Replaced plugs and wires , ignition fail sensor and tps

The dragging sound goes slower or faster as the car is in motion. The brake pedal goes almost to the floor when it is used.

Grinding noise felt under right front passenger footing area

car smokes from exhaust and burns at least 1 qt oil per week

car smokes from exhaust alot

How do you read check engine codes?

How difficult of a job would this be to change the crankshaft sensor?

Motor seems to run fine. The heater works and the blower works but no cold or even cool air will come out at all. Help!!! It's hot in Texas!

The belts have been replaced when I remove my foot of gas seems to Calm the noise

squeel was not bad when it first started now once heat turned on it starts i have to shut off heat and take foot off gas to make it stop

I have had them replaced 4 times and several sets of tires and now it has happened again... I have had them replaced by several shops however, no one can tell me why I am having to replace them so often. Even when I have them replaced there is a bad vibration in the steering wheel when I take right hand turns (going on or off and Interstate) not on left turns, going down the highway the van does not pull left or right but there is a small amount of vibration in the steering wheel and in the front floorboard. Motor mounts have been replaced along with the transmission mount.... ANY HELP??

Seems as though fuel pump not getting current might be an electrical shortage somewhere since the fuel fuse keep burning out each time I replace it. How do I find out where the problem is?

Replace timing belt put vehicle back together and ran for a few minutes. It ran out of gas. Put more gas in it and then it started blowing the 15 amp fuel injector fuse. Rechecked all to make sure everything replaced correctly.

doesnt matter where the control is, it just runs on high, what do I need to do to fix this issue?

When I put in the key, all lights come on as usual, but when I turn the key to start, I lose all lights and no start or even a click. Seems I am losing all power somewhere. Changed out the NSS, TSP, and new starter and solenoid all checked good.

I replaced both input/output sensors on our 02 Sedona. It was still shifting a little rough but the engine light went off by itself we just got it inspected and then the transmission started shifting hard with a bang.
My girl drives it home and P0715 comes up on my scanner. Checked all connections on the sensors all were ok. Reset the code and drove it a half a block and the check engine light right back on and the transmission is stuck in the fail safe now I can do anything with it.
Please help this is driving me nuts!! Thanks Scott

Just did a tune-up, Filters, oil, plugs & wires and had a new fuel filter installed. Now the engine seems to run smooth at low rpm's but seems to choke out occasionally. Then after letting it sit for a while, it runs ok again. I did rev the engine and about 4500 rpm the engine surges. Shouldn't it still run smooth?