passenger side works, locks work, fuse ok

Now codes p0446 and p0431 pop up and car over heats..

every thing work but no engine light came on to let him know that something was wrong it just stop as he push the brakes it never did this before until he hit the back of the van

What kind of repairs are usual

my a/c doesn't work because the Freon was low but when I topped it off and then turned on the a/c the compressor kicked on for a second and blew a burst of cold air but now when there is pressure in the system I hear a whistling/hissing sound from behind my dash. and I can see the pressure in the system fall. is this the expansion valve? also this van have 318500 miles and runs pretty good. no rust no bushing issues. it will hold pressure if the a/c is turned off

What is the coat to replace timing belt?

brackets are available on the market: ref# 921324D000 (or 96552L). Is it possible to only change this part?

I have a 2003 kia sedona minivan, and something is causing my battery to drain and die overnight. I've checked the alternator and it's fine, it's a fairly new battery, and I'm 100 percent sure nothing is being left on overnight. My power locks do not work at all either. The previous owner claims to have checked all the fuses but can't find the issue. They installed a toggle switch interrupter to stop power to the battery when it's not being driven, but I want to actually fix the root problem (and hopefully get the power locks working as well).

the battery was disconnected to remove alarm and now transmission revs up before shifting from 2nd to 3rd

The transmission revs high before shifting from 2nd to 3rd before shifting

2005 Sedona losing power at highway speeds. codes 0300 ,0306,0302. replaced plugs and wires ,tps, ignition fail sensor. not catalytic converter

Replaced plugs and wires , ignition fail sensor and tps

The dragging sound goes slower or faster as the car is in motion. The brake pedal goes almost to the floor when it is used.

Grinding noise felt under right front passenger footing area

car smokes from exhaust and burns at least 1 qt oil per week

car smokes from exhaust alot

How do you read check engine codes?

How difficult of a job would this be to change the crankshaft sensor?

Motor seems to run fine. The heater works and the blower works but no cold or even cool air will come out at all. Help!!! It's hot in Texas!