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Can Idol or putt around town all day without overheating. Runs great until your on the highway for about 25 min. Then it overheats. Block test negative, new clutch fan, water pump, electrical fans, radiator flush and...
i have code p o305 detected
When making a right turn or driving over a rough/bumpy piece of road, the traction control system slows the car down (light comes on the dash board too). Has anyone else experienced this and/or know of the reason and ...
The control on the steering column will not engage.
My car was left when I went home for the holidays. Came back and my car was completely dead. The only thing that I can do is unlock and lock it manually. This is my first car so I am worried sick. Waiting on AAA to ge...
What else would cause this issue. Oil leak seems to be coming from the top end. Also has bad blow by? Please help..
blower inop, no juice to 30 amp fuse under dash no juice to blower motor
Discovery will not start. I tried to jump it hoping it was a door ajar overnight, but not the case. It has 90000 miles on it and has been running well. The transfer box light/sound comes on after driving for long peri...
I hooked up the blower motor directly to the battery and it worked, I get 12 volts on the motor plug, all fuses,relays, and connectors are good, so what could be the problem?
exhaust smoking white smoke, oil seeping out of manifold joint and when warmed up starts smoking.
It also has a vibration, but may be due to the aggressive new off road tires. The clicking noise sounds like a card in the spokes of a bike. the vehicle runs fine and shifts from lo/hi without issue, but the clicking ...
fuel pump doesn't come on when cranking engine. pump works when bypassed
Was thinking to purchase a used Land Rover but it needs an oil seal. The price is good depending on how much it cost for the oil seal service.
The window control button is a bit loose and I'm thinking about replacing it.
The wire on the sensor is BK, red, yellow and white and the plug got loose and the wires have different colores
There's a giant crack on the windshield and needs to be replaced.
With my truck turned off the dipstick reads over full. I start it and run it and then check the fluid level while running and it reads empty on the dipstick. I keep pouring in fluid and I can here a sound in the dipst...
I have replaced the back brakes thinking that would fix the problem but it still continues to happen. It drives fine but as I am driving it will start binging and then all the braking system and towing system lights ...
TC, ABS lighs steady on. Light with a picture of car going down hill with"!".
It happens everytime I rotate the steering wheel to the left or right. It is not something I feel, it is something I hear. I think it is coming from the steering box. Any suggestions?
no loss water no over heating discovery running at normal tempreture
the battery was disconnected for long time and now the radio won't come on and I don't have the code.
About two weeks ago my truck ran hot and started to smoke looked under the hood seen coolant spitting from the heater plate on the throttle body and noticed a nice size puddle of coolant on the ground changed the heat...
stays cool when idle but when I drive about 2 miles it runs hot and I hear some knocking and see smoke on the driver side of the engine.
When coming to a stop and letting up off the gas and pressing the brake, the Land Rover cuts off (occasionally, not always) but restarts. Now the ck engine light has come on. New plugs, wires, distributor. Could it be...