in last 2 days the a/c has gone from cold to hot and back to cold. this has happened 3 times.

speedometer not working properly what do i need to do

I had a key break in my door and I can to get a replacement one made. The spare key I had worked just fine but the new key that was made is now stuck and won't turn all the way to remove it. I have used WD-40 and nothing. What else can I do?

I have already changed the both transmission sylinoids. It is an automatic.

There's grease all over parts near the boot. Oviously leaking. Can't find the cost to repair?

It works when I first start out in the morning, then just stops after about 10 minutes of driving.

will these swap easily as far as bellhousing wiring computer ect.

It was running fine until I change the spark plugs and the oil. What would make the engine skip while its in gear.

Thermometer started to rise quickly. Was getting cold air when turning on heat.

one night i was driving home my lows went out and would not turn on. i used my highs to get home next morning i checked my fuses it was burned out, i replaced it my lights were working fine 2 days. yesterday when i gave a friend a ride home the went again i was able use my highs i checked and replaced the fuse. and start to head home i didn't make to the end of blockand they went out again but this time my highs wouldn't work. so carefully drove back to my friends house

is there a relay braker or fuse for the ac fan/ raditor fan when both stopes working what needs to be replaced.could it be a bad connection in the connections

down to a crawl during this time the powersteering also shut down.

won't pass inspection unless the rack and pinion ar replaced?

is there anything the car will do so i will know it is time to change


i had got a new transmission or so they say but now just a year and a half later the transmission is starting to do the same thing and it also seems like it wont accelerate correctly, while the motor has no problems.

After changing the cylinder when i drive smoke comes out of that wheel and it smell like burning rubber.

This has been drained twice already and next week will be the third time.Why does this keep happening? Is it because Kia is not draining it the proper way and it keeps comming back? Need some info on this.

when the care become hote the voice will go,i use some material for cleaning the valve system but the problem still there

I love my 2008 Kia Spectra. Two questions:

1. There is a light vibration on idle but I do routine main. on the car. What else could this be its not a huge vibration but its light and I like to fix things before they get worse.

2. I may sound crazy here but, when I drive my car it sounds like I am driving over rocks somewhat. Very light noise but Its not normal...wondering what this might be.

Thanks for any and all advice!

everything is fine but no back lights. What needs to be done now

I need to know how to remove the old one first.

Car sputtered and stalled. When I did get it started, there was no acceleration, seemed like it wasn't getting any gas.

Car sputtered and stalled. When I did get it started, there was no acceleration, seemed like it wasn't getting any gas.

has close to 80,000 miles on it. No problems. Just getting it tuned up and wondering if it needs the transmission flushed?

I replaced the belts and a new water pump cause water pump was sqeeling, but new one is doing same thing and belt is tightened to specs . Using stethascope , the noise is def coming from water pump.

I have a 2004 Kia Spectra that becomes VERY hard to restart after fueling. I'm going to change the charcoal box as well but think the purge valve may also be bad. I'm having problems locating the purge valve.

I will need a step by step intructions to be able to find it's location looking at the front of my car. Thank you!

My engine light came on flashing,used scantool got misfires on cylinder 1&4

i don't see any tensioner pulleys to get the outer belt off in order to get to the lower belt ????