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car stopped completely, and there was oil under the car.
Im trying to figure out why my car squils when I have the headlights on and I turn on the heater blower. I just put a new alternator on so I dont think its that.....any ideas?
I can't get it into gear or start the car.
check engine light code- fuel level sensor, misfire on cylinder 2
The radiator has a slight crack in the tank and it was low on oil.
I just got new plug wires, changed the fuel injector, (niether of these matter in compression test) took car to autozone for diagnostic test: said, "misfiring", no bad sensors or anything other than just misfiring. Th...
started off about once a week, but now has gotten more frequent. the dash warning light goes off when it is added but it's using more and more now. I do not see a leak on the ground however.
When starting my car on a cold morning and pulling out of the slight incline drive way I start to hear a crushing noise like a plastic bottle and then sound like acorns are rolling around in the dashboard. This happen...
when we tried to move it,it was still in park and could push it around with no resistance, whats wrong or where should we start looking for the problem
The a/c in my car is not blowing at all. It has stopped working a few times and then come back on. I am hoping it comes on again. I just had it recharged and the compressor was working. The tech said the pressure ...
Could i need to change my transmission fluid if it is slipping ?
ntb would not flush it, they said there was too much sludge, i took it to meineke and the guy said there was blockage and he has to remove the valve to see what is blocking it before they can proceed--1.5 hours of lab...
AC power supply button not turning on. AC fuse is okay. Fan works.
is the alternater bad and did anything bad happen to the car when the belt broke like bent valves etc. or is this a simple fix. Iam looking at buying this car the way it is and not sure what to do
There is no smoke out of the exhaust, radiator cap is good, resivoir is not leaking not sure what to do
My check engine light came on yesterday when I was driving right after I heard a strange noise that sounded like the fan possibly. The sound comes and goes and the car seems to run fine. Does anyone know what is goi...
transmission plug
gas tank is emmitting back pressure!
diagnostic code says speed sensors are out replaced them speedometer still won,t work need help on this one
I was almost home and then my AC began to blow hot air and then my engine began making a nasty clanking sound. Once I got home, there was a burnt smell in the air and I had my father take a look inside the hood. The r...
03 kia spectra automatic when the engine is cool the car moves but when it warm up it want move.but the gears always move in reverse,drive and others gears.what is wrong
when changing the back breaks how would you close the calipers to get the new pads on the car.
What is done at the 90,000 mile service time
i want to find out where starter is located at can you please tell me where starter is located at
Kia recommends changing to a 110 amp alt. no one makes one, any help out there.
The check engine light came on and went off. Took car to dealer and put the input and output sensor on. Then i drove the car and the engine light came on again and this time it said that it needed the input and output...
My 2003 Kia Spectra has a ticking noise when it is idling. I only notice it when I am outside the car and not in it. It has only been a couple thousand miles since the last oil change and the oil level on the dip stic...
Brake light and battery light is on;want to know if alternator goes bad does it effect the shifting of the transmission ?