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Remote will/ won't lock doors, interior lights will/ won't come on, trip milage goes back to zero. Started about a week ago. Headlights won blink when the is used.
I did a compression check got a reading of 145 on cyl #1. (check ENG code Cyl#1 misfire). we replace injector,omed tested plug wire /coil pack check good within spec.range as per factory repair manual.(verified 12 vol...
ESC off light continues to come on for no apparent reason. Whining noise just started and is annoying.
There seems to be nothing that triggers the alarm. It can happen at any time of the day or night. I would be happy to just have the alarm system disabled.
put windows down, when I go to close them they do not respond, no matter how many times I try nothing. and at same time windows not working, and car door locks will all of the sudden LOCK! never know when all this ...
Just changed plugs, boots, and the oil. Vehicle did this before this. JJust bought it from a private owner. It may be the trottle position switch.
2008 Kia Sportage vs 2011 Kia Sportage 2011 is AWD 111,000miles 4 Cycle engine 2008 is 4WD 55,000 miles V6 engine Price is about the same. I am not good with cars and this is going to be my first car. I want a ...
Ive had both o2 sensors replaced, and been through emissions 3 times.
This is something new. I took it to the dealer yesterday and tey found nothing wrong; they replaced the brake fluid.Today it is still doing the same thing. Could the extreme cold temperatures be doing this to the br...
Srs light use to stay on while in drive. After replaced the top horn an replaced the 10 amp fuse, now i have a 1 4scnd and 8 quick blinks with 4 scnd pauses while I'm driving.
Yesterday I noticed the RPMs dipping very low, and I could press the gas peddle down to the floor but the vehicle would just coast, hop and eventually stall. It starts back up just fine. All electrics seem to be worki...
At first it happened once in a it always does. It feels like a catapult.
The car test drove wonderful. Made payment drove approximately one mile stopped,fueled up. Upon starting motor didn't want to keep running. I forced it fuel to make it run, at that moment it felt the trans was slippin...
checked damper seems to be working changed thermostat blew out heater core with air blows cool not hot
then once it is started it will continue to try to start making a grinding noise
Whilst travelling forward
Its worst coming off a dead stop or on a straight way vs when I'm turning
I need to know if it is in the fuel tank or on the fire wall. My dad is helping me fix it.
I put new TPS on has been seating for 4 years engine lite was on I put ODB code on it. it came up throttle system problem
I have a 1998 Kia it ran hot me me almost a week ago and now when i start to crank it it wont start. it sounds like it wants to but it wont. I put gas in it and the oil is good and so is the plugs. what do i do??