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My dealership refuses to acknowledge my transmission problems. It downshifts when the car comes to a stop.
I just installed a new clutch disk, pressure plate and throw out bearing and the clutch pedal is stiff and can not be pushed. I checked the arm coming out of the tranny that holds the throw out bearing and it cannot b...
Door actuator makes a buzz-noise when locked or unlocked. Now the driver door does not lock automatically, and key fob will not work the locks.
i pulled the fuel line off the fuel rail and little fuel came out it has a in tank fuel filter and pump set up
After it wouldn't start, I tried to jump it. Nothing. Towed it To local shop. Code was 625. No spark to engine. He couldn't fix it. Towed to kia dealer. They say needs a New throttle relay system, alternator, d...
The air conditioning unit is locking up and makes a horrible noise. It is also starting to smoke and smell god awful.
While turning a corner in the rain, I slid into a water intake gully, which appears took out the front supension rod, and right tire. My speed was low, but the impacted huge. The steering wheel was ripped from my han...
Hi there, My car came with P215/50/17 tires on alloy rims. This is a low profile tire, looks sexy but a bad idea. I live in the Northeast and in the last couple of winters the potholes are terrible and because th...
Missing. Say's #2 missfire & multiple misfire. This model year is split between 6 packs 1 4 each cyl, & 1 pack 4 all 6. My car has 1. Don't know what 2do. Maybe new computer?
Airbag was deployed and now car will not start and run
the car wouldn't start but has a little gas from the gas hand.
trunk door wont lock when closing it
My Sirius Radio goes out with a sharp right, back on with a sharp turn left, or does not acquire a signal at all. what is causing this? Paying for membership that i am having problems using. Radio works.
My car isn't starting and I think it is this sensor.
Well it vibrates all the time mostly when I go under 40 miles and when I'm at a stop light and it bee idling high to sometimes please help I've been every where no one find nothing wrong with it
This just recently started. Code and cleared, re-occurring.
Neither the inside no r outside handle will open the driver door !
As I was driving and went to turn right I lost the power steering for like 2 secs. and I noticed that the charging light had come on but went back off. Drove straight home after that. Was kind of spooky.
I just had my 45k service done and the price without the spark plug change was $160 which is close the estimate posted here. The service advisor has quoted me a price of $475 plus tax to replace the spark plugs - sayi...
I made the corrections that made my car fail smog test and I have driven my car over 200 miles and need to know how to reset the engine so I can get the smog test and pass