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pali mi sie na czerwono check engin

hard rattling noises no growling as descibed for bearing replacments by other mechanics

chech engine code is p0700

No problems - it was recommended, but I question it.

Blown tire on front driver side, torn off some wire under the front wheel well. repace the tire and reconnect the wires. It won't start. Tried jump start and it still won't start. what do I need to check next?

I dont' get an answer from do I do that

Took to Kia and after charging me over $200.00
the same thing has been happening.
They told me it was my gas cap not tighten.
the engine goes real fast and I have to break to slow down

My A/C no longer comes on. The lights on the dials come on and everything else electrical seems to be working. I checked the fuses and they appear to be ok. Occasionally for no reason driving down the road it might come back on, but as soon as I shut the car off it happens again.

any ideas what the problem could be and can i fix it myself

I hear krak when drive then. jack car front, shift gear 1 in and manually rotate the front wheels then I got where the krak sound is. right where the right/left CV joints meet in the gear box. the service interval is good. why, when this?

The car is stalling and the engine malfunction indicator check light is on.

What is the eco/power button button for?

need to find the transmition drain plug on sportage 2008

As requested by a mechanic, I replaced the cham shaft sensor, had a tune up, replaced power steering hose, and had oil change. The car still does not go over 40mph and shakes violently when I come to a stop. It shakes so bad that it shuts off. Any solutions. Now im told to change the coil packs.

what would labor cost be for replacing IAC motor on 99 kia sportage

I replaced the radiator,stat,cap,and fan cluch twice.The motor will get a little warm but not over heat. Then wen I tunh the motor off It boils over. It has over 150,000 miles,It is a automatic and runs very well.

how much for a tune up?

How to do this??? Is it difficult for a shade tree mechanic to handle??

p1309 chassis acceleratior sensor
located the part on the car but dont know how to check it and/or dont know its function

I just had my power steering hose(s) replaced. Parts on RepairPal is $89-$116. Is that per hose? My bill were I had my car done is Press hose DNS $66 and P/S hose $94 DNS. What does DNS stand for. Does this sound correct?

How do you go about changeing the sparkplugs, when you take off the air intake is there a gasket that needs to be replaced?

The ABS system don´t work. The indicator light is always on. Are the ABS system totally ruin or is it possible that ABS system don´t work coz the sensor/detector is broken.

air conditioning doesn't work put in new blower motor only works on high for heater

Where can I get a diagram of the fuse box and wiring on a 1995 Kia Sportage.

Well I went and got a diagnostic done and it read voltage problems which they said was the The alternator put in lasted about a day and continued to cut off took it back mechanic said I needed a battery so I got that but car still have problems starting,lights flickering,dashboard and radio dims in and out door locks jump up and down, one night had to drive with head lights off to make it car will start if I get a jump but now it won't start at all.can someone please help me.

driving along then just died try to restart and did nothing but turn over. check engine has been on went to auto zone had a dianostic done on it they said crank sencor,mass air flow and o2 sencor was bad.could any of these problems cause it to stop running

I need a diagram on how to change the parking lights on my 07 kia sportage? How do I change them?

this thing will start and run fine but will not shut down with key i've changed the ignition switch and even with the computer disconnected it still has power to dash light like the key is in the on position??????????????

went for inspection, failed--was told I have an exhaust leak what is this and how difficult to fix

Well I went to change the side marker bulb on the front headlight I don't even know where to begin can't get to it by hand sure don't want to have it fixed somewhere I just don't know how to get to it if anybody can help I appreciate it.