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where can an evap control system pressure sensor high be purchased
I had my car serviced recently and my mechanic informed me of the condition of the sub frame. Its rotted out pretty bad. Im not sure if its gotten worse since the recall work was done. He suggests replacing the sub fr...
It vibrates worse when its cold and in drive . But not in neutral and now its making transmission slip sometimes. Could it be timing belt tensioner?
we have 3 flashing code lights, need to pass smog
It does it when riding on a rough rode when hitting a bump and around 50 mph
My car just will not go into park the whole way so I could remove the key and lock my car.
my car will not crank sometimes ,maybe weeks and it does it again had it towed and it was the sensor harness ,but can not find the part please help
Does the alternator belt have to be a 04 Kia optima for the car so start? Everything has been done to this car and it's not a chip in the key problem and it still want start, no codes will show when I run a diagnostic...
Can someone tell me about my 2004 Kia Optima LX? It is getting fire & fuel, replaced crank sensor and timing belt, plugs & wires are good and the car still want start any suggestions? Thanks
Where is the TPS located in the 2006.5
Im replacing the belts in my 2013 kia optima lx and i need a diagram of how to route them
I've visually inspected the door sensors and nothing appears to be damaged.
I am not sure if I should replace the radio or the amp or a fuse. The radio lights up and looks as if it functions properly however, no sound at all. Advice?
My car wants to die at stop sign after it has been driven about 5 miles.
After diagnostic check the codes come up for faulty throttle body sensor
2007 optima defrost garnish how to install
This vehicle was purchased from a family member and this is the second time it's done this. The first time they took car back and apparently put in New alternator and battery. This time vehicle stopped running while ...
when I turn on thr air it blows nothing but heat why
I don't really know bout this car cause its used just trying to get this car together
I replaced throttle position sensor two months ago and car ran fine no lights now lights back on and car stumbles just replaced again under warrenty and still same problem can someone help
I have an 02 kia optima it stutters and I replaced the throttle position sensor two months ago ran fine check engine light came on week ago im thinking spark plugs but would that make check engine light come on and th...
As soon as car warms up
I was told it was behind the driver side rear wheel, it isn't. That is true with older Kia's. This car has dual exhaust which makes it impossible. I searched all over under the car and under the hood by the firewall. ...
Our kia stopped working yesterday. The Transmission lights came on. We have been told by the dealer the transmisison is cracked and will cost us $ 10,000 to repair. We live in the city and have had no accidents. We...
Fuel cap was loose. Tightend cap indicator lamp still on.
The release lever in the trunk has no resistance when pulled. Thanks.
My husband's optima low beams are so dim, it isn't really safe to drive at night.