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I had this car for two weeks it was driving good, after being on the highway it started to slow down. It went down to 30 mph and now only pushing ten. I noticed the fuel filter was busted so i changed it and still not...
When I'm backing out or pulling in while the wheel is turned, it's extremley hard to turn and it jerks a little bit. No noise, and power steering fluid is full. Also when I'm going between 65 and 70 the wheel shakes p...
shifter can be in park reverse or drive the car tries to go forward,dipstick blew out spraying fluid on engine
While taking off or even driving the transmission will sometimes drive, I could be traveling at 50 miles per hour and all of a sudden it starts dragging and it backs down to below 20 mph, after a couple minutes it ki...
my car leaked out all antifreeze and overheated in frigid temps. smoke out of resovouir. poured in antifreeze in radiator cap and was able to make it home with no smoke. i drove for 5 miles no heat. smoked on the 4th ...
I have a check engine light that stays on. The scanner is saying one code P0501=(vehicle speed sensor) .I have replaced the speed sensor on top of the transmission. Light has been on for 3 months. When i cleared the c...
remove & replace 3rd brake light
Lights and CD player flickered before car died, wouldn't turn over after I got it back to house all it did was click but CD player and lights work. this is first time its happened but had alternator checked and its l...
off air. when I left air on I did not hear noise.Help..What can be the problem?First time this occurred.
A/C not blowing, heat works, other than blower motor, what else should I check?
Power engine and electrical got home looked radiTor cracked plastic replCed gauges bounce still runs bad and needs jump but won't stay charged
after i replaced brake light one week after the passenger side headlight bulb went out then after replacing i went thru a car wash and the driver side headlight bulb went out the same day
How do I remove the panel to access the the locking mechanism? Door handle inside doesn't work and I can see any screws
car idles but when you shift it, it has no power to move
Starter keeps going after i turn the key on this is the third starter i have put on
diagnostic codes p0732,p0765,p1529