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It does not make this sound while driving. It started making this sound about a week ago. It has 43,000 miles on it.

When the temperature outside is moderately cold the van will display the check engine light along with the traction control light and not allow throttle inputs. I have to turn the vehicle off and on, then it will be ok for a minute or 2, and continue doing this for up to 5 minutes. Once the van gets really warmed up it stops, however the check engine light will stay on .

The stripping is located on the liftgate door itself not on the body. Can a replacment be bought and what is the name of part. Leaking when it rains. Causing the storage area to get wet.


Do i have to drop the engine craddle to get the tranmission out i am putting another one in it.

have a engine nooise and want to verify that the tensioner bearing is the problem

Only occasional issue, and does not get the check engine light to come on (usually). Only happens off the line when I've had a warm start with in the last 10 or 15 minutes. When I do get the light it is a "lean bank two" code. Fuel pressure is good... This is an engine problem, not trans slip or anything else. Good gas has always been used, maint. is up to snuff. Runs like a spotted ape before and after the shutter. Sometimes the shutter is just a two hit gallop, other times it is 5 or more jerks all the way across a 60 foot intersection. Never has died during shutter and always runs fine after.

I have number 5 cylinder needing the coil changed but don't know what the firing order is.

Both sliding doors have difficult time opening and closing.Mechanics took a look and said both doors need new hinges

need to know what transmission oil I could use and if I have to replace any transmission filter.

these lights just come on but i dont know what they are

Just started happening, check engine light came on

I guess there is a plastic gear that the metal gear on the motor wears out. I know nothing about auto repair and the mechanic said that the only way to get it fixed is to replace the valve assembly which requires removing the intake manifold. Then the mechnic said something about ordering a plenium and I was lost.

It started out with the air condition not working after 10 minutes of driving. After engine cools the air will come on again and quite after 10 minutes.Now the car overheats.

It was working, blowing cold air, and when I was 45 mile from home it just quit. It had been making noise before it quit. Could this have been the clutch going out?

I was recently in a car accident and was hit near the rear passenger side and was told that my rear axle needs to be replaced and the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the van.

571 A & 504 b are the codes

Rep says she has seen the same problem before and its the fuel pump. How do they know it is not a mounting bracket or a loose bolt? I have a service appt next Wed and I want to be able to ask some questions. Thank You...Ray

I have had my van in several times for the same problem. Twice this misty steam has come out from the hood, then the ac quits. It starts and stops and it's usually when it is the most hot outside. I have had it charged several times...they say there is no leak. It makes funny sounds now and then...they cannot find what is wrong with it. I find that extremely odd. Any ideas?

Full of freon, compressor is working, checked the fuses but it will not cool. Only hot air blows out.

Air conditioning stopped working all of a sudden; blows only hot air. What are possible problems and cost est.

what could be done this started happening after the ac was recharged

removal of the altinater and loosening the belt

no leaks found problem is electrical inside the compressor w/the internal clutch compressor assy will need to be replaced along with the expansion valve along with expansion valve and recv/dryer dealership stated i still had the rest of the warranty, and now i find i did not have any warranty at all 2004 kia sedona purchased 12-10

It seems to be worse after you run the AC lind of like it's a residual smell that's part of the AC.

it is leaking near the rear of the engine compartment

What sensor is the most to go out? Just once on July 2nd,2011. We have no codes, what is Oxygen sensor? How long could we possibly drive without damaging to the nearest Kia dealer? What kind of warranty on sensors and/or modules? Not forgeting we have 160mi one way to a kia dealer.

Car was running fine we had a flash flood water got upto the to of the hub caps it started and died and will not start again sounds like its not firing, is this a sensor issue or is it serious, if its a sensor witch one?

ran an obd2 scan on my van ,codes show as po320 and po430,can anyone tell me where they're lacated and what they are?

i took out a coil it broke while a was handling how do you intstall a newone