The mil light is still on after replacing cam sensors crank sensors and both oil control valves. Still comes up with code P0016. also changed oil and filter 2x and motor flush.
Car runs good. Haynes manual has little to non info for chain replacement and VVT.
MIL Light will go out but code still exists then will come back on.

I put the car into 4wd and it doesnt engage. Sometimes i put the car in neutral and switch the 4wd on then go in reverse for about 3 ft it will kick in. Then again it will randomly kick back out. What could be the problem?

There are several times when I leave the key fob in my car in the locked garage. The next morning, my car won't start unless I warm up the key fob. Is that normal?

I have tried to use the key fob, the outside button and the lock buttons on the door. But it won't let me lock the doors after I start the car to go inside while the car is warming up.

Kia was starting fine then didn't want to start but still did but now there's no noise or anything when trying to start engine.lights and radio work fine.Do you have any idea what could be wrong and do you have a picture of where the starter is on my car?

How do i turn it off

This problem occurs intermittently ( 3 times in the past 5 months) and the dealer is telling me they can find nothing wrong despite having to have it towed in due to not being able to jump start the car it was so dead. Last time I took it in they told me it was the battery and I bought a new one but it is still happening.

ABS light is on and the ESC light on the dash cluster says off and when I push the button to turn it on it will not come on, just says ESC off ???

does anyone know what the issues might be so I'm not just shooting in the dark???

I checked the drive shift motor it works fine , I checked the rear end, it has a lot of slip in it. I put it in drive ,and turn the wheels but drive shaft wont turn. I turn the drive shaft by hand an the wheels turn. I put it in park, the drive shaft wont turn but the wheels do.

3.3 liter

I was told that only a kia factory windshield can be used in the 2011 sorrento in order to not have the defrost grid burn up. Has anyone else ever heard of this?

My drivers door will not open using the keyless entry or the key? Any ideas of what this could possibly be the cause?

I have no other info. All the other doors work ok!

the climate control was working then after I had adjusted it later noticed it was not working. It will not light up at all have checked some of the fuses not sure which one controls that or if that is the problem any ideas what might have caused this and how I can fix it,

The car is unlocked and all the other doors are fine but the drivers side door will not open from the outside. It acts like it's locked. It is able to be opened from the inside just fine. There is no damage to the vehicle at all.