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The smoke goes away after a few mins. But once the car has been sitting for a while it does it again.
Have a new power stering pump and now they say pulleys need replaced
I keep having to charge my battery and when it finally charge s my alarm won't shut off what do I do
Hi there I need to know what can I do because I paid 350 for a full car tune up like 1 1/2 weeks ago and the lights are in again ! They claim it's the O2 sensor and o had that replace but check engine light still on ...
I brought the car and was told that the Caterlatic Converter was colloged up I clean it out and it still miss firing.
I was replacing the stock stereo with an after market stereo. The stereo has a Yellow memory power wire with fuse, a red accessory wire for power a blue remote turn on wire and black ground wire (plus the speaker ...
We cant find the ac port either does this car have ac ? Where is the ac port located someone please help
Satellite radio won't hold manual channel download. I have extended bumper to bumper and always had issues w/the signal (including FM!), dealership argues with me. Shouldn't that be warranty work?
How to unlock 07 kia rondo out of theft mode?
The upper arm control bolt welded off panel of strut tower and hole has gotten bigger. How much would it be for material/parts to patch/weld strut tower. Or how much would it be to replace. Part & labor?
Driver side view mirror replacement.
Since I replaced same battery in the remote, the alarm notification spontaneously goes off at random times with random horns and lights flashing-usually mid of night. So I pulled horn fuse and don't set the TCU 'alar...
if the bolt has not broken? is this an easy repair to do yourself. the crankshaft pulley bolt on the 3.5 L V6 that has all the kia owners in an uproar. i have pulled and replaced engines before.
Engine shakes and has no power. Engine codes Poo22,P0021, P0057, P0128, P0018. what can I check and what do I replace?. All Timing components changed 9,000 miles ago.
What kind of repairs are usual
their is a latch that lifts up the cargo floor to revel storage under it. Whre can I buy a replacement latch besides the dealer.
I was driving along at 65 mpg and there was a slight hesitation
I brought my car in for one light being out. I signed the estimate paper that said $35 that it would come to. They called and told me the other one was out too and that my car was done. When I got there the bill was $...
My dealership refuses to acknowledge my transmission problems. It downshifts when the car comes to a stop.