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what other things would cause the ceramics to melt in the converter

I changed my headlights in January, unplugged the battery in order to do it myself. After reconnecting, had to reset the seat memorys, power windows, that normal stuff. But since then, sometimes the thermostat above the navigation reads the wrong temperature, or will read in Celsius while the thermostat near the odometer reads the correct temp. Also, the A/C won't blow heat, will not blow hard, and no matter what directional setting, will only blow out of windshield defroster and a little out of the middle vents. Air works and but for the first 30 seconds to 1 minute that the car is on, it won't allow me to turn on the A/C. The windshield defrost button will just blink. Also, if I have the A/C running and turn the car off, when I turn it back on, the A/C is back off. Toyota told me I need a new thermostat and coolant flush but my old Mazda dealership I worked at that new very little about Lexus said it sounds like Toyota just wanted my money and it doesn't seem like the problem is the thermostat.

Replay new antenna for sc430 Lexsus how much does it cost

i have replace the fuel filter i checked the fuel pump i have replaced the fuel pump relay it acts like it wants to start but it wont

Car ran then just died on road. Sounds like fuel pump going out so replaced but still when you start car it runs then sounds like it chokes and dies or like it loses fuel. But engine light will not come on when key is in ignition. Car will only turn over. When i reset computer engine light comes on as it should car starts then dies and engine light fails to work and dio machine says no link?

the problem occurs every time I put the car in park.

have howling noise front right. checked tire
ok. Pulled out from tire on wheel seemed tight. voice at low speed going and when
speed reduced. happens every day
Thanks bob Calandri

When I turn off the light in the night time and turn back on, light turns on, but it may go off anytime again. I feel the problem is with switch or computer programming.

Error message read "Shift solenoid C performance or stuck off"

just had the spark plugs replaces and the air filter has well.

So about 2 days ago I replaced the front axle on the front passenger side, now it is popping up check awd system and check vacation system, and my rear electric motor is not operating any information on a sensor issue maybe?