Car was running fine we had a flash flood water got upto the to of the hub caps it started and died and will not start again sounds like its not firing, is this a sensor issue or is it serious, if its a sensor witch one?

ran an obd2 scan on my van ,codes show as po320 and po430,can anyone tell me where they're lacated and what they are?

i took out a coil it broke while a was handling how do you intstall a newone

have no heat

The van is not wanting to start. It is not the battery. Any ideas? The code is P2610

what about a fuel system clean or a p/s system

why is there coolant at rear of car

Tightens while driving down road on and off. Sometimes wondering if it will move, then it gives. We replaced the power steering pump no issiues for a day. Now back to same issue.

No noises so I believe it is not a belt. Checked fluid and it is ok. Trouble turning car thinking power stering pump

How much does it usually cost to get a crankshaft sensor fixed on a 2004 Kia Sedona? My mechanic is trying to charge me 350.00 dollars, labor and parts together. Is that reasonable or is he over charging?

Our Kia sedona has a little over 90k miles. I am getting the p0300 random code along with the p0301,3 & 5 codes, all these cylinders are on the same side correct? I have yet to see any codes to do with cylinders 2,4 or 6. I've recently had the plugs, wires & timing belt replaced. I also have taken a new ignition coil and moved it to all 3 locations with no change in codes. Engine has a very rough idle but performs well after rpms come up. My local shop has no clue and I've read some bad reviews of Kia service centers so I'm hesitant to park it at the dealership for hundreds of dollars and no results. Any help / ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

Anyone else has this issue

was working intermittly but does not work at all now . window is down and does not go back up. replaced master panel did not help

al prender el aire acondicionado huele a mal q puede ser mi imel gocho946@gmail.com

Check engine light has been on a while. Now I am loosing power.Checked codes and it comes up po305, po325, and po431. Do i need to replace the main catalytic converter or is it just a sensor.

The kia dealership said our problem may be the PCM. What is a PCM?

I have a 2007 Kia Sedona LX and had both power sliding door motors replaced under warranty last year. The left power sliding door will not operate and I'm over 60,000 miles now. I checked the fuse and all it does is beep when I try to open the door. I'm an electrician and very familar with AC/DC motors. I'm just trying to figure out where the motor is located. Thank you!

Need to replace ignition coils and don't know the firing order.

My airbag light is on again. Can I disconnect the battery to turn it off. What has to be reset?

everytime I get to a quarter tank of gas the van shut off and I have to wait 10-15 mins and it will start again, also not even 2 mins driving it will shut off

I have had thr theromstat and hoses replaced, when setting at a red light the temp. gage will show running hot until I start to move,it only happens when the radiator fan turns on.

when i drive my 2003 kia sedona it drives perfect in drive...but when i put it n reverse it will not work at all what should i do

MY turn signals stopped working all fuses and relays seem to be fine what or where do I look now?

It happens especially in indoor car-parks when turning tight corners. The sound will stop when the car is traveling in a straight line.

what is the firing order. and where is cylindr #1

i had a mechinic change timing belt and spark plugs and wires and no start.it turns over but wont fire. he said each cylinder has 180 lbs. of compression

did a tuneup on my vehicle now it won't stay running also won't go past 3 grand everything is connect what I do wrong

The power steering pump on our 2006 Sedona kia van is making a lot of noise and needs replacing we have the new pump but need to down load a manual or something on how to remove and replace it can't really afford 179.00 t0 200.00 for a manual. we are on S.S.

AC does not come on at all, front and back it is completely dead. Is this an electrical problem and is it easy to fix? what do we do?

The AC in my van is blowing hot. it blows great high, etc but we have put AC recharge in it twice and the first time it went back to cold but the drivers side would blow hot with bursts of cold air. So, I drained all the air out of it and have puty 2 cans in so far and its still hot. The cans are 12 ounces each and I used the high mileage recharge.