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Specifically the front catalytic converter. My car's check engine light is on and it's jerking when I accelerate.
My car vibrates when I stop at a light Lexus said they didn't find anything wrong. Should I be concern?
Lexus say they didn't find anything wrong. Should I be concern?
Was advised that I need to replace the valve timing gear; it's leaking oil. How much should this cost? Thank you.
I could not see nothing on the dashboard. it would not show nothing at all no blinking signal no nothing!!! but it was still with power as i drove. and i tried to roll the window down and it would not roll down while ...
everything in the car is okay. no check engine no oil light . there's no other light is on too.
Heater worked one minute and the next it only blew cold air. I was low on antifreeze, I added some. What could the problem be??
I just had 4 new tires, oil change and a wheel alignment on Saturday.
I have coolant in the car. The first time I start it it will not blow warm air. I turned it off and went back to start it and it warmed up. Why is it not blowing warm air?
Check engine light is on, but it doesn't want to turn over or stay on.
When I depress the button, visually I see the indicator going from lo to hi but nothing is happening - the system doesn't turn on. What could it be?
The green backround light turns on but my heater nor a/c turns on. No temperature. At the same time my clock stopped working and the outside temperature too. I'm not sure why it stopped my sister was using my car when...
It stop pulling as I made a turn but started back father cut car off for a min.
The weather was cool I turn air condition to hot, after turning back to max cool the air condition does not cool again
Just had heads sent to machine shop . Mechanics charged me 4000 dollars . Had to take back due to misfire and they told me it was two sets of ignition coils that needed to be replaced for 178dollars each . They said t...
Entire undercarriage especially rear end (Axle) differential is rusting away as it sits in garage, has original miles of 39000. Wheels are turning to powder, it looks like. Toyota nor Lexus will not back their inferio...
Why is this happening and will lexus stand behind this. For a top notch company I am surprised this happened