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And it lowered itself.i went to store this morning when I came back to vehicle the passenger side was down I waited a few min hit switch and vehicle level out.can some one tell me what is going on....

I had my battery recharge after my Land Rover seen to be hesitate about starting sometimes. After I put the battery back in after charging it chank once and wouldn't chank again. I read in the owner's manual if you hold down on the start button you might discharge the battery.

the transmission seems to have an issue when shifting between 2nd and 3rd gear, also when you come to a stop you feel a little jerk when the transmission downshifts to low gear

I have a battery drain and heard it could be the issue. I was wondering if some one can give me idea where the radio antenna is. So I can disconnect the rf antenna.

The alarm locks the car but will sound the alarm after a few minutes. Does it just once them stops.
Any clues as to why?

The key will not turn to open driver & pass doors. Rear right passenger door can't open from outside & with child safety on, it won't open from inside. Rear window does not close completely. Pls help

engine will not start

Checked the fuse box not sure what fuse it is.

Just bought my 03 land rover discovery and had it 7 days today (10/11/2016). The M and S lights flash. Had it put on diagnostic at AAMCO transition shop and the only code we got was OE position monitoring switch. How much is this repair? Other than this my discovery is in good shape

A dealership has this vehicle for sale
It was great shape, need a winter vehicle so I can park my doge challenger for the winter
They were over priced on it started at 10
Got them to come down 1500
But the sunroof will not open
I said 8400 for it
They said 8800
And I walked
They won't fix it
Ideas ??? Cost??

Everything powers up,but no crank

I've been receiving recently the msg transmission fault with limited gears only. As the car stops shifting correctly. Can somebody explain what is the problem exactly? Thank you.

The Land Rover discovery has 4 oxygen sensors. I changed 3 of them but on the front driver side one I just can not get the socket on there. Is there another way of doing this or do I need to come up from under which means i will have to take lots of parts off.

Is this a common problem to this car and what is the most common solution. Is there a way to test the motor for the sunroof or could it be the switch?

What is wrong and how can I fix whatever is wrong. The brakes seem to work fine and when I try to read the codes I get nothing.

For some reason I can't get the window on the passenger side to close all the way.

When I drive down the road, unless it is perfectly straight my Land rover seems to bounce up and down quite violently.

I've had to replace the battery three times in the last five months.

Code Reader will not connect for any codes. Radio/CD or Nav systems do not work.

Car gas been running fine, no problems. Checked the battery, it's charged; oil is full & clean; has plenty of gas. When I turn the key it sounds great as if it's gonna start, but it doesn't! HELP! It's such a good solid car truly w/o problems!!

Hi, everyone!
I own a LR3 2006 HSE, recently showed an amber light with a warning message on the dashboard about a suspension faulwt where only can drive on normal height mode. The car was scanned and these are all the fault codes found: U0122, U0402, U0418, U0421.
Please, could you help me to identify where is the problem and how to fix it?
The amber light appear just after the reparation of the air compressor (just was changed the complete compressor repair kit)

Thanks in advance!

i have to go every week to diagnostic to drive my car without problem


Not sure where to plug in a tester to see where the problem would be

It was sitting for some time when I bought it .... battery is not fully charged right now butt I'm getting good power thru the dash lights it seems .

Tps shows wide open all the time
Back fires when running
Low rpms when at a idle

Also have checked all the sensors out of the car and they seemed to be working .

My 04 HSE shows a check coolant light. I can't get the cap in the reservoir to budge. The engine is cold. Righty tighty lefty Lucy right?

I changed the brake pads and rotors. I also changed the the tight ends inner and outer. Why ?? I brake am l getting wobble at 45 mph-higher....

Please notify me if you need a picture

Was heading out to work and noticed that when I pressed on the gas pedal it didn't cause the vehicle to go any faster. I eased offor of the gas pedal and tried it again, noticed that my engine light came on but proceeded to work (not far from home) . Got off work and light was still on and as I when I pressed on the gas pedal, I experienced the same hesitation. It would rev really high and eventually I would get a knee jerk reaction. Ok at speeds under 40 but anything over that then I get this reaction. I have a 2013 Range Rover Evoque. I've had the vehicle for close to 3 years.

On the dashboard I'm receiving an error code that states there is a 'special systems failure'. What could this mean?