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also it blows water out of the radiator cap and the reservoir .
I have a 2005 Kia Optima, car looses power & won't let me drive over 25 mph! I have changed the throttle position censor & the idle valve & still the same problem, don't know what to do next, help!!!
is been happening quite often. I park my , turn the keys off and the auto light turn the lights off , but after some time the light turn back on by itself!! Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
husband took off vapor charcoal canister. Is it normal for some charcoal to come out of the canister? Should I replace canister or can the fueling problems just be the canister vent valve which is a lot cheaper. Also ...
They want to charge me 600$ to repair a falty plug wire Md says it is a safety issues and they should fix it for free.
On occasion the car will not start. It appears to have some power to the inside of the vehicle but it will not turn over. Ive opened and checked the fuse box it seems ok. battery cables are ok Battery is good
The other day car wouldnt start almost an hr later it started no problem, then this morning it hesitated but started. bought the car used but dont know the maint. history...someone suggested tuneup, any ideas/suggesti...
Every connector every ground everything is hooked up properly please help I have exhausted every idea one of the engine coach is idle air control but I don't think that would cause all 12 of these codes
didn take timing belt off to change crank sensor also changed both coil packs, no fire
a/c is okay! Thermostat okay! Control value okay!
I have purchase a 2014 Kia Optima. I have taken my car in for an oil change at the same dealership I have purchase the vehicle. When I received my car back there was a constant vibration under the driver seat and stee...
My battery light came on and I got it tested and the alternator. Alternator is fine battery a little weak but i have no issues cranking it. Any thoughts of anything else that may be going on?
starter went out i replaced it cranks good but still not getting gas is there a fuel reset and where is it at. if not what can i do the fuel pump is not kicking in
engine light came on and now starts slow with push button start and slight skip until warm
When I turn off ignition fan continues to run I have to play with ignition key going from on position to off to get it to stop. Have had Kia tech look at it several times says nothing is wrong. Well he is wrong can s...
I have to move ignition key back and forth from on to off position to get it to stop have had Kia technician look at it several times says nothing is wrong I know he is wrong.
I replaced the starter n battery n still clicks...what is wrong with the car
The car has over 100,000 on it. We were driving down the highway and the gear shift was bumped into neutral while in full speed. Later that night the car completely lost all power while driving (slower speed, in town,...
I remove the keys and the brake/tail lights will not go out. I have to disconnect the battery to get them to go out.
This is the only time it causes a problem cranking.
The car starts slow then sputters, light comes on and then flashes. I got a tune up and have taken the car back 3 times. 2nd shop said they would fix it, light came on this morning on the way to work. New Plugs, air ...
Alreday replaced both oxygen sensors still have check engine light and these codes - sensor circuit bank 1 sensor and sensor heater circuit bank 1 sensor 2
The lights on the instrument panel, radio/AC, gear shift do not come on when I turn on the car lights. Where is the fuse that controls these lights? (I have not been able to locate it.) Is there any thing else I ca...