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I was replacing the stock stereo with an after market stereo. The stereo has a Yellow memory power wire with fuse, a red accessory wire for power a blue remote turn on wire and black ground wire (plus the speaker ...
The check engine light is on. The clerk at O'Reilly's told me that the engine is saying "oxygen sensors" needed. How many?
It has happened several times in the past few days, and begins to rev after about 15 seconds. I turn it off after it gets too high in order to prevent possible motor damage.
My car will not start I have battery voltage wich is 12v and I have voltage at starter And the starter will click but my car will not start I need some help
Only when you barely mash the gas pedal
My heat does not get hot.My antifreeze is fine.How much about will it cost?
The transmission fluid just blows out the dipstick tube and when I add more it all blows back out
just bought a new battery and now the brake light and battery light are staying on
I have a 07 Kia spectrum that when I start it up at night an turn on my headlights an put it in drive the car won't go but it will go in reverse with headlights on
My Spectra just recently started leaking transmission fluid. I was told that just changing it and replacing the drain plug gasket would fix it. Has anyone else heard of this?
I'm in the middle of moving so yesterday morning I moved my car into my drive way so I could load stuff into it. I forgot that I left all my doors open while I went back inside to pack up more stuff (about 20 minutes)...
It is very annoying, doesnt madder if I hit the lock button on the door or on the remote it makes a very loud buzzing/grinding noise.
Have been disconnecting batt, but that screws up radio settings, etc. Don't seem to have any REAL problems, just the warning light.
can't open door from inside. outside handle still works. I'm guessing the inside door linkage has slipped off or broken off the release mechanism. anyone have this happen to them?
Car has less than 37,000 miles. Maintained great. Only problem I have ever had. Changed sensor 2 times. Replaces with Bosh. any help. Bill
My air want come on until I keep driving down the road and it will come on. But today I have drove it and it still want come on even after driving it for a while what is wrong with my car?