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I need to know how to close my map dvd

the speedo is not working but it is still connected.

What is the process and what equipment do I need to replace the transmission fluid?

How do I get the diagnostic codes for a 1993 Lexus SC400 v8 engine?


Would a P0135 Code (O2 Sensor issue) have any thing to do with the engine's temperature?

While the car idles, the temperature gauge goes way up, to the point of indicating overheating although I have yet to see it overheat. As soon as I start driving, the gauge returns to the "middle/normal" range. Any ideas?

what is the hood support strut pressure strength for each strut

why my transmission does not shift at night with the lights on?


How often is this repair done(recommend mileage)? What is the manufacturers recommended time to change? An with all the other recommended repair that should be done at the same time as the timing belt what is the total est cost then?

Replace the timing belt on my 1999 Lexus.

I have a Lexus GS300 that runs extremely hot after 10-15 mins of driving. Replaced the head gasket, major service, termostat, coolant flush,,,can not seem to fix problem....please advise need to keep car

check engine light is on .had it diagnosted I was told the gas cap was causing problem,I changed cap and light is still on.

How do I change the rear taillight bulbs on my Lexus LS 400. The left and right rear . How do I access

Regardless of setting, auto, low, high, the windshield wipers will work fine for several minutes, then suddenly stop in the middle of wiping stroke. Turning the switch to off and then back to any setting 2 or 3 times allows it to start working again for a few minutes until it stops working again.

how do you remove the ignition key cylinder.


its hard for me to put my car into gear and i world likr to know why thank you

how to remove the side mirror(instruction)

At what mile interval is it recommended to change the timing belt, water pump, tensioners, etc on a 2006 Lexus ES330?


i would like to know why my dasboard lights do not work and my reverse light comes on when i press my breaks why does this happen thank you

when taking off from red light the car does not respond to eccceleration for a few seconds and the it slams in and goes it is an intermiten problem it doesnt do it all th time and it doesnt have any check engine codes on it

my 1991 lexus ls400 has a bad gas smell when i driving it and i would like to know what that is thank you

it just do it when it get ready i change the maf

How do I check the oil level of the Auto. Trans. of a Lexus RX 350?

I had been having problems with my battery for a couple of weeks. I would get jumped off, go fine until I stopped and then have to get jumped off again. The last time this happened. I bought and installed a battery on sunday. it ran fine until thursday afternoon...2 batteries later and 3 battery cables (it kept melting my battery cables) I can't even get jumped off (until last night) now the car starts fine however, a new problem arises...I have no dash lights (even though the fuses are fine), no tail or brake lights...the windows will not roll down and no interior lights even though the car starts fine now. I was going to pull it in the driveway last night after getting it to the interior lights come on but when I crank the car all the other lights still the same, out, except for interior and headlights...even worse, the gear shift will not move out of park now....I tried turning the wheel, etc....any ideas

When is the timing belt supposed to be replaced?

I added water to the battery before discovering in the manual that you are not supposed to add water to the battery. Will this damage it? A light had been left on in the car which drained the battery originally, but charged it up, saw water was low in battery , so added it. What happens if there is too much water in the battery?