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i replaced the two vis motors and there was motor oil inside the intake not sure what is causing that can anyone help the codes are still on
I have had air flow sensors replaced, gas cap is fine .
Hi, I have a 2003 2.5L gas Freelander that a month or so ago when started exhibiting intermittent severe losses of power. I have an inexpensive Blue Tooth code reader that I use with the Torque app on my smart phone...
It being doing this for about 2 to 3 months off and on.
Hello my 2002 land rover with only 80,000, miles check engine light keeps coming on with several codes from 001 through 007. the codes say it has a misfire, air induction, and fuel mixture problems. It just had an oil...
Is there a limited time for the relay fans to go off and on.
this tiny rubber 'ring' shaped oblong fits neatly into the front assembly of the a/c compressor. compressor works great but this little rubber seal/gasket is broken in two places. again this rubber/seal gasket is ab...