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checking to make sure timing is ok any help would be appr.hard to get running seems like once u get it going just hard to get started
No problem just wanting different views on the timing belt replacement mileage Thanks
my car has been in the shop at least 5 times this summer and it has gotten to the point where i can't drive it farther then 20 or so miles. i have to be very careful when i accelerate or it will misfire and start jerk...
how to find plugs.And also how to set timing.
While driving a long distance my car will periodically lose power. I pull to the side of the road and rev the motor and so far it has always gotten power back. What could be causing this problem?
i was driving and all of sudden my car went in nutral gear and i pull on the side and took near by repair shop they told me ineed to replace whole moter. when they open the timing belt chamber it was not broken only s...
Are the spark plugs on the bottom or top of motor?
doesn't want to shift into 3rd
My 2008 KIA has a problem with the AC.After about 1 hour of driving, the air conditoner starts blowing warmer air. I can turn it off for about 5 minutes while still going down the road, then it blows cold for about an...
Does the blower also work with the Air Conditioner?
just bought my kia Sportage 2001, and after two days it wasw back in the mechanics cause it would have no power on acceleration and when stopped at lights it would stall and then motor would die. mechanic chaged fuel...
need car hood stripped and repainted
igition 1 fuse blows intermently
cabt figure out why the hold button is flashing?
evap code check engine light on
When I filled up my car today at the gas pump I started to drive it and it just shut off without warning and it wouldn't start up again! Im believed to be a clogged fuel filter but it could also be that my fuel pump m...
I just replaced all the tire and now the 4wd will clunk in when turning into parking space. When this happens you can feel the car slow down. {it feels just like when i put my full size pick up into low range 4wd }
where is the fuse located that controls fuel pump?
unsure where to replace the temp. sender unit and where it is located
after driving car for 30 minutes with a/c on,temp guage starts to show overheat, so I turn a/c off, even tho radiator and reservoir are full. what could be the cause of overheating?
after driving my car for 20 minutes with the a/c on, the temp guage shows that my car is overheating, and I have to turn the a/c fan off, even tho the radiator and reservoir is full. why is it overheating?
the heater core is leaking need to bypass it can't afford to fix it
need to see pic of timing marks on 2002 kia sportage are done
how do i replace and tighten my power steering belt?
how to replace timing belt. does not run now, timing belt is loose, and when trying to start it backfires, information on replacement.
I have a 2000 Kia Sportage, that up until a few days ago, was running fine...going down the road died, and would not restart...the only code that came up was crank sensor, replaced that, ran fine for 3 blocks then die...
Press the brake pedal and the left brake light goes out when the headlights are on. If the lights are off the brake lights function properly. All other vehicle lights are functioning properly. Tried a new bulb, no ...
It is highly recommended that the timing belt is replaced on the 60,000mile scheduled maintenance, why is that not included in this estimate?
the engine is missing when running and the check engine light keeps blinking
I am not familiar with this engine so would like to know how to access the spark plugs at the rear of the engine.