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Will not start when tank is under half when left over nightNight
so i notice my temp gauge was reading red and the engine overheat signal came on. i immediatley pulled over and had it towed to a land rover dealership. they said it was my thermastat that went bad and it would cost 6...
these lights are the large off road lights not my lower fog lights which work fine
It does Make a click sound every time I try. I can see all light on panel,but te engine does not go. It show me some service code.
Don't know if anyone have any more advice for me would appreciate it before i do anything stupid ....... Think it's the shift nob..... Not sure
Radio, nav. all inoperative.
mechanic checked fuses and states he doesn't think the fuses are the issue.
Noticed this a bit ago and now it is developing a bit of a shake at about 50 mph
Doors have to be closed for the windows to work and if the lights turn on the fuel meter won't work and as soon I open the door and put the key the a/c LCD the speedometer lights and flor lights start flashing
I believe that the end gate used to unlock when the other doors unlocked. Now the only way I can unlock is to push the end gate unlock button on the remote. The problem with that is that I have to turn off the vehic...
I'm told it is an LR3 problem and those warnings were taken out of the software? I just had a new radiator and all hoses replaced. It is an HSE and has 130k miles on it.
Last spring brakes front were vibrating - dealer replaces brakes and rotars front and back. Since then, front brakes have vibrated off and on - upon inspection, after 1000 miles, they replaced pads and brakes again. ...
Do I need a simple oil change with new filter or is there another problem? I see the oil coming from the top of the oil filter housing. I did notice that the oil was very low when I checked the dip stick.
when braking at 30MPH or higher
Truck every morning and several times a day when starting has to crank several times before it will catch and run. Once or twice a month it will act like there is no starter and I have to unplug the battery and wait a...