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Sometime when I push on the brakes the pedal stops at midway...other times I have to push it almost to the floor. When the pedal stops midway the longer I have my foot on the pedal it will eventually go all the way t...
i need to know where the realy for the starter
my range rover has code po171,driveing off it sputters & spits back for a few moments then drives off with not much power as it did before,and eats the gas,i wanted to change the pcv valve but can/t find it,could you...
Do you have instructions on replacing the door handles
what is the labor time on a head gasket job on the 4.6 liter engine
I just brought my Range Rover to have the water pump fixed and the battery replaced. The check engine light went on after driving it for an hour. My dad hooked up the OBD scanner and the code 1173 came up. What exa...
My repair shop (not the dealer) thinks it is a sensor but cannot figure out which one it is. Mine has switched into 4th gear on the highway upon these error codes.
at the cold winter time air suspension dos not work, some times it takes an hour to run the engine until the car comes up
I drove my truck to work and when I got off I started the truck and it would not go into any gear. However, when I would move the gear shift from park to drive and then back to park, the gears would make a grinding s...
My land rover starts then immediately dies. Previous to this I replaced the water pump, serpentine belt and fan due to a failure in the water pump seal and bearing. I don't know if the two are realted but the rover ju...
Which type of gas is best for the range rover 1996 model? Super or regular?
cruise control button does not light up or actvate system when pushed
I did a major tune up ( my rover has 90064 mi), the shop did not check the hoses when they were doing the a result the hose to the radiator burst...should the shop be liable for this and should I have to pay ...
Drove the vehicle on the highway and went past 50 mph. It is supposed to lower at this speed but stood in the up position. Now it only lowers at park. Do the air suspension struts need to be replaced?
my check engine light came on. diagnostic code p2402 and p2406 came up.
Heater is only blowing cold air I smell antifreeze as well
The low brake fluid indicator and the brake light on my Range Rover flashes on intermittently and randomly. Checked the brake fluid and it is fine. Any clue as to what might be causing it?
What is he estimated time it takes to replace the right rear wheel bearing hub?
just changed valve cover gaskets,throttle body gaskets[pre-heater] , new wires and plugs[gap .38].needs to be cranked twice now once before. idle at 650 rpm. before 750.
At varies times while driving the tailend will shimmy, vibrate and feel like I am riding on rough terrain.
no codes transfer case just stop working, transfer is in neutral,when put in gear transmiision go s but transfer is not working
Hi - How many labor hours it akes to install a new transmission. I am trying to compare costs of rebuit or buying a remanufactured and installing it. Thanks!
Mass Air Sensor cost including installation
How much will it cost to repair transmission for 2004 HSE model - it shifts hard during the first gear when takes off.
how do I disconnect wire or cable to a regulator for 1993 grand caravan. all we are doing is just switching a driving doors.
help diagnosing obd2 codes
Hi, it seems the transmission had hard shift on 1st gear, please advise
EAS fault light lite,suspension dropped to curb level what causes this problem
How much is Strut/Shock Absorber Replacement - Front - One Side