the HOLD light on the dash comes on ramdily

What do I do next to get it to pass smog test

Check engine light came on, took to dealer, they said they had the P0711 code, A/T temperature sensor, and it needed replacing(there was a bulletin out for this part). They estimated the cost at around $700. They reset the check engine light, so it is off. If I take it to another shop, can they check for the code and confirm it after the dealer reset it? The light came on after the car was parked all day, and I do not see any change in how the vehicle is running. Any ideas or suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

for Kia sportage

Flush and fill fluid. Also is there a filter that needs to be changed

the seatback wiil not go down so I can have use of seatbelts

would removal and installation instructions on a fuel filter.

I undid the brackets but the shocks don't want to come off the little ball stud.

Just wondering where the distributer is located.

Also, what type of AFT do I use?

replacing belts

Check engine light on throws code P0705

Kia headlight switch can be left in the on position, and is supposed to turn off when car is parked. Headlight must not be turning off. Happens once or twice a month. Replaced low beam headlight relay under hood and was ok for a while and now it is doing it again. Maybe problem is somewhere else??

poor paint?

pali mi sie na czerwono check engin

hard rattling noises no growling as descibed for bearing replacments by other mechanics

chech engine code is p0700

No problems - it was recommended, but I question it.

Blown tire on front driver side, torn off some wire under the front wheel well. repace the tire and reconnect the wires. It won't start. Tried jump start and it still won't start. what do I need to check next?

I dont' get an answer from do I do that

Took to Kia and after charging me over $200.00
the same thing has been happening.
They told me it was my gas cap not tighten.
the engine goes real fast and I have to break to slow down

My A/C no longer comes on. The lights on the dials come on and everything else electrical seems to be working. I checked the fuses and they appear to be ok. Occasionally for no reason driving down the road it might come back on, but as soon as I shut the car off it happens again.

any ideas what the problem could be and can i fix it myself

I hear krak when drive then. jack car front, shift gear 1 in and manually rotate the front wheels then I got where the krak sound is. right where the right/left CV joints meet in the gear box. the service interval is good. why, when this?

The car is stalling and the engine malfunction indicator check light is on.

What is the eco/power button button for?

need to find the transmition drain plug on sportage 2008

As requested by a mechanic, I replaced the cham shaft sensor, had a tune up, replaced power steering hose, and had oil change. The car still does not go over 40mph and shakes violently when I come to a stop. It shakes so bad that it shuts off. Any solutions. Now im told to change the coil packs.

what would labor cost be for replacing IAC motor on 99 kia sportage

I replaced the radiator,stat,cap,and fan cluch twice.The motor will get a little warm but not over heat. Then wen I tunh the motor off It boils over. It has over 150,000 miles,It is a automatic and runs very well.