wait 18 minutes sometimes stops while driving

My A/C compressor clutch coil is shot; the resistance on it is 1.6 ohms. So I need to buy the part to replace it and there are plenty online in the $40-50 range but the dealership says my Sedona (based on the VIN) is a different part than all the ones you can find online and that it costs $130!! Seriously?! There are plenty of aftermarket coils out there and NONE of them require you to select from two different types when you order for 2006 year. Does this sound legit?

what should I do

i drove my van to the store less then a mile away park at home an hour later get in the van to do errands turn the switch and nothing happens no noise or anything all the lights come on but still nothing i never had this problem before but of course i did purchase it use with one owner i did exactly put on 20,000 miles on it from the purchase date in february 2015

I have a bad alternator and was told that I can get a tow through RepairPal to my certified RepairPal Shop (PRK Automotive). How can I schedule that?

My air conditioning quit working.

check Engine light won't go off because I have a leak in this canister and so I can't get it inspected by the end of the month. Where can I get one?

When you turn the key, nothing happens. The lights, radio, windows all work, but the car is completely dead. It takes quite a few tries to get it to start. Just as I start to panic, it will start. Has anyone found a dealer who will fix this problem? I think it may have something to do with the anti theft sensor?? Thanks for any help....

we have trouble turning the steering wheel in are Sedona , we replaced the rack & pinion and its still hard to turn and its jerky, what could be the problem.

The car was just going crazy the wind shields were going slow, and then the car will start but then it will just stop.

ac not very cold in the front, the rear ac is cooler. not hot heat in the winter. had to buy a portable heater to defrost the windows because it just blows cool air. What is the problem. repair shop has went from telling me its the compressor, extension valves; flush basically a 1700 job. I had to explain to them what it is actually doing and remind them that the compressor does currently work. I told them I really thought it is the actuator... the let me know today that they believed it is the heat control assembly. I have already replaced the control switches in the dash... is that the entire control assembly is there more behind that part that I don't know about. Please help. thank you

My Ac is not working I check the gas is empty I want fill it up

The colors of the wires are green, white and black with yellow stripe

The wires are green, white and black with a yellow stripe...I'll be more than thankful for any kind of info that may help me repair it

do i need dexron/ mercron? or just atf

Reverse still works but no response when I put it in drive. There was no warning that transmission was bad. i was told the transmission linkage could be loose? ??i don't even know where to look. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Won't reverse, only 3rd gear works

Door 1: the passenger sliding door gets stuck open. The lever in the door will not release the door to shut.

Door 2: the driver side passenger sliding door does not respond to any of the lock/unlock commands via remote, door, or overhead controls.

Same vehicle, two different issues with two different doors!!! Very frustrated!

passenger seat belt warning stopped working and beeper also stopped working

The engine light comes on from time to time & everytime is checked the code comes back as secondary fan for the a/c. Today while the a/c was on for about 30mins or so there was smoke coming thru the vents. It stopped once we turned the fans & a/c off.

It takes 45 minutes to an hour for the brakes to release. It seems to be random. All four wheels lock up and brake pedal becomes very hard. There is no warning of any kind that this is going to happen.

Got a sedonia it was in process of having waterpump changed and they took it all apart . Started to put it back together and then stopped then gave the car to me my question is how do I check to see if the timing was lined up while they were working on it.. The timing belt was put back on but the lines are not matched up so is that a guarantee that it was not matched up when they took it off

Today for the first time I parked my car and was unable to retrieve the key out of the egnition switch. The engine shuts off but the park lights stay on.
A few hours later the battery is drained and the car would not start. So i disconnected the battery.
Have you heard of this before and if so is it hard to fix.