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it wont lock when trying to close it
My Sirius Radio goes out with a sharp right, back on with a sharp turn left, or does not acquire a signal at all. what is causing this? Paying for membership that i am having problems using. Radio works.
My car isn't starting and I think it is this sensor.
Well it vibrates all the time mostly when I go under 40 miles and when I'm at a stop light and it bee idling high to sometimes please help I've been every where no one find nothing wrong with it
I have had to replace the crankshaft position sensor on my 2006 kia optima two times in the last 3 months. The mechanic said it was just a bad sensor, but after two new sensors there must be something else going on. ...
riding up on the hill vehicle slow down and went to stop.
This just recently started. Code and cleared, re-occurring.
Has anyone else ever had a problem where when driving along the power cuts out and restricts you to drive to 30mph, even when putting foot fully down there is no response in acceleration . After 10/15mins of driving a...
Neither the inside no r outside handle will open the driver door !
As I was driving and went to turn right I lost the power steering for like 2 secs. and I noticed that the charging light had come on but went back off. Drove straight home after that. Was kind of spooky.
I just had my 45k service done and the price without the spark plug change was $160 which is close the estimate posted here. The service advisor has quoted me a price of $475 plus tax to replace the spark plugs - sayi...
I made the corrections that made my car fail smog test and I have driven my car over 200 miles and need to know how to reset the engine so I can get the smog test and pass
Initially brake pedal became mushy and brake light lit. I filled the brake fluid reservoir, but the brake pedal was still mushy and had to depress the brake pedal several times to get proper braking. The reservoir wou...
Took it to a garage, not sure they filled with Kia specific fluid!
Took apart oil pump cleaned out and packed. What causes no oil pressure
also it blows water out of the radiator cap and the reservoir .
I have a 2005 Kia Optima, car looses power & won't let me drive over 25 mph! I have changed the throttle position censor & the idle valve & still the same problem, don't know what to do next, help!!!
is been happening quite often. I park my , turn the keys off and the auto light turn the lights off , but after some time the light turn back on by itself!! Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks
husband took off vapor charcoal canister. Is it normal for some charcoal to come out of the canister? Should I replace canister or can the fueling problems just be the canister vent valve which is a lot cheaper. Also ...
They want to charge me 600$ to repair a falty plug wire Md says it is a safety issues and they should fix it for free.
On occasion the car will not start. It appears to have some power to the inside of the vehicle but it will not turn over. Ive opened and checked the fuse box it seems ok. battery cables are ok Battery is good