When I brake the pedal goes to the floor about every third push. Is this the brake booster or master cylinder? What would be the cost to repair?

I had my tires balance, aligned, and rotated. My tire dealer said they see no problem with alignment parts. I Feel excessive vibration especially at speeds higher than 65 MPH Can feel it mainly on steering wheel. Hard for passenger to notice it.

It wouldn't move it's like I'm in neutral through all the gears

my ? is would p0402,p0402 and p0406 effect doing a smog check on my car

The mechanic shop say it's #5,but don't know why they just dry it out and say it's running fine now

Dear Sir / Madam

The T/M ERROR message keeps come on my Lexus Ls600h dashboard and I dont know what it's means?

Thank you for the help.

When you change one ignition coil do you post replace all off them At the same time and will put one good one in will it send the code for a camshaft sensor before changed out the coil it want saying nothing about camshaft till I replaced coil

Every day, when car is cold I notice that anytime foot is off gas (decelerating), in the engine there is a sound like a deck of cards shuffling (tongue to roof of mouth blow air from throat vibrating sound). Infrequent lurching when coming to a stop, but no other issues, just different and annoying. Seem to notice more at lower speeds, but probably because I am not giving the car gas, but could just be my hearing. Will it get worse? Something I need to deal with? I was told transmission... not entirely convinced, but won't know unless they pull it all apart and charge me for it. Wanted to check here first~ thank you!

Has anyone had the brake lines cleaned and checked for any contaminants that may have caused the ABS Actuator to fail to operate properly, prior to replacing it?

Also, did he begin shortly after the brakes were done? I have learn that some tech's at chain tire/brake shops will push the caliber piston in, opposed to releasing the fluid, as it is a hassle for them when they are in a hurry. This cause contaminants to enter the system, which will leads to failure.

this problem started 4 days ago, when i started the car.it was not cooling, although I experienced it before and later it started cooling. But now, its not working.I have changed the condenser,filled with gas,but not working.

Make the car feel like it's grabbing on and off. Is this normal?

My soarer wont start. Checked all basics and can hear fuel pump work when you turn ignition on got all reds working so there is power to everything but nothing when you try and crank it over

There is this weird smell sort of like an electronic burn suddenly coming under my driver seat when I turned on my engine. Also my speakers won't work. Any solutions?

What would it cost to make this repair. I have 210000 miles. on this car.

My alternator went out I changed it already the car runs good, how ever I am having a lot of electrical problems, and I check all the fuses they all tested good. However I was not able to check the relays.