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My van was running fine then check engine light went on then it barley will start and now if it does start the engine sounds clunky and rough it's really weird I believe the battery is new and it seems to have everyth...
when making a right turn a dinging sound starts sounds like when the drivers door is open with key in ignition and it goes on and on, now it happens if driving over a speed bump, also the emergency brake light, lights...
It gets some smoke like when it going to start and it doesn't.
I had it put on a diagnostic test, but mechanic said the codes that showed wouldn't have caused this problem. It has stalled twice now, and the 2nd time it was hard to get it started again, but then I was able to driv...
I got an alignment but it continues to eat my tires.
It is for a 2006 kia grand is knocking on the start about 2 to 5 seconds.. So i couldnt afford to pay the mechanic because all they mention is to rebuilt the engine but the engine is running well, only th...
The on/off button, volume, and seek buttons still work. However, the presets no longer work, the scan button does not work, and the treble/bass, fade, balance, etc. do not work.
It jumps out of overdrive into 3rd and stays while driving down the road
My kia sedona engine is 2.9 diesel turbo intercooler
it is coming from the passenger side by the belts I have checked all the fluids and belts what else could it be it only does it while the vehile starts to pick up rpms and its losing a lot of power
It happened today, only one day after an oil change.
I can drive the car for a while its fine. When I turn it off it stall till it cool off
you can see light behind it but nothing on the face of the cd player and you can not do anyhting to it so how do i get it to work again. somebody please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Light stays on since I replaced rug in front floor of my van
Will not hold when u press pedal u can feel the cable is attached but doesn't hold van can move forward and backward
The alarm goes off when I try to start vehicle when the battery is low. Bought a new battery but when I try to install the battery the alarm keeps going off I tried removing the fuse for the horn the horn stopped blow...
My wife rear ended someone a few weeks ago and since then the horn does not work at all, the a/c does not blow out cold air, and the windshield wiper fluid does not come out at all on front or back windshield.
I am looking to purchase a SUV/Minivan for winter. I've located a 2003 Kia Sedona EX very reasonably priced & would really like to purchase it. The listing states "Stolen catalytic converter was replaced with ju...
My son stuck a screwdriver into the ignition tumbler breaking it. I can not put the key all the way in. Wanting to figure out the proceedure behind installing a new module and tumbler with key included
Changed senor , reallined timing have good conpression but will not fire.
Never really use emergency brake but used it a couple of weeks ago. Now the indicator light flickers on and off. We just disconnected the wire from the indicator light yesterday. The low beam/running lights were worki...
The entertainment player starts when I turn on the car and doesn't stop after the car is turned off for about 10 minutes. This just started- can you tell me how to turn it off please- 08 sedona