Daughters car has 160,000 miles. Engine light has been on for awhile, both traction light and another one of a car and its lights are lit up. System has had no problems up until now

Engine light is on but car runs great.
Any simple solution since no flashing "M" light occurs

I open the sunroof And now it won't close I tried to get some gasAnd push the button and it did not workIs it a fuse or something else

It was working fine and suddenly it stopped.

a deer ran into my left light and cracked it and crack one of my grill in front in low speed luckily I stopped

I topped off my coolant with Prestone I bought at PepBoys. engine started to run rugged and loud noise when turning the steering wheel.

car runs great but when I turn the lights on car seem to default to second gear continuously.

I had the Lexus mechanics check my horn while they were replacing my (recalled) airbags. They tell me it is a spiral cable problem. Where do I find this part? Or someone to fix it without costing me a fortune?

Already remove single bolt on the shock and the 3 bolts on top. Still a lot of pressure on shock

watched utube video & it showed washer on back. when I took bolt off everything fell & didn't notice or find any washer that goes on the back side

Do I need to replace motor? Everything on the switch works except to faster speed on wipers.

and when i bypass relay it car start run untill i take my foot of pedal it dies. help thank u

I have a clinking noise that comes and goes. My mechanic does not know where it is coming from. He said it could be coming from a fan belt, a bearing or something else. Have you heard of this problem

Driving. I changed the water pump and pulley and has done it since actually a week later

it started about a week ago can hear it mostly when its idle

My RPM is dropping frequently mostly when I'm driving and I've gotten the catalyic concerter fix as well as my fuel pump and still having the same problems? What cluld possibly be wrong?