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can something be done

The van was working good but then check ing turn on day or two later revers stop working and now ones in a wile i gota keep cracking it to turn on 1st. Is my tranny done or is other something I can due..2nd. Sparkplugs maybe giving problems to start or not?

I'm looking into buying a car that the year, make, and, model selected above and have been told that an auto technician recommended replacing the transmission because of a leak that can not be repaired. What are the approximate price ranges that can be expected in order to have this done?

After the car stalled, I tried restarting the engine by keyless start and manual start. Both wouldn't work. Noticed a very small amount of smoke coming from engine. When the hood was opened, the smell of an electrical burn was evident but no evidence of where the smell was coming from was found. Called Kia service and described issue to mechanic. I was asked if there was oil in the engine. When I checked...the engine was bone dry! No check engine, low oil pressure, or engine temperature light!! WTH? Where did all the oil go??

Sometimes the brake pedal seems like it isn't really working and the car doesn't want to stop. If you press too hard, one of the the wheels locks up. And sometimes when you step on the brake, the car pulls to the left.

The idles very high even when you are at a redlight

Need a repair shop for my 2014 KIA Optima that is not a dealership. email me at

Blower fan turns off and on intermittently for almost a year - sometimes it'll turn on with ignition but not often. Sometimes it'll turn on suddenly while I'm driving but then once I turn the car off, the fan won't start back up again the next time I restart the car. Even if it's only been a few minutes. When the fan does turn on, AC and heat work fine and the fan will work on all speeds. But 85% of the time fan doesn't turn on. Checked fuses under hood and inside car and all are good. Cannot locate blower fuse relay though, only the fuse. Need to repair this myself to save money but don't know what else I can do diagnostically without having a multimeter or voltmeter.

05 Kia Optima 2.4l. I've replaced the coils plugs wires timing belt and balance belts the cam and crank sensor with the timing plate. It ran good for 4 months. Then after I replaced the alternator it would run fine for days and then it would misfire and sound as if it was out of time with engine rattling and knocking. But it would not set a check engine light. The exhaust would smell horrible as if the engine was loading up with fuel. But if I would let it set for a day or two. It would fire right up and run great. Any ideas? I've used a scan tool and cannot find any problems.

I think what I had was a really bad jerk from downshift. It just happened out of nowhere, It felt like someone had hit my car from behind. The stick moved from Drive to N by itself. I had to put the car in park before it would let me move it back to drive. The dealership said they could not find anything wrong, but they did up do an update on the computer. Lucky for me I had just gotten off the highway.

Key will not unlock door inside or out.trying not having to take off panel

Satellite radio won't hold manual channel download. I have extended bumper to bumper and always had issues w/the signal (including FM!), dealership argues with me. Shouldn't that be warranty work?

Driver side view mirror replacement.

The battery was completely disconnected for 3 weeks timing is spot on, have fuel and spark. Does the ECU need to be reset or flashed? Why wont it start?

My dealership refuses to acknowledge my transmission problems. It downshifts when the car comes to a stop.

The asshole county didn't take very good care of my road. I hit a sink hole and was stuck in a foot of mud. Pulled car out started driving down road when there was a lose of power like it wasn't getting I gave it more gas engine let out a gasp and stalled. Now it wont shift out of park and only clicks when you turn over key. Replaced battery and starter. WTF is wrong with this peice of %&*#!!!!!

I just installed a new clutch disk, pressure plate and throw out bearing and the clutch pedal is stiff and can not be pushed. I checked the arm coming out of the tranny that holds the throw out bearing and it cannot be moved. could something be bound up inside the transmission like one of those new clutch parts. Do I need to disassemble the whole thing again and look for the problem or is there an other course of action.

The transmision will not shift. What would cause this?

When the car is cold the sound system works fine. After the car warms up and I turn the heater on. It gets warm in the car the I loss the audio from the sound system. If I turn the heat off and it cools down in the car the audio comes back on. Sometimes i can tap on the dash and the audio will come back on, but it goes off and on. There is a popping sound coming from the speakers.

Door actuator makes a buzz-noise when locked or unlocked. Now the driver door does not lock automatically, and key fob will not work the locks.

i pulled the fuel line off the fuel rail and little fuel came out
it has a in tank fuel filter and pump set up