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Truck every morning and several times a day when starting has to crank several times before it will catch and run. Once or twice a month it will act like there is no starter and I have to unplug the battery and wait a few minutes then try again, and It starts up like its brand new. I have been told by a so called "mechanic" ( I say that because he is a friend and never went to school) that it is the crankshaft position sensor, but i'm unsure. I read on websites that a bad or going bad CPS will cause the engine to die while it is running. My truck never has issues driving just starting.

in the fluid and it has turned to a pink type liquid. Yhe check engine light has come on.

When I compress my brakes, the pedal goes about half way down and then feels like it pops and stops harshly. I think maybe the brakes need to be changed but I'm not sure.

Lights & all electronics went out. Hooked jumper cables up to it then they all worked except the led display on the dash.

The fold in feature doesn't work as well. It folds in but wont stay in.

After putting in the starter and reconnecting all the wires and fully charging the battery i get a battery indicator light on the dash and get an alternator code when it is started and am driving it. How many volts/amps should the alternator out put be?

1997 range rover 4.6 hse.

shifter moves up and down but wont engage in gear

4 ways come on and keep blinking. I think it may be the anti theft system. I need to know how to disable it or over ride it. The code that came up is P01000 even. Any help would be great. Thanks.

When I turn over the ignition the engine will fire for a few seconds and die. I used my OBDII tool and it's giving the following codes,P0120,P0123,P0223 and P0103. I've sprayed cleaner on the MAF and checked the connections to the throttle body and anything else that seems to be related. This problemcameon all at once one morning with no previous symptoms. I'm stumped. Help please

A friend is asking if there is compatible water pump pulley you can use from lets say a ford explorer because he is not able to gdt a land rover replacement quickly. My guess would be no necause it is an "import" for one and two explorer to a land rover is like pro-wings and nike's.. if that makes sense..just doing this inquiry because he doesnt have internet just a civic kinda gal I have no clue. Thnx in advance for any info

Happened Weds, 1st time wouldn't start when I came out of store; got it started after 20mins, then it stopped when idling at red light, kept trying until 45 mins later it started again. Shut off when got home. 3-4hrs later my brother came to pick it up, it started, but stopped again before he could get it to mechanic it stopped again. Pushed it to mechanic; mechanic says not fuel pump and problem has not happened again in the 2 days he's had it.

Tune up a month ago.

my car was diagnosed with that problem but I can't find the explanation can anyone tell me

im told by l/rover my 2005 55 plate r/rover sport diesel needs a engine bay wiring lume and they cannot supply one

I thought it was the starter, I changed that with a new starter still nothin ,all it does is make a clicking sound inside of the truck

Already replaced brake pads but the brake warning red light stays on and the low brake pads keep logging on every time I started the car. Need help please.

I cant get it out of gear. Do i need to jump the battery?

When I start the engine, I have the error message as following : default charge battery. The car is 6 month old. After canceling the message, I have no more the battery signal lighting. The car is driving without problem. What can it be ?

I have undone the 3 bolts. it moves etc but I cant get it past what appears to be a mount at the there a 'knack'to getting it off??

the car can be drove for an hour or days without it stalling then suddenly with no warning it will stall usually when braking or slowing down at a junction also the fuel gauge doesn't always read the amount of fuel in the tank or when you think it is low it will suddenly go higher plz help its driving us mad

Although weather strips on both rear-doors were changed two times at the dealer ,there is no change. Gum seals of lower-plate of rea doors do not fit to the under body.

While it was warming up at my home I heard a pop (like a hose came loose/off) then the coolant ran from area where it was leaking. I then shut off car. It never over heated and/or the temp. gauge never went up. What could be the issue or the cause?

A/C works but the drivers side blows hot air wile the passengers side blows cold air. It has R134a, what could be the problem? Stuck actuator door? Please help, it's summer and I live in Miami...

engine light on and i have to push hard on the gas then it jerks into gear and tran pro failure message come on . codes: P0730, P0733 and something about its goes into limp mode

blem it also burnt out when you open the pump the armture is burnt

is there some on on the beach can do the work an i pay for parts