The system looks normal. But the engine did not start. signs of battery, engine oil pressure and start key are shown on the dash board. The radio and time are also working.R

I have the brake lights, tpms lights on, check engine lights all of which flash, shut off and then flash again. breaks are only 6 months old, tires are new and now the transmission is acting up. goes from not shifting to fourth in automatic to losing first and fourth gear in manual. i am thinking that it could be a confuion on the part of the computer but not sure. after reading all of the other people reporting imilar issues but not all of the lights i am unsure as how to proceed. i dont have 2000 for a new trans. is that my only option?

has good oil pressure

Check engine light is on and it shakes when im at a stop sign..engine is jumpie

Just changed plugs, boots, and the oil. Vehicle did this before this. JJust bought it from a private owner. It may be the trottle position switch.

2008 Kia Sportage vs 2011 Kia Sportage
2011 is AWD 111,000miles 4 Cycle engine
2008 is 4WD 55,000 miles V6 engine

Price is about the same. I am not good with cars and this is going to be my first car. I want a car that won't break down for next 5-7years. That is my TOP priority. I will probably drive 8,000~10,000 miles/yr. My price range is about $10,000. What is the better choice? And Kia Sportage is reliable, right?

Ive had both o2 sensors replaced, and been through emissions 3 times.

started with the speedometer and tac not working ..went to put in 4x4 when you pull out it stays in high gear what's my problem

geting good fuel pressure checked it at the fuel filter,don't know from there ,what will stop fuel from there ,any answers or clues would be a lot of help thank you

lost power going up hills.. Changed ful pump ran good then all the gauges stopped working including speed ometer and tac .getting good fuel pressure past the fuel filter ...spray starting fluid and it cranks and runs for a few seconds ...what's my problem please help

This is something new. I took it to the dealer yesterday and tey found nothing wrong; they replaced the brake fluid.Today it is still doing the same thing. Could the extreme cold temperatures be doing this to the brakes?

Srs light use to stay on while in drive. After replaced the top horn an replaced the 10 amp fuse, now i have a 1 4scnd and 8 quick blinks with 4 scnd pauses while I'm driving.

Yesterday I noticed the RPMs dipping very low, and I could press the gas peddle down to the floor but the vehicle would just coast, hop and eventually stall. It starts back up just fine. All electrics seem to be working. Took the vehicle into the mechanic. They verified the problem. Left it in the garage overnight the problem did not repeat during the day. I picked the car up in the evening and within half a block the problem re-occurred. Took back to the mechanic. Mechanic can verify it's happening again, but they are at a loss as to why. The ESC and ABS lights have been flashing on and off occasionally for about 2 weeks now. The Check Engine light has not been on.

car sat for a year.then ran fine for two months.all at once will not turn over.lights dim when key is turned but no noise is heard from starter solenoid.checked starter,its ok.checked battery,seems ok.changed battery cables.any help would be appreciated

changed one thing after another

It started awhile back. My break lights work. I have to keep my emergency lights on while i drive at dark so no one hits me from behind.

At first it happened once in a while....now it always does. It feels like a catapult.