My soarer wont start. Checked all basics and can hear fuel pump work when you turn ignition on got all reds working so there is power to everything but nothing when you try and crank it over

There is this weird smell sort of like an electronic burn suddenly coming under my driver seat when I turned on my engine. Also my speakers won't work. Any solutions?

What would it cost to make this repair. I have 210000 miles. on this car.

My alternator went out I changed it already the car runs good, how ever I am having a lot of electrical problems, and I check all the fuses they all tested good. However I was not able to check the relays.

Loss of power during accelerate. 250,000 mile

it pops when i turn it pretty good a low speeds like 5 or 10 mp. and when i brake than when i accelerate. and its not a continuous popping sound it pops one time hard after each. it aint the cv axles i don't think or the tie rods. i was wondering if it may be a subframe bolt?

The cost difference is huge. The fan wobbles and I can hear a clicking sound coming from that area. When Iturn on the ac the sound is just a little louder. I have been told by some that there is minor leaking from water pump. I have been told by others there is no leaking. Timing belt and water pump were replaced 6 years ago and about 60 k miles ago. Visual inspection of timimg belt looks ok. I don't want to replace wp and tb if not necessary as the labor is much higher because of all that has to be removed. Is there a sure fire way to see what's causing that noise?

looking for the cost to replace both knock sensors and the harness

Cant get more than 35 mph,

Driving on highway about 200 miles and radiator fluid pouring out , put fluid in still would not start, had it towed , and the said it was the timing chain the reason it would not start,

When trying to put the top up on my convertible to goes 80% of the way then stops. I turn car off and try again, and it is stuck at the same point. will no go up or down all the way.

It has a hook up for ipod and mp3. But I can't figure out how or if I can hook up my music from my Android phone

It used to play while I was driving down the road or just sitting in the car then one day I turned it on and all I get is sound and no image.

Want to replace the vacuum pump

When I accelerate the noise sort of follows the shifting of the tranny. Is this timing ? Tranny ? Had alternator tested by AAA when car died, says ok. Don't have owners manual, how do I check codes ? Thankyou.

it moves. When I come to a junction and stops and try to take off it does not move or some times I have to wait for the engine to heat up to at least 10 to 15 minutes before the vehicle can move. Is there a problem with the transmission or sensors that causing this problem?

Repair information

How do you. greese balljoint

I checked the engine oil for signs of coolant, but the oil does not look contaminated. I also don't see any smoke coming from the tailpipe. What could it be?

The problem is constant regardless of how low the passenger side temperature is set. What is the problem and what will it cost to repair.