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When i cut the car off and takes the keys out headlights goes off but brake lights stays on, or when i'm driving the brake lights comes on by it self. it just started happing less than two weeks ago, perhaps longer ca...
I have had my 01 kia optima 2.4 cyl SE since 2006. I bought it used with 36k miles, it currently has 86k miles on it. I have pumped over 4,000 dollars in work into this car since purchasing it, maybe more, and only ...
Can I fix this myself? How much would it cost to fix?
Adding gas to my Kia Optima is almost impossible. I took out all houses from the neck to the tank and air canister anf found a lot of small particles of carbon from the air canister in the vent houses around the neck....
i have a problem with the air conditioning - the bower works but it want cool. i have checked the gas, and the fuses. what else can i check? it seens to be more electrical because the cluch is not releasing to the com...
while driving there is a hesitation during accelleration. check engine light on. i replaced mass airflow and it is still hesitating, kia dealer said they weren't sure thought the fuel pump needed to be changed. any...
I am in need of front brakes for my car in the next few months. What is a fair price for this service? Also, I am not sure of the engine of the car, I just guessed on that one. Let me know & thanks much.
Our 2001 Kia Optima showed 2 obd codes today. P1529 & P0715. When I was driving I heard a loud jolt and jerk and the car lost power. Then the check engine light came on. Does anyone know what may need fixed. We k...
the code is P0335 - crankshaft pos. sensor A. I would like some general instructions on how to replace
I hit this kind of car at about 20 mph - there is no visual damage. I am paranoid the frame was shifted though. If that ends up being the case, how much would it cost to repair?
I'm trying to remove the rear rotor. I have the brake pads and caliper removed. It looks like it should just slide off like the front ones did but it won't. What do I need to do to get it off?
V6 2.7L engine with automatic. When the transmission is in drive and car not moving, the engine will occasionally "stutter" for a second or two. It will do this multiple times while not moving. It's not consistent;...
I was driving my car and it just stopped when i took off i replaced the fuel pump the relay and the battery is fine you hear it trying to start but still nothing what could it be?
I would like to know what would cause my car to jerk and idle up and stay above 3 ram?
The A/C stopped working, only blows hot air. It seems it is not engaging at all. How do I know if the compressor needs to be replaced? My alternator was replaced 2 weeks before, could it be related?
how to replace crankshaft position sensor
When i cut the car off and takes the keys out headlights goes off but brake lights stays on.
I've replaced the brake switch but the brake lights continue to remain on. What could the problem be?
I got in my car yesterday and the car turned over but didnt crank. I got a used starter and had someone change it. Now the car wil start but cuts off after 2-3 seconds...what should i do??
Why are my brake lights remaining on even though car is turned off?
Why are my brakes lights continuing to remain on even though all other lights are off? Problem just started yesterday.
Can anyone tell me where the fuel filter is located on this vehicle. The parts stores show an inline canister filter but the dealer said that the filter is in the tank... what gives.
I have a 2004 Kia Optima 2.4 L 4 cylinder DOHC, and I have located the 2 spark plugs on the drivers side of the engine, but where are the other 2 spark plugs located?
my rear passenger door lock will not unlock at all. I have to unlock manually and hold lock in unlocked position and pull on handle to open. How do I fix this problem
Replaced battery and alternator but key keeps getting stuck
Key keeps getting stuck in ignition and will not start sometimes
I need the location of where the evac filter is on this car? please help
turned the key, an everything came on,then the whole car went dead,has a new battery,,any help,,is it a fuse ????
I have sleeves in my spark plug ports. Can these be removed. Are they needed
my 2004 Kia Optima was over heating (never got the the red zone on thermostate), but still had coolant,and the checked the hoses too. Also the later that same day my alternator belt brok so my car wouldnt start and th...