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I have read different things (my last car's manual stated 60,000 but I changed it at 90,000). When do I REALLY have to change the timing belt?
How to time 2.0 engine when belt has broke
what are the timing marks on the 1997 Kia Sportage, we are change the belt and need to asap
how do you line up timing marks on 99 kia sportage 2.0
need to know how much vaccum i need to engage front wheels.
The frame of my 2000 Kia Sportage is very rusted and in very bad condition. How much would it cost to replace the frame?
Oil in 4th spark plug
power window cables came off and need detailed diagram of parts and how to install
po301 missfire cylinder 1
Gas pedal has to be to the FLOOR to start, and when started, it will idle fine, but when given gas, it will spudder and die. Then it will not start for a decent amount of time
A diagnostic check said the computer was bad.Changed it.Then it said the sensors was bad.Changed them and the fuel filters but still getting same results.Its my bro in laws car and he is a good mechanic but never work...
I have a 2005 Kia Sportage and the seat belt light does not come on the instrument panel and when you start the car and forget to latch the driver's seat belt the alarm does not sound off.
2007 Kia Sportage automatic. 80k miles. I want to drain transaxle fluid so I looked under the transaxle. It appears to have two plugs that could be the drain plug. One is horizontally placed on a box-looking part ...
Doesnt do this cold first thing in morning but wont shit until around 4k rpm until it warms up
it isnt staying running once i step on gas it dies
Dear sir: I have spent a considerable sum of money trying to fix the code 128 problem on my KIA SPORTAGE, 2002. Just last month the vehicle almost overheated on me and I had to get the radiator replaced despite the 12...
My sportage would stall after 10-15 minutes, replaced fuel pump and problem continued until it would no longer start at all. Ran a scan and it comes back CPS bad. I have a new sensor but I cannot locate where it is ...
would it be the tps or the whole throddle body
engine sputters at idle, especially with a/c on, replaced fuel filter still sputters. Car has 119k, no engine lights on
The sunroof on roof won't open, fuses OK. Also windows won't roll up or down. Fuses look good. Know anywhere to get a Manual for the Kia Sportage?
I had my check engine light checked and it was an o2 sensor
Where is the fuse for the iginition? car is dead, tried to jump it and the alarm went off. The lights came on but still would not start. Battery was tested and it is good but still want take a jump?
tiempo kia cinturón de 97
what is the torque on the upper plenum bolts? is there a special sequence to follow?
need to see timing marks
checking to make sure timing is ok any help would be appr.hard to get running seems like once u get it going just hard to get started
No problem just wanting different views on the timing belt replacement mileage Thanks
my car has been in the shop at least 5 times this summer and it has gotten to the point where i can't drive it farther then 20 or so miles. i have to be very careful when i accelerate or it will misfire and start jerk...
how to find plugs.And also how to set timing.