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How much dose cost to replace a timing chain tensioner?
I was driving along at 65 mpg and there was a slight hesitation
Slip indictor is causing light. Operations to malfunction
The threads the hold cap on broke and need to change the outside senser, can i do this without removing tire?
ramdonly my kia forte will stall at a red light, it stalls after i lift my foot off the brake and go to acclerate. My kia has 56,000 it is an 2014 I had three oil changes. When the oil change was done by a certified m...
Is there a solution to this problem, not including selling or returning car? I'd love to be able to install a single seat or two seat bench, if at all possible. I would only use the third row once or twice a week, b...
when should you flush power steering fluid
We had our rotors turned ect, cost around $650.00 but they don't feel right. Especially coming down the mtns they tend to "wobble" We have taken back twice but the shop says they are fine. Want to make sure there isn'...
When I looked up the code it said camshaft timing. I am wondering what a repair cost estimate should be or is this something a mechanic friend can take care of. I need the most inexpensive option.
Is this a know problem with this car? When I brought it into the dealer, he said both wiring harnesses for the headlights were bad.
Indicator light came on yesterday and I brought to put on tester today. Can I just replace a filter
It's a brand new car. I bought it in 2012 with 12 miles on the speedometer. I notice it when I turn her on, but when I'm driving it's so loud. All my fluids are good and im not sure where to look next. I would like to...
at how many miles should the timing belt be replaced?
dash light comeon but car wont start or crank when you hit the key any body have an idea what is going on