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Hello, im looking to buy a kia sedonna and i saw one at an internet auction, however it does not start and says the "cranks need key code." the seller does have the keys, however i would like to know if this is a ...
My van on occasion won't start. The battery tested fine, but especially if it is left over night it has a problem starting and needs to be jumped. Any ideas?
Has anyone had any problems with a clicking noise in the front end of their Kia Sedona? It happens when driving over a bump or turn the wheels. I brought it to a service station & was told that he couldn't identify ...
show a picture where the transmission filter is located. i need to change the transmission filter and fluid. ?
2002 Kia Sedona will not start after driving and turning off. Will restart after sitting 4-5 hrs. Seems to run ok as long as I don't turn off engine. But, don't drive long enough distances (20-30+ miles) to know if...
the Front heater works fine, but when i turn on the back fan, no heat comes out. What needs to be repaired?
The esc or ecs off light and engine lights come on and no power or is it gas is going to engine. I pulled the van over and though maybe the gas cap is loose(the engine light went on in my wifes car once and no gas to ...
Was wondering how much it should cost to replace the driver's side seat switch. The seat will no longer move forward or tilt forward. We got a quote from a private business: $150 for the switch and $90 for
How much does it cost to replace the air conditioning compressor?
Is the crankshaft sensor the same as a crank sensor?
Had van in for repair and it was tied up for two full days
some times it turns on and some times it wont..i took it so they could rebuilt the motor and thats when i started having that problom were it does not start it wants to but it wont untill a few hours later
van will not run with the map senser pluged in ? unpluged it runs but still not great.
Where is the crankshaft sensor located in a 2003 kia sedona
I have a 2007 Sedona that went into TAC Power limited mode. The code from Advanced Auto shows P1295. The dealer recommended changing the Throttle body sensor, but that did not fix it. The MAPS sensor is also on the...
i do not see the others spark plugs 3
we were driving the van and it was hard to steer and maneuver. We looked under the hood and engine oil was everywhere. Then the valves started knocking and it started smelling like it was going to catch on fire. All t...
My OBD indicates a bad coil and misfire on cylinders 1&4. There are three coils. Whcih one feeds cylinders 1&4 please? Thanks
Can anyone tell me where the Vent Control Solenoid is located 2004 kia sedona
While driving my van just stopped working, all lights came on, no brakes, just dead. after awhile it will start, then same thing happens. Check engine light is on
check engine is on. van slows down and then jerks forward. does this constantly. it is a lx model
have engine ck light on. Trusted mechanic tells me it is located in timing belt area and should have been changed last month with the belt. Dealer says it is not located with the timing belt as it is located somewhere...
the question is: i have a problem in the ac and now i fixed bu the second question is : now ihave a problem in the resistance of the ac and i cannot find new one in lebanon can u help me please ?
van has no pick up and go - hesiates when given gas - rpms go up but van still hesiates on accelation
My Kia Sedona has over 200,000 miles. It recently now has begun to overheat at speeds over 65 or when climbing hills and under strain. The temp guage goes up, but not leaks from radiator, hoses, etc. the thermostat wa...
How can I find out if I have mold in my air vents and how do I get rid of it. There is a vinegar/acidity smell that comes out when I turn on the vents.
I know I need But I can not find it
I had my timing belt replaced on my 2003 kia sedona ex about three months ago and today 91 miles from home my car just stopped had to get towed back home whats up with that it should have lasted longer than 3mts my em...
air worked very cold first 4 days now nothing have no owners manual.alarm on key doesnt work,is there a battery in there.head lights wont stay on unless you hold it down,low beams work what am i doing wrong
our a.c. uniot was working fine one day,but i ntice it wasnt as cool as it usually is,later iun the day it went out and only blows hot air.what is it?