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I turned my car on and the malfunction indicator turned on as I was driving. I checked the fuel cap and it was on right, what else can it be, or what do I need to do to to fix the problem? Thank you
there is ticing sound when i steer to left or right
menchians says that my pcm needs to be replaced,how do I do that? How do I get the diagram for this?
cannot turn key in the ignition switch, second timed its happened
Lately when I turn on the AC, it emits a fairly loud humming noise that varies with the engine speed. Any ideas why?
How do I get access to the rear deck brake light for replacement
About 4 months ago my 2004 Kia Optima stating intermittantly overheating while driving. It did, however, blew a head gasket and radiator several weeks after that. The dealership repair the engire and replaced the ra...
When I start my Kia it will not stay, it will shut down and I start it agin and again it will shut off. I only had this problem for a week. I cannot find out the problem I have tried several things including putting ...
where is the TPS located
Why are my brake lights not working. I changed to 2 side bulbs and turn signals work now but brake lights do not.
My steering wheel shakes upon acceleration only between 60 to 65 MPH. Over 65, it quits shaking; decelerating, it quits shaking. I just had the tires balanced. Any ideas?
When the power steering pump is replaced is replacing the hoses part of this work, or is replacing the power steering hoses a separate job?
i was driving my car up a hill when it died at the top. it will turn over just fine but won't start. i think it might be the fuel pump. is there any way to check this. i heard to pull off the intake cover and spray st...
Changed plugs and now car wont fire been in the shop for over a week, has changed and checked everything that he can think of still no fire...crank sensor, coils..vacumn leaks..he is out of ideas any suggestion
engine starts fine when cold but when it's warm it just stops and won't start again
what tools do i need to change the front brakes
my timing belt broke, where should I take it, and how much will it cost?
im working on a friends car and sh had someone jumpstart her car with the cable reversed so now due to this the transmission will not move out of park
When down shifting the gears get stuck from third to second and second gets stuck totally when coming to a stop. I have had it checked out and nothing seems to be wrong. They mentioned the pressure plate and the clutc...
how do i replace a strainer in a 05 kia optima
Can anyone tell where the spark plugs are located on a kia Optima
What can I do if my driver side door fails to open when I unlock it manually or electrically but the other doors and windows open fine.
What type of tranmission fluid does a 2003 Kia Optima take?
the car was running fine and the it just died it set up for 3 mo. replaced the battery and started running again but it would only start sometimes replaced the fuel filter and still it would only start sometimes ran g...
the car would not start it set for 3 mo. replaced the battery and started sometimes then replaced the fuel filter. started and ran fine at first then it got to were it would only start every once in awhile now it will...
should the odometer reading stay on even when car is off? car wouldnt start but took a jump then i noticed when i would shut it off the odometer stayed displayed. could this be draining the battery?
Car starts then turns off after a few seconds
What should it cost to replace timer belt. My Kia Optima is a 2004 model (LX) and is just at 60,000 miles. I was charged $1200 by Executive Kia, Wallingford to replace belt and spark plugs and the car is still under w...
I have 68,000 miles on my car. I recently took it to Les Schwab to have it aligned and asked them to check my brakes. They came back and said they were worn but not terribly bad. Should replace them in a month. I do n...