The pump clicks off after one to two gallons is in the tank when it acts like it is full when it is not. I also get a check engine light and the code has to do if gas cap ventilation.

stopped working all the rest work

i have a 2015 kia forte and i have put numerous brakes and tires on it....

i have KIA forte 2010 sedan (1600 cc) with 4-speed automatic

dose my car have timing belt or chain ? because my millage almost 100000 km
and i must to change gear oil or no ???

thanks in advance

waleed hurani

sounds like a rattle noise when going slow speed.

No power is going to the compressor or cooling temp sensor

My Kia forte shut off while I was driving it. I wasn't stopped I was actually in motion. This accured 4 times. This last time in February 2016 it was totaled due to the brakes locking up and it hit a cement wall. I still owe on the car and I can't seem to get Kia to respond to see if they can at least help me pay the rest off. Has anyone else had this same issue?

The TC is dry

Do I need to change the camshaft sensors as well

I can't figure it out

Changed crankshaft sensor but it still does it what could it be

I changed the crankshaft sensor because one kicked out p 0017 and p 0017 p what could it b

Off it only goes to the on and it's stuck I can't take it out. Everything is still on

At the top of the right rear split seat, under the latch cover, the plastic mechanism that unlocks the latch broke. I need to order a new part but cannot find out the part number.

Standard transmission 1.8 L. 6 speed. Pulling away from a light my car lacked power from the get go managed to coast down the road after many attempts to downshift could Not get car to go into gear. Coasted into drive way and shut the car off. Went to turn back on and now wont turn over at all. Getting power radio,lights, windows all work fine. Attempted to jump the car with no such luck. Have checked all the fuses and none appear to be bad. Car is getting fuel all connections are solid. Will be missing work until I can get this resolved cant rly afford to take it in. Someone pls help...

Lost power from a take off has a standard transmission. Attempted to downshift and couldn't get it to go into gear. Coasted in my drive way. Shut the car off now wont turn over at all. Have power to lights, radio ect. Tried jump starting it and that didnt work also.checked the fuses.

winow power switch is broken

there was a transmission oil leak through the hose,i fix the hose,after that when i start the vehicle in"D" it is not changing in gear 1&2

Car was towed in not starting. What is my choice if they are overcharging?

Ac doesnt need free on, i dont have any leaks.

not replaced,could there be a more serious problem or maybe it was some thing else

How much dose cost to replace a timing chain tensioner?

I was driving along at 65 mpg and there was a slight hesitation