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Will not go into overdrive ,with ect on or off.What rpm should engine be when driving at 55 mph? Stays at about 2000-2500?
Not afraid of taking any part or the dash removal. Just wanting to verify that the dash is in the steps of finding the expansion valve.
How can I diagnose wether it is the window regulator or the motor? I want to buy the right part prior to bringing to the mechanic if possible. When the button is pressed there is a mechanical sound made but no m...
Sudden onset of window function failures. told is was "burnt out" motor. does motor equal regulator? what will be a fair labor price if I get the "motor" from a reputable dealer? Could it be another device that failed?
Vehicle was checked at repair shop and no code problems. replaced fuel filter because it was due
car overheats quick coolant leaks out by the right front tire friend say hole in waterpump
it will stall when i hit gas peddle and idle drops if i let up off th peddle it slowly starts to move
Hello, I have a Lexus ES 300 2002. Few months ago, I started hearing loud road noise coming from front tires that would increase with the speed, I was told that tires had feathered due to bent front shocks and I would...
I have had a new A/C filter, leaves removed several times, and the clicking noise continues on a hit and miss basis. have been told it is sticking sensors on the A/C and that there are 3 sensors that would have to be...
put a new battery but doesn't start
I've been driving my Lexus for about a year and a half. Great car but lately when I am driving around town, not on a highway, just regular streets, I've noticed that as long as my foot is on the gas I'm fine. The prob...
How do you replace the lower rear brake light on the drivers side?
How do you replace the bulb on the lower rear brake on drivers side?
About six months ago I had two coils (#1 and 2) fail on my 2000 ES300 w/ 75k. A month later one of those coils failed and had to be replaced again, and now I just had a seperate coil fail (#4) this past weekend. Is ...
oil pan gasget leak. what is replacement cost?
what should be done to remove sludge buildup in engine
is there a web site hat shows and tells each detail of replacing axle thats free of charge
My car used to start immediately when I turned the ignition key. Now I almost always need to do it a second time to get the engine going. Is this the beginning of a problem with the battery, starter, neutral stafety s...
My lexus with 117K miles was running great until a few days ago. When my wife used it to run errands and returned home, the next morning we got in to take off, it cranked but wouldn't start. It's been doing this for t...
need to replace soon (fortunately have an extra key) Do I need to go to dealer, or is there a less expensive option.
car will not stay running, only when sprayed with starter fluid it will stay running
The car has about 95k miles. About 6 mos. ago I started the car and tried to back it out of my garage. After it was started, it stalled. This kept happening and there was a gas smell. Had the car towed. The repai...
What would be the cost of repair a leaking main seal?
Part of the instrument panel -tachometer, speedometer and temperature light are out on console panel. Tough driving at night. Trying to figure out how much it will cost to have it repaired.
want to change the engine, where is the oil filter located and how do you access
no codes no lights, running premium gas, hesitates when changing gears, dealer says nothing is wrong, i just bought car and thats what previous owner said.
Following 90K service there was some oil leaking on the garage floor for a brief time. I was told I needed to replace the oil pan gasket. Nancy
95 lexus es 300 228000 miles just fixed leak in hose running from power steering pump to fan but still overheating in stop and go traffic. Mechanic says the solenoid is good and the temperature switch. How do I check...