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The upper arm control bolt welded off panel of strut tower and hole has gotten bigger. How much would it be for material/parts to patch/weld strut tower. Or how much would it be to replace. Part & labor?
It only shuts off for about a second and then comes back on. It does not only do it while I'm driving. While I was parked for about 5 minutes, it continued to shut off and back on. Does anyone have suggestions on what...
this is the second time that this has happened. the check engine light comes on when you start the car and then when you try to drive it has no power. It was put on a machine the first time to run the codes and I wa...
break fluid leaking left rear wheel
Radio heater all work till I turn the key then they go out?
Now it won't work on the manual shift side. Shifts fine in drive just can't downshift manually gonna try disconnecting battery maybe will reset something is there a fuse or a linkage that could have been harmed when t...
Driving down the road in drive about 30 mph, the check engine light came on and the transmission quit working. Still works in reverse. Fluid level was as it should be. 120k miles on vehicle.
i see and smell what appears to be coolant seeping thru my drivers side floor board and when air or defrost is on i can smell antifreeze
My 05 kia sounds like it's always on high rpm which I can't tell because my tach is not working. But when I put it on manual trans it does shift. It starts making the noise once I hit 30mph and if I turn left it beco...
About two days ago I got my car back from Kia for a timing belt replacement and a power steering pump replacement. Now my car is sound heavy even in park and I hear a loud screeching noise when I turn the wheel reall...
Is it too difficult for a fairly good home mechanic?
the speakers on driverside produces no sound. Is there separate power source?
why is my oil light flashing
tried starting after turning the car off and it will not start. It sounds like its going to start but there is no fire and will not turn over
I currently have 99k miles on my kia amanti.bought it with 92 k miles on it.cant get the maintenance info fr dealer or do I know if the timing belt has been replaced.i want to fix it but my mechanic wants 1...
replaced cluster board 5 months ago for same problem, checked combination switch, now fuse keeps blowing, radio wont work and console lights stopped working,,Any ideas and can it be fixed