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When I flushed the heater fire little metal spirals very new and clean looking like drill shavings.belt snapped to alternator and water pump last week day after heat stopped you think water pump is the problem?

Temps dropped to single digits,changed thermostat,blower working coolint new and full-still blowing cold barely Luke warm air? Can't figure out what's wrong.heater core not leaking that I can see ..I'm stumped??I live in Alaska so common to block airflow with cardboard or bra still not helping.even unplugged fan car almost overheated but still blowing cold air

I have to use the emergency brake to keep it from rolling in perk.

I have to use the emergency brake to keep it from rolling.

My cars heat will come on for about 2 minutes then shut off again, and will repeat the process, but most of the time it will stay off, any idea what the problem could be?

I don't hear the fuel pump hum when you turn on ignition. Relay is clicking on. I'm asking because it's looking like fuel pump, but I've never had one simply fail. Am I missing a bad wire harness or something. Any help would be great.

Lately my clutch has been sticking, only coming back out half way after shifting, and I have to manually pull it back out myself. My dad seems to think its my master cylinder, or it could be my clutch fluid is low. So two questions, does the diagnosis sound right, and how do I check clutch fluid, when looking at the engine I don't see where the fill spot is.

How much would it cost to replace my engine with a used engine in good condition

plz i cant scan kia sephia 1996,1995 and avanti 1995,1996
via launch despite the diagnostic tool support avanti and sephia but it can't read car the Ecu plz help me

What should I look at next in order to fix the car to get it to start????

I have break lights and headlights, but no turn signals at all. They do not even blink on the dash. Is it a light bulb or something else?

Trying find a ilder pulley for 99 kia sephia that air conditioning belt ride on

Because I know when I go through battery after battery I have been through this before I need to change the altenator but this one is so tight between the fender wall that it is hard to get at can you help me?

I have never done this before

replaced crank and cam censer and new coils will start with starting fluid but only when fuse is out for pump and injectors floods when starting when fuse is replaced no codes are showing


We have a refurbished battery and it won't start with a jump. Sounds like it wants to,but won't. Could it still be the battery? Its been very cold at night also, last night got down to 19 degrees. Do you have any ideas?

The fuel pump has been changed also started shutting down on me while driving

The car will not run without fixing the water pump.

There is a round metal tube that appears to be attached to the back of the thermostat housing and is located above the starter, its been leaking for a while the tube looks pretty well rotted out, and I have been told by my mechanic that it is built into the head and cannot be replaced, I find that hard to believe, the leak has ruined a starter, the car runs great, body is in pretty good shape, I don't want to junk it because I can't get the leak stopped. Can you help me. Its leaking almost a gallon a day, that is the only place it is leaking. The metal tube also has a small hose that appears to go to the heater core. Can you help.

i have idling issues. code po120. however i notice two of the wires, leading to pig tail,of MAS connector, have been spliced. connector has five wires in all. the two that im concern about are black with yellow stripes. i cant tell if who ever spliced into them hooked them together right. idk why they would splice two ground leads into them anyways. how can i figer which gos where