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I need to know how to check the transaxle fluid level

I had the clutch fan go out replaced that and than air conditionar belt broke, need to replace it before the heat hits.

Tune-up new coils new all intake gaskets new 190Lbs. Compression misfires under load to the point of ck. eng. lite flashing

whith the kia running at idle there is a pronounced high pitch squeeling noise, most of the time when you start driving the noise dissapates to the point where it seems to go away until back down to idle,had new belts put on and still same. can it be an idler pulley on one of the belts maybe worn out and doing the sqeeling or power steering unit, please i really need to figure this out, sometimes its so loud that it is embarrassing to drive. any input from anyone with kia sportage doing the same thing (as I have seen several other kia sportages with the same telltale sound)

when driving rpms jump up

front 3 plugs are easy to change, but rear 3 need extra work

i just changed the timing belt,all pullies, water pump over a week ago and it was running great, now it has just died while idling and won't start,i have changed both relays and still have no power to fuel pump fuse,i have jumped a wire from the battery to the fuse and i can hear the pump run and it attemps to start but still no go,what else can i check or do? thanks

check engine light comes on, engine sputters, then check engine light goes off, engine goes back to normal. Happened once, have not driven car since

replaced mass air flow sensor plugs wires fuel pump fuel filter

I have unscewed tensioning bolt (M6x100) but the tensioning idler has not moved. The belt slips when the a/c is running.
I have tried running the a/c without the tensioning bolt but still no movement on idler.

when fueling the kia the gas sperts back at you. it takes forever to fill it up

The light on dash shows it is in 4x4 but the front wheels don't spin

how do i change left front turn signal bulb

We are a tech school and have a 97 Kia Sportage that the front 4x4 hubs will not engage. We can not find information on how this system works?
Thanks Roy Shafer

Does a bad intake gasket cause the car idle rough or sluggish take off?

the routing plan under hood not discriptive enough anyone help me with where to get vacuum diagram for 97 kia sportage?

As I underatnd the fule filter is attached to the water pump. very costly to replace. what is the guideline for replacement if needed for this type of maintenance and what do I look for to know its needed.
Thank you.
Caroline Buchholz

ive replaced the battery but the vehicle still gets no power. no lights on the inside, no power to the lights. Dead

My girl friends car will start but the engine seems to shake badly and stalls very easily. Is this just an air filter problem our something serious?


Book says to change filter but I thought it was in the tank??? Is there an external fuel filter also?? Thanks

Only when i fill up the tank does it happen, but the car starts then the rpm's fall and the car dies. Can get it started if I give it gas and start driving right away, can't idle or it dies again. What would cause this?

Can you tell me where the vacuum hose is located for the 4 wheel drive ?

was replacing water pump, over looked timing marks.

where is the vacuum hose to the 4 wheel drive located ? and how to fix it ???

While changing the spark plugs on a '96 kia sportage on pulling the f fourth plug there is a large amount of oil. Do I have to drain out the oil or is that not good?

check engine light is on. Auto zone gave me these codes. p1624-p0705-p0507. How expensive are these to repair and which should be fixed first?

Torque specs and sequence for 97 kia sportage

Replacing rear coils on a kia and could really use a diagram.

What holds the timing belt gear on the crank? Could it be slipping on the crank or could the crank be broke?