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was given a Ford key fob that looks identical to the Kia fob that should have come with my car. Can I reprogram it to work on my car and if so, how?
What kind of repairs are usual
brackets are available on the market: ref# 921324D000 (or 96552L). Is it possible to only change this part? thanks rfbak
the battery was disconnected to remove alarm and now transmission revs up before shifting from 2nd to 3rd
2005 Sedona losing power at highway speeds. codes 0300 ,0306,0302. replaced plugs and wires ,tps, ignition fail sensor. not catalytic converter
Replaced plugs and wires , ignition fail sensor and tps
The dragging sound goes slower or faster as the car is in motion. The brake pedal goes almost to the floor when it is used.
Grinding noise felt under right front passenger footing area
car smokes from exhaust and burns at least 1 qt oil per week
How do you read check engine codes?
Motor seems to run fine. The heater works and the blower works but no cold or even cool air will come out at all. Help!!! It's hot in Texas!
squeel was not bad when it first started now once heat turned on it starts i have to shut off heat and take foot off gas to make it stop
Replace timing belt put vehicle back together and ran for a few minutes. It ran out of gas. Put more gas in it and then it started blowing the 15 amp fuel injector fuse. Rechecked all to make sure everything replace...
I replaced both input/output sensors on our 02 Sedona. It was still shifting a little rough but the engine light went off by itself we just got it inspected and then the transmission started shifting hard with a bang....
Just did a tune-up, Filters, oil, plugs & wires and had a new fuel filter installed. Now the engine seems to run smooth at low rpm's but seems to choke out occasionally. Then after letting it sit for a while, it runs ...
Blinker and flashers work,but no running light or brake lights
Software update- things are going haywire. Tmps came on for 1 day now off. Lighter never worked, now does. Inside lights wont come on when opening driver slider but do when passenger slider opens. Wth is up?
I bought this 2011 Sedona after seeing it had great reviews for dependability. Although just below freezing Temps the Teo manual slide doors freeze everytime! So frustrating! Kids have to climb in front driver seat t...
136000 thousand miles do I change spark plugs 2006 kiasedona
The problem usually occurs at night. Nothing left on. I am having problems with the left sliding door. It happen both in hot weather and cold weather.The other day the wife took it to work cam out 4 hours later and th...