesnt work replaced sending unit and still doesnt

the lights for the instrument cluster dont come on until the car has been running for a while whyis this

how to remove front brake pads

I noticed that every time I park my car outside the garage at night and drive it on the morning the engine, vsc track, vsc off light is on. It's 43 f outside during the night and I was wondering if this is causing this LIGHTS ON problems. the lights doesn't stay the whole time it's off during the middle of the day when the temperature gets warmer, any advice.

Should I replace the transmission on a 1999 Lexus RX 300 with 180k miles? I was quoted 3500.00 with a 30k mile warranty.

I am trying to remove the front inside door panel, so I can fix my window that seems to have fallen off the track. I can hear the motor, but the window doesn't move. I've already removed a total of 7-screws holding the panel on. 3-screws underneath, 1-screw under the window and lock controller, 1-screw under the armrest hidden by a decorative piece, 1-screw in the air duc, 1-screw located at the end with a rubber stop attached. It looks like the only thing holding it on his the door latch handle. Is there a trick in removing it?

my dashboard lights flash in and out sometimes they come on and then they go back out.

On normal brake applications when stopping the brakes grab and make a knocking/thumping noise and when i get up off the brakes it stops only on the right rear disc brake.

My speedometer doesn't work most of the time. It just keeps on saying that I am going 0mph when I am going like 60 or any other speeds. It does work sometimes, but I was just wondering what I needed to do and about how much would it cost.


I was told i need a B1S1 AF sensor costing $239.90. Is that price correct and what would the labor be to replace it?

was closing moonroof and it jammed with tilt up. motor won't say anything; light works; removed panel with switch but can't get it to disconnect from electrical cords. Could motor be bad or is it most likely the switch?

lexus leaking oil at crankshaft pulley. how much to replace it.

no brake lights checked all fuses and installed new brake light switch and still don't work. warning light not coming on to tell me that a light needs to be replaced is not coming on either.

Engine stalls during take off and suddenly excellerates quickly.It surges when cruising along and hesitates during excelleration.

How much should it cost for an oil change and tuneup


10 year old grandson in car=how do I disable passenger side air bag

I recently took my car in for a recall; they drained the brake fluid and called to tell me I need new brakes on the front; which were replaced. Now I have a slight tremor in the steering wheel and a pull to the left, ever so slight; but it's not right. I took it back to the dealer and they can't find a problem with it..They rotated the tires, but it didn't solve the issue. What could be the problem?