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Is air in the power steering line a concern after replacing the high pressure hose? If so, how should the line be primed without making a mess?
lights on dashboard not working?
my car cuts off and shakes when i stop at a light
Okay, so i have a few more questions for a tech, i was told that if i replace the transmission control module, it should clear the 0733 code which says that gear 3 is incorrect ratio. Is this true? If so, i was quoted...
What is a Transmission Control Module? Where is it located?
Location of headlight and rear brake light replacement
What is happening if the OD/Off light is flashing?
Front passenger door will not open- lock moves freely, but door won't open.
barely blows out air- what could be a quick fix or things to check??? PASSENGER door will not open- nothing appears to be broken???
I replaced both CV shafts after passing a yearly state inspection and bypassed the air conditioning compressor due to a destroyed clutch (doing later). After I finnished the (LONG TERM PROBLEM APPARENTLY COMMON)car w...
How do I get the axles out oof the transmission? The CV joint broke and I need to get the axle out.
My car wont start. It has been sitting for 2 years but I have changed the plugs battery it ran when I parked it has gas NEW gas and oil
Can anyone tell me where the blower motor resistor is located? Can you possibly post a diagram or a link to a diagram? Thanks!!
My timing belt snapped and I am trying to figure out if the motor is interference or not?
I cannot pump fuel into my car, it shuts off automatically after around two dollars worth; if I keep trying it spits gas out. What is wrong with it and how can I fix it?
i need a muffuler and something to stop the exhaust pipe to stop leakin?
how do you change an alternator belt?
this case happens always at high temprature days while the guage of tepmrature is in the normal temprature . so after driving half an hour or so the car is not accelerated and no gas reaches the engine so it turns of...
service engine light code said pcm,low curent,loose conection,car started using gas
The car still drives ok but I guess it uses more gas. doese it hurt anything to drive it without overdrive?
Where is the starter kill switch? Is it the starter relay? Thank you.
all my fluids are up to level there's gas in the tank starts up fine, after driving less than a yard it sputters and stall out, is the a fuel line, or fuel injector problem?