At 20000 miles the ai bag light came on, took the car back to the dealer and they said the probelm was a faulty connection and they claimed to fix it. At 25000 miles it came back on again and I was told the air bag assembly needs replaced and this is not a warranty item.

how do i get the rotors off

oil light comes on when ideling, goes off when increasing speed

problem occures all the time already checked fuses light bulbs sensor no power running from switch to fuse mechanic could not fix it said looks like its coming from transmissin mogul

1. I bought a 2008 kia Optima LX 2.7L V6 three weeks ago, with 36,544 miles on it. The second day I Had the car I Noticed a Slight Ticking coming from the engine compartment. I opened the hood and it seemed to come from the passanger side by the pully. I have had three mechanics look at it encluding the dealer I bought it from. They all stated that it was the fuel injectors closing and opening releasing gas?? I have never heard this you?? And is it possible? Any suggestions?.
2. Mostly In the morning on take off my kia will buck shifting from second to third. An Abrupt early upshift is the best way to descride it any ideas??

I have a automatic car started in it, and sometimes when i start the car, it makes a belt scratching noise. From time to time, while driving. it'll make a scratching belt noise, and its like the more I accelerate the louder it becomes. I don't know if its the tensions, the pully idle or the alternator belt. How do you know if the alternator belt is going bad. How would the threads look like. when i look at it, it seems to be look okay. it dont have much crack in it, nor shows any teeth marks on the sides. But in doing so, if i was to change the the alternator belt, is it necessary to change the tension all at once. i was just curious. && where can i find a repair book that doesn't cost an arm and leg.

I've bought a 2005 Kia Optima last April, it is 1.8L, the car is great, but I started to notice that this engine is strange!! I cannot find information about it, I cannot find some spare parts for it, I took it to the Official Dealer and opened a file for it since it is not a local import(Jordan/ME) it is Korean Import.. I started to think that it is made as custom made for a certain company, because it was used along with about 30 car like it in Korea with some project, they were for project managers as I was told, the shop owner told me he imported about 10 cars of them. Its options are another reason of the custom made; I have 1 airbag only!! I have auto head lights but no drawer lock!! I have a rear glass built-in antenna, but no stop light!!! I have heated front seats but not leather!!

Any one can tell about this??

Dealer recommends transaxle flush at 32,000 miles. All fluid additions have been done by the dealer since zero miles. Necessary?

I need to replace the passenger headlight assembly immediately and have very little money. Can you help us?

My second cylinder on my Optima is misfiring & would like the step by step instructions on doing it myself. Please suggest the best spark plugs & do they need to be gapped professionally or do most come pregapped? Thanx

I have everything unhooked but cant figure out how it comes out of the engine compartment.

hi. what type of rear brakes does this model have?

I have a 2004 Kia Optima, and i have no idea how to turn the heat off. I have tried everything and even when I turn the car off and back on again, it is still running. What to do?

what other years of kias or models have the same fuse box

my kia optima front driver turn signal only works when my lights are off? if i turn it on it dont work at all and when it does work it blinks real fast, i changed both the rear and front turn bulbs and still got the same issue what could be the problem?

Is the fuel filter in the gas tank or outside. Also is there 2 filters.

how to change the rear turning signal bulb
answer at sunnyicecube@yahoo.com

I have had my car into the dealership shop several times. This trip they have had it over a month. My car will just shut off when sitting still. It also cuts off while driving. The dealership says they can not recreate the problem and yet the last time I tried to take it off the lot it stalled at their stop sign. Any suggestions? They think it might be the cranck shaft sensor, but they just put a used engine in it after the timing belt went.

when i stop at a red light and try too take off again it seems too lose power not reach speed takes awhile to get it go at a normal speed. And sometimes it seems too get stuck in 3rpms and i have to let off the gas to get it back down from 3rpms.

Oil light comes on and off after the engine has been running a few minutes. Some times it comes on but just faintly. Oil level is good. Oil seems to be draining back to the pan ok. What's up?

the car well start and run good for about 5 seconds and shut off and then you can start it again runs good for about 5 seconds shuts off thanks for any help.

speedo stopped working is this a fuse problem that can be a easy fix

hi please can some body help me to inform me to replacment of oil pressure sensor

I shut the car engine off and the alarm tripped, now the alarm won't shut off so the car doesn't start. I tried the key in the door and disconnecting the battery but no luck. Some one told me to splice the orange wire in the door harness and ground it but there are so many wires in the door and none are orange. Please help!

my kia has engine problem and i need it to be replace as soon as possible.thanks

My 2007 Kia Optima registered a code P0011 which registered possible failed camshaft actuator or mechanical timing issue. My husband has not work in over 3.5 years after being laid off and I cannot afford a large repair bill right now. What do you think could be the problem?

Why do I hear a loud squeaking sound when I park with the engine running?It started when the weather turned vrey cold?

Why do I hear a squeaking sound when I park with the engine running?

bought car new. a.m. worked well in area of dealer. I live 85 miles away. about half way home I lost the 10,000 watt a.m. station I love. My wife has a 2010 Kia Soul. Radio works fine on a.m. Would changing antenna to one like hers help my Optima?

Suddenly the driver door cannot be opened. Key actuates OK the electrical popping in and out of the knobs but door remains locked no matter what.