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I have somehow gotten water in the bulb housing and it has caused the blinker and lamp to blink rapidly. I would like to remover the moisture and change out the do I access teh bulb and any ideas for the m...
the car has coils not spark plug wires, so how could I find out if the coils are bad
when its hot and humid my lexus wont start its done it a few times already and other times I removed the gas cap and it sucked lots of air and after a few minutes it started but not this time
We placed the battery June 2009, with a new one from Costco. Lately, I have been noticing that the clock reverts to 1:00am, which is what happpens when the battery gets disconnected, yesterday the car wouldn't start,...
The inside door handle has broken on my 1992 SC400 Lexus.
How much does a A/C service cost on a LS 400 1998? It is blowing lukewarm air out of vents.
This question isn't about a specific car. I am curious to know the information source for common problems reported. I notice that Lexus LS400 and ES300 have no common problems reported, and Infiniti Q45 and I30 only h...
clicking noise when wheel turn
The drivers door solonoid trys to open/close but seems weak and doesn't make it. I have to use the key in the door to open or lock the door about 50% of the time. The inside door locks does the same.
I have noticed that on two occasions, wispy trails of smoke wafting from both sides of the car. The second time it happened, I was in heavy traffic on the freeway. This afternoon, when I returned to my home, I could s...
how do you remove the driver side front inner door panel?
thinking about buying a GS300 the car has fuel issues and the guy said the starter went out to i fix cars but i don't know anything about lexus the guy say the car was running but you had to spry stater fluid to get i...
i did try to change the 02 sensor 1 bank1 but i'm not sure if i changed the right one please somebody help me.
Break lights keep coming on every other week. Break fluid keeps draining however they have not found the leakage yet. What is causing the break fluid to leak and how much it cost to fix it.
i wanted to know if u take the thermostat of but dnt replace it wat will happen
How do i replace the ignition lock
Odd noise I can only hear inside car when engine running. Dealer has had car for one week, now looking at exhaust manifold and common parts for answer.
car runs very good. engine is geting very very hot.temputer gaue is perfact new thermstat in car. it is also full of antie freez.
car run great but the engine gets very very hot temperture gaue is perfect thremustat is new
How do you get battery from under hood when battery is dead?
When u put the car in gear it doesnt move . It was drivin before but not no more. Is it a vaccume problem.
Lexus SC 400 rear differential problems? Noise from the rear...worse at 60-70mph when let off the accelerator
i need to know an estimate of how much it will cost in order to fix a back reflector on the side and to fix or replace a bumper (the paint came off but it is not dented)
A car repair shop replaced a direct fit OE replacement muffler with duel outlet to my 1996 Lexus ES300. Everything sounds solid but noisy. The muffler costs me $133 and I don't even know what brand it is. Any quie...
when i put my car into drive, on the dash it stays in 4th gear selection even though the stick is in the drive position. Could this be a sensor or what?
My 1991 lexus LS400 has gas fumes in trunk and cabin. took new gas cap off last night and it took over 50 seconds for the back presure to stop. Is this normal? What is it going to take to fix this and what is the prob...
I need to replace the front leather seats of my lexus RX 300.
First time. Shifts into drive but not reverse.