I was driving and realized that the fluid was leaking and the car shut down

My Lexus recently got hit on front driver side while parked. Drove to body shop with no problems after body damaged was finished and test drive was being performed only 50% of the time it will respond to acceleration instantly. Other times you can have it floored and nothing happens then all the sudden your burning tires. 150,000 miles on it. No codes no sensors

Here is Video of whats going on. The rpms drop from the corresponding rpm to speed when the vehicle slows down rapidly 10 mph or more. The rpms basically go down to 500 rpm and bounce up to the corresponding speed. This car is new to me

the lights work good but the starter will not even click when I turn the key

Several times I open the boot or trunk of my car manually I.e, I have to open one of the rear passenger doors to stretch my hand to open the boot of mycar,

expensive to repair! Is he right? Buy car without nav,,,

Sometimes when you put the car in "D" it will move but it doesn't switch gears it just rev's up goes about 20mph and sometimes it will kick in and begin to work but sometimes NOT.

we check already the wiring and the sensor and all is are good, but when we check on the computer its always appeared P0500 and C1201. what is the possible problem?

Driver side temp control button fails to change temp from max cold to any higher temp

Had something on the tonneau and didn't know it and try to convertible and they broke off then tonneau brackets or maybe called stoppers

I have 0135 code 0141 I replaced bank 1 sensor 1 and that's when the 141 showed up, but the 135 didn't go away. I need some info on what to do.

I do see a slight oil film around the gaskets. Can I wait before spending money?

this is a 2010 gs350, when driving I get a sound (howling) from the front end that gets louder the faster you go. sounds like it has mud grips on the front. I have replaced the tires and checked the hubs (car has 85k on it) hubs feel good and noise doesn't seem to change under a heavy load or in corners. car drives fine and struts look good (I don't see any leaks in them and car rides good) any ideas on what else to look for? before I take it to the shop to get racked over the coals

Took to shop had headlight replaced cost $141. After pull out of drive noticed check engine soon light is on. Husband is livid. Please help....also passenger side heat doesn't work just blows cold are when heat is on.

I was told it sounds like a valve gone bad. What do you believe is the diagnosis?

My car went for 115 K maintenance. When I was driving on highway, I noticed smoke from exhaust, rear windshield oily, and strange noises from the hood. When I parked the car oil was dripping from the engine. Therefore, need to know the diagnosis and its frequency (if reported by others). Thank you.

The right side camber was pushed too far out during a alignment what need done to get a proper alignment?