if the bolt has not broken? is this an easy repair to do yourself. the crankshaft pulley bolt on the 3.5 L V6 that has all the kia owners in an uproar. i have pulled and replaced engines before.

Oil control valve

Engine shakes and has no power. Engine codes Poo22,P0021, P0057, P0128, P0018. what can I check and what do I replace?. All Timing components changed 9,000 miles ago.

I brought my car in for one light being out. I signed the estimate paper that said $35 that it would come to. They called and told me the other one was out too and that my car was done. When I got there the bill was $80. They already did the work but what if I didn't have the money for it? I am very unhappy with this.

Had most of my timing belt done and the pulleys clamped for the cams and the clamps came loose and fell out. Now my timing is off and I have no idea if just realigning with the belt installed will fix or damage my valves because of the teeth the belt jumped. What should my next steps be? I felt comfortable with this job until now, I see the top of my motor coming off and I cringe at the thought.

especially with cornering, but way too easy and frequent

When doors locks used to unlock or lock. The back right passenger makes a loud rattling noise, as if it were all the doors

Sounds like its the valves but I don't know exactly where and what.

Heres the vin kndjc736175672120

has been replaced how to disarm alarm? now using key to unlock the doors but alarm went off again unable to drive

The mil light is still on after replacing cam sensors crank sensors and both oil control valves. Still comes up with code P0016. also changed oil and filter 2x and motor flush.
Car runs good. Haynes manual has little to non info for chain replacement and VVT.
MIL Light will go out but code still exists then will come back on.

I put the car into 4wd and it doesnt engage. Sometimes i put the car in neutral and switch the 4wd on then go in reverse for about 3 ft it will kick in. Then again it will randomly kick back out. What could be the problem?

There are several times when I leave the key fob in my car in the locked garage. The next morning, my car won't start unless I warm up the key fob. Is that normal?

I have tried to use the key fob, the outside button and the lock buttons on the door. But it won't let me lock the doors after I start the car to go inside while the car is warming up.

Kia was starting fine then didn't want to start but still did but now there's no noise or anything when trying to start engine.lights and radio work fine.Do you have any idea what could be wrong and do you have a picture of where the starter is on my car?

How do i turn it off