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vehicle is manual trans and hsa will only work if you are trying to climb a mountain
what decides the angle of the hill and does it use a mercury tube if so where is it located, the hsa only works is you are trying to climb a mountain.
Remote will/ won't lock doors, interior lights will/ won't come on, trip milage goes back to zero. Started about a week ago. Headlights won blink when the is used.
Mechanic replaced powers erring pump and then said the pulleys needed replaced
My Sorento chimes continuously and the seat belts are being worn and no doors are ajar (although two of the door locks do not work either but that is on going with this model. I stopped having them repairs ($500 a po...
Blower fan turns off and on intermittently for almost a year - sometimes it'll turn on with ignition but not often. Sometimes it'll turn on suddenly while I'm driving but then once I turn the car off, the fan won't ...
05 Kia Optima 2.4l. I've replaced the coils plugs wires timing belt and balance belts the cam and crank sensor with the timing plate. It ran good for 4 months. Then after I replaced the alternator it would run fine fo...
I just had the brakes changed and the mechanic removed the heat shields but every time I hit a bump I continue to hear the noise.
passenger side works, locks work, fuse ok
Comes from the box on the drivers side (relay box). It doesn't happen all the time.
I did a compression check got a reading of 145 on cyl #1. (check ENG code Cyl#1 misfire). we replace injector,omed tested plug wire /coil pack check good within spec.range as per factory repair manual.(verified 12 vol...
I think what I had was a really bad jerk from downshift. It just happened out of nowhere, It felt like someone had hit my car from behind. The stick moved from Drive to N by itself. I had to put the car in park befor...
Key will not unlock door inside or out.trying not having to take off panel
Feels like my emergency brake is on after stopping, but it is the transmission on my automatic. Usually happens after the engine is warm after about 20 miles or less.
Now codes p0446 and p0431 pop up and car over heats..
I had this car for two weeks it was driving good, after being on the highway it started to slow down. It went down to 30 mph and now only pushing ten. I noticed the fuel filter was busted so i changed it and still not...
When I'm backing out or pulling in while the wheel is turned, it's extremley hard to turn and it jerks a little bit. No noise, and power steering fluid is full. Also when I'm going between 65 and 70 the wheel shakes p...
The battery was completely disconnected for 3 weeks timing is spot on, have fuel and spark. Does the ECU need to be reset or flashed? Why wont it start?
ESC off light continues to come on for no apparent reason. Whining noise just started and is annoying.
How much dose cost to replace a timing chain tensioner?