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have a bent valve need to fix the head, how hard is it to do a complete valve job on car.Need some specs or something to go by can anyone help?
drive car on highway ,70 miles an hour ,no noice but when i slow down i get a rattling noice in the engine compartment,if i tap the gas alittle it goes away til the next time i slow down ,change all outer belts (3 bel...
My daughter is a student in Fulton. Her steering has become very labored, i.e. she says she can barely turn the steering wheel.
I have a bad aux jack in my console if you move the 3.5 cable the sound from my mp3 player goes on and off I have tried removing the console but cannot get it all the way out in order to get to the back of it and repl...
I have not had any problems, but i was wondering about what mileage I should change the timing belt
I need replace the selenoid valve, from Emission component
2007 Kia Spectra EX not getting any spark
I have a 2007 Kia Spectra. It has 140000 miles on it. It was driving fine, then all of the sudden the rpm went up and now it wont go in drive. It goes good in reverse.
sqeeking noise when i turn my heater on.And sometimes when i am driving
The temp control is not working. It always blows out hot air. Even when you turn on the AC, hot air blows through the vents. I can tell that the AC compressor is engaging. My question is...Is their a door or motor tha...
the transmission is hard engaging when you shift from park to drive. it gives a hard jerk. it does not do it when you shift from park to reverse or from drive to reverse. what is causing this?
Which oxogen Sensor will I need to replace. Check engine light is on. I have jerking in the ride at least once. Slow starts and dragging, like Im not moving at all but I am.
leaks cconstantly where is it and is it a do it yourself repair
I drove my car fine for almost 2 weeks. Then one day I turned the car on and started warming it up, everything sounded fine until it was warmed up to the 1/4 mark. When all of a sudden it started sputtering and then e...
Should the engine be hot or cold ? I have heard mixed reviews.... The sensor is located in an easy place to get at and I am considering doing this myself. Any tips appreciated. Thank you.
How much should this cost to get fixed
How do I drain the coolant from the radiator?
i need to replace one of the lights in the headlight assem. it is the yellow one in the top corner of the drivers side assem. not the head light or the turn signal
Need a tune up
If my timing belt broke while I was driving 25mph is the engine ruined,or can I just replace the timing belt again.
power steering fluid added to the master cylinder resoirvor and now the brakes are sticking. changed the master cylinder and completely blead the system and its still doing it?
how do you separate the axel from the transmission
the lighter socket in my kia spectra has no power. there is also no dome light coming on
my kia has no power and most of the time struggles to get up to 30 mph. belt squeals and battery does not seem to have alot of juice. changed plugs, changed oil, checked all vacuum lines, does not loose water, no oil...
Where is the location of the turn signal blinker relay?
my heater stop working the blower works fine its not running hot...its just the heats not working
it started about 2 days ago, this is the first time this has happened
I have 2003 Kia Spectra 5 speed w/11kK miles. I am getting a high pitched whine that becomes noticeable at around 35mph and get louder as speed increases. I can push in the clutch at highway speeds and the whine goes ...