Not sure where to plug in a tester to see where the problem would be

It was sitting for some time when I bought it .... battery is not fully charged right now butt I'm getting good power thru the dash lights it seems .

Tps shows wide open all the time
Back fires when running
Low rpms when at a idle

Also have checked all the sensors out of the car and they seemed to be working .

My 04 HSE shows a check coolant light. I can't get the cap in the reservoir to budge. The engine is cold. Righty tighty lefty Lucy right?

I changed the brake pads and rotors. I also changed the the tight ends inner and outer. Why ?? I brake am l getting wobble at 45 mph-higher....

Please notify me if you need a picture

Was heading out to work and noticed that when I pressed on the gas pedal it didn't cause the vehicle to go any faster. I eased offor of the gas pedal and tried it again, noticed that my engine light came on but proceeded to work (not far from home) . Got off work and light was still on and as I when I pressed on the gas pedal, I experienced the same hesitation. It would rev really high and eventually I would get a knee jerk reaction. Ok at speeds under 40 but anything over that then I get this reaction. I have a 2013 Range Rover Evoque. I've had the vehicle for close to 3 years.

On the dashboard I'm receiving an error code that states there is a 'special systems failure'. What could this mean?

It's not the gas cap and I've had both catalytic converters replaced with new, what else could cause this?

Worked fine yesterday. Heavy rain last night sunroof left partially open. Water on center console

Purchased a rebuilt steering column and after being late 4 days i tested the new one and same problem. Put the key in and turns over and starts and will keep starting as long as key is in. Take the key out and re-insert the key and it doesnt turn at all. Locked up. The place where i purchased the rebuilt column from stated of course that it worked before we sent it and its probably something else triggering it like the ignition switch. Please any help would b gratefully appreciated. Is there a way to check the ignition to see if it faulty. Thank u anyone

does the front drive shaft have to be installed for the transmission to engage?

the dash board is reading -623

just started today

How do you know when your camshaft sensor is bad?

I want to know if it is possible for a do it yourself guy to replace power steering pump. It could be a leaking hose also?

This was towed to my shop, owner mentioned previous sunroof leaks (left open) now it won't start

Is there any chance I blew a fuse, or could the computer be ruined.

car has trouble accelerating and the fan is super loud? I am trying to determine the cause as i had brought the car back to dealer to fix some scratches and got it back in this condition? please help me

Nothing else seems to be affected due to the rainwater entering the interior. Oh there was a small pool of water in the cigarette lighter/ashtray compartment

Even when plugged in, nothing. Garage saying wait till it goes, however seems to run most of the time. cannot sell till fixed. crank sounds different each time some times clicking sometimes just turns over without starting.
seen a few videos on youtube same problem but no answer, can anyone help?

running and stop make a noise and shake and what can I do ?

I bought my sport new after 11 months I had replace the pads the second year the rotors and pads and now in 2016 my light comes on and tells me my pads are low is a common problem I only have 39,000 miles