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I replaced the window regulators on a Landrover Freelander and after i was done working on the regulator and I attached the switch and connectors back in place my vehicle began to lose power. So I know there is a shor...
This problem occurs daily. Doesn't matter how far you drive, could be a mile or 100 miles. Turn it off and it won't restart. Turns over good, but no ignition. Wait 15 min. and it starts. Whats up?
I can turn blinker on and want work,you can hear a humming noise.I had flasher checked and the man said it was good
What can be some of the main cause of vechile running hot ?
rear window regulator worked fine when replaced. battery went flat and the window hasn't worked right ever since. have tried to disconnect the battery and reconnect it. window goes up about 4 to 5 inches and then moto...
When I attempt to start my freelander the engine doesn't turn over but i can hear the timing belts cycling and the starter as well, but after so many attempts i believe the solenoid got jammed and i have also noticed ...
just need to get it through mot then will get it looked at
from the top to the bottom between the engine and transmission at idle speed only.
The cilynders are numbered#1#3#5. The coils and the spark plug wires at # 1 and #3 positions seem to be out of order. What is the correct coil fireing order, as it is mounted from the timing belt side 1-3-...
I want to add a red LED light strip on the outer edge of each door...the aspect exposed when the door is open…where the latch is located. I want these red lights to illuminate with the interior lights when a door is ...
Thermostat housing separated after two weeks of adding coolant to reservoir.
Have a 2002 Freelander HSE with 90,000 miles. The Service Engine light was on and there was a significant decrease in acceleration. Took it to a local mechanic who said that the catalytic converters needed to be re...
Cannot find the dip stickk or where to add transmission fluid...
when I step on the gas it takes a while for the car to go fast
had leak and it was traced to this cause. The housing plus other parts needed to be replaced. What should this cost at a commercial repair business?
UPPER heater hose Does not s to be hard when I squeeze.
turn signals work only intermittently makes a zzzzt noise when it doesnt and drags the engine down..have checked battery, fuses, replaced turn signal/light
The rear window does not work - made a grinding sound, but nothing now. The dealer told me I needed a window regulator and wiring replaced. this doubles the price from $400ish to $850. Is this in the ballpark?
Hi since my MOT and having some work done on brakes about month ago the engine warning light flashed for a second them went off again this got worse and more frquent I spoke to garage and they looked and said there w...
low compression #1 and# 2 and missing w/ check engine on plus igniction coil like no good
My question, can the timing belts (three of them)be change without the use of the special tools that the manuals say you need.
how can you check fluig level
I have a possible airflow meter fault can the meter be cleaned or airfilter replaced as other articles suggest. Also I have oil in the hose past the Airflow meter (Mass Airflow meter), what could that be from
I have P0171- system to lean bank 1 and P1471 and 1472 Variable inlet manifold motor (short circuit to ground- to battery)
all freon pressures are good. works very good when it particular sequence or time to the problem
One of the front valve cover bolts is broke. how much whould it cost to tap it snd re thread?
oil leaking down front of motor into spark plug tubes and exhaust